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Venus~March 4 – April 30 The Purge- The Gift and Your Hope Phase Three


What Does Venus Retrograde Mean for You?

entwined visions1

Venus Retrograde March 4-April 30 2017 Phase Three ~ Continued from Part 1 and 2

This moment in time between February 20-April 30, PEAKING March 3-4, brings hopeful idealistic vision of Self back into your life yet adopting an attitude of deep concentration is key to the integration with this HigherSelf Identity. It comes to all of us because of the love of Venus in the  Sign of Aries at this time. It carries a unique MATRIX and gives birth to you personally of a higher form of yourself. Let’s walk into this form now.

Think for a moment what has been preoccupying your mind? What has been the irritant burdening you? How would you rather be experiencing true fulfillment in your life? You can realize it- all it takes is enough love and some strategy. Let me explain…..

You may have never looked at the times present in this way, but we are in a war between light and dark. We go through the motions dealing daily with energies we’re not even aware of. I see the world as a beautiful place, but I know energies want to shut down my heart, because I, you, millions, have an ability to bring heaven into this world. There are some that smoothly and craftily want to corrupt. I gave up understanding their reason, I had to accept it just is.

The magic of overcoming is in the heart. It’s important to be able to light the heart. You want to be able to engage in something higher so you feel the action in the heart and your consciousness. If you don’t feel the love and power, you aren’t engaged in the thing that is going to ultimately shift you. So the key is to find it.  I could to find it in music, in a lyric, a particular harmony, or the way something was sung, the tone of a voice. To me, music altered my world.

Books can touch you. When very young,  I found one day on one page of a book that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone now, a particular passage lifted up off the page and I wept from what was being said to me there.  The vibration and the sweetness of its pure message had me in tears. It truly brought me hope that something that high could exist on the earth. At that moment I knew pure love in a higher octave existed and I had to find more of it and bring it to me. I ripped out that page to place on my dresser and threw the book away. Dreams can alter you.  A person can alter you, and so can a message.

There is an astrology cycle happening along with the Venus that is creating an aggressive energy against our personal identity. Anchor yourself strongly because part of this battle will be between those who have strong identity in their Higher Self and much light and those who want it and desire a more lowly path. Before you sleep at night, make a prayer to be taken to a beautiful place in the highest dimensions of light, where you can attend classes on acquiring mastery in your human body and life. You will want to ask for the True Divine Beings of light, for Archangel Michael to take you to the Etheric Plane where you are assigned to go. Then ask to remember when you wake up, what was your lesson? What transpired while you slept? It’s time to step up our abilities to love and overcome. Retreats of the Masters

The Uranus Jupiter polarization is adding another level of complexity to our Venus Retrograde and it is simple:

It’s an action or decision we take in some situation that claims one’s’ right to alter or shift into a higher more fulfilling way of life and all that means for you against something that wants to trip you up or keep you dull.  Since December, a process has been going on to separate things from other things, or to challenge something for being different, or to move away from something and desire something higher. There will be tricky moves in the world to pull a fast one in order to change the course of the rules, in order to stop an acceleration from happening. But the acceleration is happening and it goes where it will go.

Is it only happening in the world, or are there issues in your life that have also been tricky trying to keep you from being all you were meant to be? You can protect yourself from this and enhance your perspective by giving morning rituals. You’ve just got to have a morning ritual now. The world is intensifying and the contrast between light and dark is increasing. You need the protection and the clarity.  I remember watching an interesting video with Richard Hoagland/ He went to the top of a pyramid in Mexico with his wife. It was before daybreak, I believe somewhere around 4-5 am. He used a device measuring some kind of torsion energy before, during and after the sunrise. I don’t have a physics degree ( and I wish I did) so forgive the lack of science in this description, but, his experiment proved to me an actual scientific reason to be up early in the morning giving rituals. He found there is much more release of energy from the Sun, just before the Sun crests the horizon than any other time of day. His instruments spiked just prior to the Dawn.

