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Venus – What you love, you magnetize


Venus is the planet of love of course, and governs the following things:

Honey, Bees, Blood and Veins, Beauty and Grace, parfume and jewelry. It rules money, precious gems and metals. It will magnetize to you things or people that represent the sign it is in. So if Venus is in Cancer you could attract antique furniture, homes, books, domestics, food, children and houses, or things which provide security. Find what sign your Venus is in, and learn about that sign, that is what you will draw to you.

Love is the most important sensation and feeling we can experience, and is the source of all creation. When Love is felt while desiring some goal, some project to be realized, or some object of desire, it can charge the electrons with a powerful surge and literally set a wave in motion to bring that thing to you, at some point in your life.

Love is required in any recipe. It is the root of all Divine Qualities and brings blessed manifesting into the physical existence. It is experienced as a ray radiating outwards from the heart, and has a mind of its own. Venus truly softens and nurtures every thing it touches, releasing a healing energy into each situation. Discovering where the planet Venus is in your birth chart, tells you where your heart is, what you value, what you cherish, and what you magnetize towards you, like a flower will be to a bee. Venus rules sugar, art, music, romance, treasures, jewels, color and beauty. When under the power of Venus, life is softer and you’re able to express yourself better, even to the extent of expressing melodic words, music and poetry. The expression of the heart is easy, and giving love through many avenues and paths, compels you to be generous towards others. Find what sign your Venus is in, and that is what you love. If your Venus is challenged, you will be emotionally charged with a hurt or frustration, until you release it and overcome the pain of unfulfilled love. Venus is a more personal pleasurable love, where Neptune is the power of Spiritually Inspired Divine Love.

Venus can show where you receive your Money. It will tell us what you value. Venus in your chart what sign it is in, and what house it rests in, will tell us what you love to have around you, what are your possessions. If for example,your Venus is in Scorpio ( others’ things and money) is in the 2nd house of income and assets, you will attract money and things of worth from the partner, marriage or business. partnership. You will inherit things. If it is in a square from Pluto, There might be an attitude within the subconscious which assumes it is your right to have it, or you can not be with a partner who won’t provide these things for you. If it is in a trine you freely love and value money, gifts or treasures ( 2nd house) with absolutely no attachment or obsession or need for them even at the subconscious level, but receive these things out of your generosity in the past towards others even if you had nothing much to give.

Evolved beings came from the higher dimensions of the planet Venus to teach humanity how to give love and helpfulness to others. It teaches us a more spiritually advanced way of living. Venus teaches us how to do things for others, cheerfully. These divine beings came to earth in the bodies of many Divine Masters you know by name., and many thousands more, that remain unknown, but their abilities accelerated all the sciences, medicine, mathematics, art, music, psychology, healing, beauty and love. It influenced the many activities mankind needed to refine on this earth, so where it shows up in your birth chart, you would consider that sign and house Venus is in, like an art. You treat that area and activity in your life as ART. It is where you radiate a refinement, a gift, and depending on what sign it is in, enhancing the best and highest capacity of that zodiac sign in your life. Let’s discover where your Venus lies in your chart


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