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Uranus – Are you just Weird or a Genius?


Uranus is where you find your uniqueness, your individuality. Discover what sign and what House itis in your natal chart. Wherever your Uranus is, there you will find the unusual, the unorthodox, and eccentric activities going on there. Uranus is quirky, inventive, scientific, original. It invents things, inspires individuality and creates novelty in life. Also, check around the outside rim of your natal chart, the wheel, and notice where the sign Aquarius is.

Without Uranus, life would be monotonous. It creates distinction among people, individuality, contrast with things, events, everything! Disruption will come from where the Uranus is in your chart creating challenging aspects to other planets. Unexpected drama occurs here.

With extreme situations, Uranus will show us where there can be unpredictable and challenging people in our lives and accidents, activities that are difficult to reign in and control. It has to do with impersonal friendships, versus people who provide loving security and regularity. It’s quite the opposite of a nurturing Venus type of individual. It might also show where you keep it impersonal, friendly but objective, and where you truly expect your independence, to not be beholding to anyone or tied down.

Where Uranus is in your chart, what house it’s in, can be how you dynamically and regularly express your own individuality and unique stamp of independence and identity.

Uranus will inspire an awakened insight into your activities, people or conditions. It’s like a spark of clairvoyance. Ideas will come upon you sometimes, like lightening. That’s Uranus acting within your mind. Uranus is the planet that is connected to the Zodiac Sign Aquarius, and also is associated with the 11th house. It rules all things physics, astronomy, waves, plasma, challenging weather, earthquakes, technology, futuristic devices, machines and inventions. It rules everything space. It shows where the weird, abnormal, aberrations and unusual things, behavior, arts, music, events or people. It governs genius, high IQs, thinking outside the box, and a high mental intellectual energy. For instance, if it’s in your 4th house of home and family, there could be people coming and going out of your home as a child, parents who were more intellectual, rather than nurturing, unpredictable things happened with the family, lots of moving, or homes that have an unusual design, or a difficulty maintaining financial security. This is all because Uranus is in the 4th house of home and family, real estate, and security. Wherever it is, in one of your 12 houses, that is where the dynamic expression and the exciting and unusual will be found. In the 11th house? A unique bunch of friends, and community involvement.

Uranus also governs renegades, revolutionaries, and independent thinkers. Enjoy discovering where your unique quirky traits express themselves, and where you discover the most exciting and sometimes disruptive situations!


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