Spiritual practices advise you to get up early begin your Affirmations and Empowerment Calls before the Sun’s’ first rays hit the horizon.This is the moment of the greatest energy released at your your use. I see it as an opportunity each day to harness the power of that Sun to energize my entire day with what is best for me to accomplish.You also want to have the time free of the heaviest energies, before everyone wakes up!

Know also, every 24 hours, it is necessary to renew this ritual in order to imprint the prayers or invocations upon the molecules around you. By this ritual, and the presence of the highest colors, music and correct atmosphere, ritual brings its rewards to your life.

Venus inspires us to Identify our priority in life.

Make a heading on top of a paper which describes your Number One Priority.  

“ I completely Identify with my Role in this world as a _______________”.

To believe in an ideal vision of oneself is such power! A more defined image of your reality, a crisper sharper view of your purpose, what you care about. What do you love? What do you desire to see, not just for yourself,but for everyone around you?


I.  Who Am I? What is my absolute Highest Identity that I can describe?





II.   I would absolutely be amazed and so grateful to achieve: ( Make it clear…personal or for the world)




III.   Affirmation to give:

 “ I see that in order to take care of these issues and realize them in my life I will need to believe I am so worth it, and to not have these things would be unthinkable, intolerable. I believe in this dream, these goals, and I will somehow work towards them.”

 One might need better health to get to the goals, or more income, better acquaintances, a partner or helpers to get from A to Z, and that’s okay. Can you do it alone, or do you need help. How and where do you begin? “

First morning protection: Put on a white cylinder or tube of powerful blinding impenetrable light. Do this through visualizing it, but it’s even better to call it down out loud every morning when you get out of bed. Go get your tea, your coffee, your lemon water, engage strong in your body and demand your identity be protected, because you are cutting through today:

i am presence
What do I need to do to get there?

Your Chakras and body need spiritual Fire ( daily rituals and high food, and if possible a drug free life )

Whether you know it or not each one of us needs a super divine intercession for transmission of love into our world each day. It’s our spiritual food. Did you know you need spiritual food also? You can visualize it, or say it outloud in an affirmation like:

“I Am this day receiving the most purifying love, Spiritual fire pouring into my mind, heart and body today and I send this love out to heal and correct _Place problem here_____________________________ and it is done, Amen.”

We have forgotten for centuries, this connection was a way of life for everyone all day every day. It was what kept the Golden Eras of beauty, happiness and prosperity together, and it shielded the community or country from enemies. We do not do this anymore. It’s time to begin again. Our shields are down. We need the shields. We’re all in this together.

One time I decided to give powerful affirmations driving home late at night from a long trip taking one of my sons back to his work. I decided I was going to take the I Am affirmations for every single thing I desired to manifest in my world, my friends and family, and the whole entire globe. It was quite a fiery event. The next morning, I tell you, I woke up absolutely transformed and altered.

Our voice was meant to speak out loud a command, an affirmation, a prayer or request. We haven’t been taught that our actual words and voice alter time and space, did you  know that? We need each other now. How very much we value each others unique distinct identities. Already such clear definition is revealed around each one and we are here for each other, encouraging, valuing and appreciating each one’s true Highest expression. It’s as if the human personality is being left behind, and the Higher Self is more present. Powerful affirmations increase not only the clarity of Higher Self, but brings us closer together in friendship and community.

A great example of powerful affirmations would be the Vol III of the I Am Discourses by King.

By asking and commanding we are also engaging in the figure 8 flow up and down, higher and lower, it is the law of dimensions. That which is higher we desire to infuse in the lower to transform it into love and light. (Daily ritual and events to infuse yourself with life…)

  1. Give love and gratitude to your Higher Self for all the opportunity, gifts, intelligence and love it has provided you.

Ask for the spiritual fire and direct contact into your world each day and be in the right attitude of total gratitude for any guidance and change.

     2.  Do you need to create an environment that accelerates this connection?

Creating a special place in your room, office or closet to be connected to your sacred ritual. It could become the focus of concentration…remember, we are needing high focuses of light, because the world is becoming polarized in 2017, with dark groups doing the same thing, only worshiping hell. Seriously. Who’s going to counteract this? I have a table in my room that has white candles, a large crystal chalice, and beautiful small paintings of Saints and Divine Beings.

