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The Sun-Birth Chart


The Sun

Your Sun in your Birth Chart tells us how you want to act, move, behave and dynamically be, in the world. It is sort of like having a hereditary trait that runs in the family, only this is a trait is a Cosmic Trait, and runs in a family of everyone with your birthsign, in general.

Your uniqueness will be derived from your time of birth, so not all Aries are alike, etc…

The Sun Sign is a frequency, or like a genetic code or a race/nationality.   Your Higher Presence wishes your soul down here in this dimension to experience and gain training and mastery in the particular Sign you were born under.  Your soul/consciousness working through the Sun Sign at birth, is what you are integrated with in this life,  and is having an experience of becoming the best:

Identity, Control/Aries;

Love. diplomacy, beauty, music/Libra;

Wisdom, versatility/Gemini;

Excitement and Optimism, Teacher/Sagittarius;

Transforming Worlds,Truth, Revelations/Aquarius

Possession of Self, Materials, Valued-Precious/ Taurus

Feelings, Belonging, Family, Land, the Guard/Cancer

Dignity, Play, Will, Heart, Leader/Leo

Faith, Idealism, Merging, Overcoming the World/Pisces

Power, Executive, Government, Order/Capricorn

Vision, Complex solutions, deep resourcefullness, Healer/Scorpio

Service, Discernment, Humility, Purification/Virgo

   There are high and low frequencies, qualities, behaviors within every Sun Sign, but we basically strive to master the positive power of each sign naturally.

When you contemplate your powers, realize you are enjoying and using them every day. You express these qualities into the world to enjoy your individuality, and interact with people, animals, loved ones, the atmosphere, in your own way…just by being here you are not only learning how to become better and more of your highest gifts, but also people need them. These powers, then return up into the spheres of your Presence and are preserved there forever! Your experience here on earth is treasured and preserved there for you to use forever when you rise into your Higher Self at the end of your journey on Earth.  Life, is a wonderment! Enjoy your Sun Sign to its fullest.


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