Timelines Part II ~ Reflections Solar Eclipse 8/21/2017


What was the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 all about?

Some facts:

  • They occur 2-3 times per year
  • 33% are partial
  • 33% are Annular when the Sun is too far away for total eclipse
  • 26% are Total
  • 1991 Total Solar Eclipse in Hawaii on U.S. soil
  • U.S. total Solar Eclipse 1979 Northern U.S. and Canada
  • The last time one crossed the entire U.S. was 1918
  • There has been a quote going around the Internet that the last time a total solar eclipse was 1776 in the U.S. without touching any other country; however, I am coming up with a different date of the Total Solar Eclipse, July 5, 1777, not 1776….the quote was BCE 1776, not AD.
  • July 15, 1776 The Solar Eclipse in U.S. was at 23° Cancer
  • 2024 on April 8, at 19° Aries will be the next total Solar Eclipse crossing the U.S. and Mexico up through southeast Texas up to Maine and eastern Canada.

The Solar Eclipse on August 21 2017, t was a separator between light and dark, on the earth, socially, all activities filtered and separated, and within ourselves. It released a maximized impulse or wave of light from the Sun behind the Sun to earth as one of the largest waves of separating darkness from the light within ourselves and between each other. Again, we’re being called up higher, and every one needed to separate from the baggage they were still carrying, and move up.

It began as a wave or process of separating the dark from the light among people all over the world, within America especially, as the prime stage where the drama would outplay throughout the coming 6 months after. America would play a more prominent public out-picturing of this separation.  A greater polarization is happening among people and is growing.  I sense this process, this new powerful polarizing towards the light or the confusion, will increase and max out by 2021 when Pluto makes its return in the U.S. Natal Chart. ( Discussed in future chapters of this series coming.)

I sense we are all different from the Eclipse date forward. I know I am. It is easier for me to know what is right and good for me now. Many troublesome conflicts within myself have dropped away.  A higher and stronger knowing about what is good for me has happened. I am changed. What have you let go of? I feel it, and many of my clients and friends felt it.

Now we enter the time of purification ….a repentance, reflection,  and purifying time. We needed to get our priorities in order first, ready for the next process, The September 21, 2017 ~ Virgin ( the Woman)  and the Twelve Stars. ( Part III TIMELINES ~ The Woman with the 12 Stars – September 23, 2017

Christine Barrere  November 7, 2017

2 thoughts on “Timelines Part II ~ Reflections Solar Eclipse 8/21/2017”

  1. Christine,
    Do you see the connection of the April 8, 2024 next solar eclipse in the US & Mexico and the birthday of our spiritual teacher?
    I saw the foresight of cosmic astrologer El Morya in announcing the renewal of the second 33-year cycle on Aug. 1991 TSL anniversary to end in 2024!
    When I mentioned this to you in Bozeman after your presentation, you sounded like you will discuss this in your future lectures. I hope that will be soon.
    Thanks for all your services to the community & sharing your insights and discoveries. God bless your heart.


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