     3.You want to engage in your purpose free from interference, figure out what works best for you, but you get the picture, just do something. Witches and Satanists ritualistically do their black rituals to cast spells and hurl binding familiars ( entities and astral spirits) and hardships upon the general population who are good, so why are we skipping through the daisies thinking we are fine naked without shields to protect us from this spiritual warfare? Would a soldier not put on his armour on before walking out into battle? and also shield his horse or vehicle that is going to get him to where he must go? Does he not ask for blessing to fulfill his task? Does he not seek the greatest Cup that contains the Power to heal one’s’ life providing supernatural gifts and transcendence for one’s’ life?  Is it not the task of every Knight to desire the great Magnum Opus?

Is it too much to ask for a higher protection and give affirmations to achieve this thing each day? How can I give love to life, to the world and back to my Higher Presence using the elixir of life in this great Cup handed to me each day as the Sun’s Rays penetrate through my window?



The Tonic within the Cup spreads a new electric fire of courage to initiate some important changes in your life. It inspires to ask questions, investigate and bring out into the open important findings that will shed strong light on the things that must be addressed and then transformed. This will happen to us personally and in the outer world. Since we are all walking through the transit of Venus in Aries now through March 30, the opportunity to obtain a control back in your hands for your real Self to take charge of one thing or everything. Look to the left path to the fire sign on your left, which is Leo. That is what we all need to watch out for, pride, arrogance, and indulging in leadership and mastery. That ego of the negative energies of Leo could create mistakes and trip us up on our journey to gain control back in our lives through the Venus in Aries. Now look to the right, the next fire sign, and Sagittarius is the way to help us master this cycle and it is through an ability to take the higher ground, using Sagittarian faith, spiritual ritual, devotions, inspirations of expanding potential, gaining and giving wisdom, understanding and providing vision. Inspiration will help you accomplish this integration in Aries, with Venus’ love.

Aries Triangle

( The Grand Fire Trine above is placed in a reverse order using ” The Cosmic Clock” technique, which we can explore in another article.)

The world will react to Venus as it offers this gift of intelligent alignment. Your fire is actually helping the world.

Venus is releasing a power that creates a reaction as it motivates us to get clearer with ourselves..People will appear insane as Venus’ love intensifies. These people have adopted a different goal in life, and the transit can incite hatred in these types.

The Purge is happening.

entwined visions1

Go ahead and love so deeply the things you value and be that new person. Clear away the obstacles but remember to replace it with a more real and true version. If you leave a vacuum, the negatives come back, so keep up your ritual each morning.

The earth has a special role of being the nexus point between spiritual world and souls evolving in the physical. We want to bring down that higher form into the physical each day. If you get rid of an item in your home or closet, imagine you are replacing it with a more perfect space, item, arrangement.

So as you are changing, the world is also changing. The secret is in your word out of your mouth. Thinking is one thing, but uttering a word of change is yet another! It activates the molecules.

Venus moves back into Pisces and squares Saturn in Sagittarius

wheel venus total

As Venus is at its most powerful beginning on March 4, it will then appear to be still in the sky and slowly move backwards in Aries. It will continue to release these actions into the earth until March 31, when Venus moves into the sign of Pisces. On April 15, once more it appears to have stopped its motion in the sky, turning directions. It will be stationary at 26* Pisces. At this time, it will be in a conflict with Saturn called a square from April 8-21.

At that point, now we have a water sign to integrate with the highest, which is the sacrifice of lesser goals, for more important purposes to reach. Choices are key, letting go of this, and of that, because there is a better way. Standing on the PIsces Venus, now look over to the right water sign, Cancer, and the power of identifying with the divine Mother, protecting your decision and not faltering, maintaining your harmony, calming the emotions, maintaining balance and nurturing, mastering money, protecting the light, our home and families will increase our integration of the power of Pisces. The power of Pisces is literally seeing right through deception and confusion, and knowing exactly what is what. Overcoming the hypnosis of people’s posturing, rhetoric and theory, overcoming more darker energies that try to put us into a frozen state.,

Avoid falling into the trap of the left side of the water trine, Scorpio. Desiring ill will upon others,  the temptation of getting caught up in selfishness, intense emotional obsession and desire for a thing to come about, engaging in any thing that entangles, increases the passion to convince, prove, acquire  sway just to satisfy something inside. So we need to stay far away from these energies throughout April. Pisces Venus then becomes weak, vulnerable, and can go down, and we can’t afford to be there now.

You can use this formula every time you stand on any one particular sign, you can do this with your own natal Sun sign. Look to the left and look to the right.

This April period for us personally is like tough love holding the line of what we know is right without being selfish.  Globally, it could mean a rough battle of ethics, laws, micro focus upon petty issues. Fault finding and scrutinizing over minor issues, losing objectivity and a vision of the bigger picture, exhausting argumentative, criticizing and intellectually debating posture,  misquoting, pondering and grasping at certain actions and attempting to discern if this was a legal correct action or should be challenged…This Venus will square Saturn in Sagittarius in April. Morality and motive will be the question..the discovery of more leaks, spies, intrigues, accusations with ulterior motives not disclosed,  some big issues about foreign laws, religious laws, poor judgment and bad boundaries, ludicrous decision creating more vulnerability for people, plagues and serious new information with vaccines, questioning ethics and exposing hypocrisy, double standards are out for all to see..and extreme action to stop the insanity in several areas.  ( An unbelievable example just came out this morning during the editing of this article…. )  Source:…

In our businesses and personal life, 13 days of serious posturing to hold the line on particular boundaries could be the theme, just as it is occurring in the world, April 8-21 exact.

For you, it is the test of holding to your convictions and performing your boundaries because everything is ramping up.

This 13 days locked in a tight square means those who possess the moral high ground must stand up and remind others what the priority is again because something must be protected. It is almost as if Venus drops a bomb in March and sits back and watches the fallout in April. By observing we learn. An incredible transparency is occurring as part of all this astrology now, separating the illogical and disturbed from the sane.

As Venus picks up and moves forward into Aries again, April 28 2017 into May 10, we need to get square or straight with the reality of how to get from A to Z again, putting these issues behind us.

Uranus, Venus and Mars in Aries oppose Jupiter in LIbra is going to increase the extreme nature of two sides. It’s really intense in March and April. The Venus action is going to reveal the truth of so much.

Pluto in Capricorn square Venus, Mars and Uranus in Aries, and square Jupiter in Libra, has the potential of an economic crisis from April 8-21.

This aspect shuts down several independent groups who are attempting to manipulate regulations, laws or rules in order to maintain a their incredibly expensive and global secret activities.

In general, it contains and re-directs money, economy, and agencies, it corrals activities, funnels issues into an arena manageable, controls and regulates out of control extreme issues and puts to death any attempt to manipulate laws in order to continue getting away with the last source of financial flow from the past.

And also signals a major distinct change of direction with economies of the world. Pluto involved in a square, marks a significant death and ending to key financial structures that have been in place, in secret, moving towards radical changes in all things economic.

The suggestion of an extreme solution to debt or some other financial drain, is coming out in April. Expect violent accusations against certain people and policies, as these key people under attack are actually protecting the new Venus plan, and chopping off the last bit of the serpent’s’ head.

Pluto square Venus throws an enormous and serious challenge out to groups and organizations, agencies and departments national and global, to put to end something once and for all. It could mark the “death “ of something we have lived with for too long, but maybe we were not even aware of it.

The start of some financial posture you will want to take will also begin. This decision could go in your “What do I really want” list.


venusjupitermarsuranus pluto

Much conscientious attention will be involved in designing a new architectural structure for national and global economies just as we are also involved in new ideas for our prosperity and freedom.

People are tired of being devalued and they are reaching for the Holy Grail. A pragmatic strategy will be implemented but might result in massive retaliation and potential war ( reaching for the highest independence is again, a major threat to something that needs that control). It’s not just individuals who are embracing their Higher Identity, but Nations also.

Saturn square Venus in Pisces throughout April will inspire people to make laws and claim their positions politically, financially, and in their businesses, to construct a new vision, making allowances for transition periods. Saturn rules time, so it will allow lenient space and time to implement these new ideals. March 28-May 5, peaking April 16 2017.

Neptune conjoin Mercury at 11* Pisces on the Ascendant.

wheel venus total


I’m guessing this aspect is the start of disclosure within the space/secret government community.

Disclosure of technologies, medicines, science, and yes, extraterrestrial influence. ( It has already begun at the time of this editing with the revealing of 7 earthlike planets discovered.

Neptune conjoin Mercury will be the revealing of breakthroughs in society, space, medicines that can cure terminal diseases, technologies, etc..etc.The Neptune conjoin Mercury isn’t an aspect of breakthroughs, it’s an aspect of realizing there have been secrets kept from us  These were serious secrets that impacted us at the very core of life and It is to the companies and agencies’ advantage now to reveal these advancements, rather than withhold them from the people.

Some attempting to promote fear of new plagues and then insist on Vaccines, the potential release of a new plague, sickness, lymph and virus/bacteria of a mysterious origin. Brain and nervous system impacted.

Yet more is uncovered, and discovered, it is not a natural virus, it is not simply some fluke epidemic. Essential Oils,Thyme, Rosemary, Niauli oil,  Nutri-silver, greens, green drinks, no sugar, very little flour products or grains. Bless your body with backup of these items, a few drops in water for drink before bed, or rubbed onto your skin, back of neck, and drink Nutri-Silver ( not the same as silver water) is so powerful for prevention

This is the year of the Purge of the snakes within our own midst.

Mary and Christ Step on Serpent

Neptune, Mercury and Sun conjoined in Pisces in the first house is the realization of how many lies and deceptions have been prancing right in front of our noses.

Personally, I think it will also denote an amazing new perception about ourselves, and how we all have been living with ourselves! So it will also be self reflection and self honesty ~ how we might have been in a fog, in denial or “out of my body” just going through the motions everyday.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius is at the top of the chart in the 10th house, with the responsibility yo be a moral person. It will challenge those who have very little respect for boundaries, morals, or are unable to even see their own lies and corrupt culture. It will be primarily an exposure of leaders and those in authority who display an incredible lack of poor judgment, incompetence and no boundaries.

This is highlighted up at the top of the public house, the 10th house, for all to witness.  

Personally, it could cause us to accept our certain limitations, live in reality a bit more, and use good judgment. A better use of time and overcoming procrastination and self indulgence will be felt.

Some personal empowerment steps to take advantage of the Venus cycle now:

Step 1

Recognize there might have been moments, days, years? where we have been sleep walking and waiting for someone to wake us up. Venus is waking you up, so you could go back to the top of this article and write down the description of who you really are and what do you really want!

Saturn in 10th is the power of accountability we need to re-arrange our lives and correct our squiggly path we’ve been on.

Step 2

We must recognize how we avoided our true path or twisted our path. Now is the with this astrology cycle in February through April, to straighten it out. You are different now, you know more and you are being given a fire to figure out what is real and not real. You are really waking up. I know I am.

Step 3

We need friends to help us straighten out our self assessment and re-assure we are in reality. So choose your acquaintances wisely now, or you could be led into more twisty time wasting paths that is only to their advantage, thereby surrendering your identity again. It’s time to trust, listen and to write out your own Declaration of Independence from the shadows that have threatened you to not be yourself or you won’t be accepted. Use good judgment in picking your cheerleaders.

We need true friends who believe in us. This statement of who you are and what you need is a declaring independence from the lie of the false life, or any compromise we have allowed to occur in our world, personal, community and national. You know what you need to do, but yes, do it with common sense now. It’s good to have your community that knows you. Use your good judgment and think how to integrate your true self in the safest way.

Say “ I Am embracing my full potential and finding better and more powerful ways to accomplish this without compromise.  I Am open to people I trust as to how I might succeed with my most important relationships. I call upon my amazing God Presence above and within me to arrange meetings with key people who have truth, who can empower me to be who I really am, and remove the false self, the compromises and defeats, the insecurities and confusion now. Take command of my day today and seal me in this vision of my purpose. I Am brave and courageous and know as I claim this independence, it spreads as magnificent multiple ripples in a pond, increasing truthful purpose everywhere!

ripples 2We are experiencing an unprecedented urge to identify our purpose and true self, and not hide it, make excuses for it or shove it down any more. It’s okay to have an opinion, trust it and work with it. It’s coming from somewhere pure and it can either be honored just as it comes or modified. We are also realizing certain situations, activities, attitudes and consciousness which compromise, degrades, and corrupts must go. This is the spear heading towards a point of corruption on March 4 on,  and the Cup offered to drink to renew your purpose.

We are still in a human form with a psychology, a past and past lives influencing perceptions, so we need support to either be brave to believe in the dream, and how to live it, or we need help modifying the dream because it’s impractical.


We need each other to:

  • Help be our mirror and filter our false interpretations of what we are believing in, and
  • Bring us the confidence of a well planned out agenda and  by talking it out and trusting certain people to help us see more clearly..helping us to abandon unrealistic expectation. Let go of the fears that hold us back and believe we can do this.

Step 4

Venus in Aries pushes you to exert the energy to start the ball rolling. It compels a situation to move forward. This is the hardest step for sensitive people because our brains and bodies are being manipulated, hence the example of the list and the ritual above. There are things you can do to move your body and engage your brain. For many of us, simply getting motivated is not enough anymore. It’s not all about your childhood, or self image or psychology sometimes you know. There are energies that are heavy, pushing us down sometimes.

As a result of this conviction to be yourself will be those around you who could revolt.

Venus brings to you courage and a reminder who you have always been.

Kneeling before Holy GrailVenus is the fire of a deeper powerful love, the love of a parent rescuing their child from an attacker…it comes to separate the light out of the darkness, and Venus is coming to deal with the shadows and draw the snakes out of hiding.

Venus is also bringing a gift to you. It is an offering of something to ingest, to drink in.

This Gift or Cup of love will carry a power revealing a vision of something worthy to aspire to, similar to the knights of old who sought out the Holy Grail.

It blessed the land whoever had possession of the Grail, bringing many prosperous blessings.

Venus is handing a Cup in front of you with a very special image, matrix and program and begins unwrapping this matrix like a ribbon flowing out in all directions into your life.

The idealistic concept is written in gold upon this electronic ribbon in the higher dimensions and has a message that will charge the world around you with a new impression of potential happiness, inspirations worthy to pursue.

Take up the posture of warrior committed all the way to the end of the battle to achieve this goal of this ideal vision. This time, it’s to the finish. And you will have your success. There will be progress, achievement and a victory and expect a battle, because the other side has so much to lose. They’re not going to just roll over and allow you to be this, just saying.



Whoever possesses this magnificent treasure, which will be millions of people all over the world all at one time, their own unique Cup of Opportunity to realize a new Heaven now, will notice those who will be desperate to have it, and snatch it away from them, so hold onto this beautiful thing. Hold onto it and nurture these new concepts given to you now, and take your Cup freely given and consume all it contains.


“Divine Source of all Light, Love and Beauty, release into my heart the power of love, pure love for all that is abundance, all that is peace, the treasure of true wisdom, compassion, the fire of the warrior that recognizes the thief and says no, you must earn this treasure for yourself, you can not have what I have fought hard to gain. Divine love, unwind the ribbon on this spool of gold and transfer this unique engram that is truly my divine purpose unfolding into my world all around me. I ask for protection and safety, the treasure of joy and confidence, the belief in the power of good within me to create, to give help.  I call for love from The Great God Source, to unlock the timing into my world of opportunity to integrate now, with my true Real Self, I Am Ready!”

Paris_06_-_St_Sulpice_chap_V_03 royalty free

Book illustrations ( )

Wonderful Article synopsis of meaning of the Holy Grail…

I Am Presence ~

holy Grael
























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