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Virgo – I Am in Service to Life


Virgos most precious mastery is the ability to edit life, analyze what is wrong with this or that picture, and proceed to roll up the sleeves and get to work to fix it. Editing people, environments, businesses, bookkeeping and numbers, books and writing, departments and politics, social activities, homes and restaurants keep Virgos tremendously busy.

Work, work, work is the word usually in the Virgo’s mind. Clean house, car, environment, office, body, laundry, everything must be in order, sanitary and perfect. Perfection is something Virgo’s strive for. The perfect love, the perfect family, the perfect job, body, wardrobe and relationship. Virgo, can you appreciate your amazing vision to notice every detail that’s out of place, and express the determination to put it in order, yet at the same time, realize humans are all imperfect and still of great value? Your love is expressed through being functional, not neurotic. Picky and critical, negative and complaining, not smiling enough, not loving and appreciating enough, not being thankful and expressing approval enough is the problem inherent within the Virgo’s world, and this goes for people who have Virgo risings, or other prominent Virgo placements.

Irritability and anxiety, worry and wringing one’s hands over everything that is not going well, absolutely must be stopped. Mercury rules your sign Virgo, along with Gemini. Mercury is the mind, and mind must be harnessed, disciplined, or no one will want to hang out with you for very long. Be functional,, helpful, of service, accurate and amazingly observant, pointing out to others better ways of doing things, and cleaning up messes. It’s okay to be fussy and a perfectionist designing a new line of clothing, or finishing up your thesis, creating your choreography or planting your organic garden perfectly.

Virgos love pure organic food by the way. Organic materials, body products, real materials versus plastics and synthetics. Vitamins, nutrition, fasting, dieting and body care are key for Virgos, but the main power of any Virgo is their deductive reasoning, their ability to prioritize, compartmentalize, categorize an systematize anything to create better functionality in their work.

Their office, projects and team members’ activities are put on calendars in priority of importance. Their dresser drawers can be color-coded and folded in special amazing artistic perfection. Their financial checkbook accounting is well organized with systems in place to eliminate stress.

Since Mercury rules the nervous system for Geminis and Virgos, the Gemini must watch for over stimulation and the Virgo, irritability in the little things every day that don’t go well. A tear in your shirt discovered at work to a Virgo is equal to a car accident to any other zodiac sign. It’s all annoying. A bother, an interference. The long list of tasks and errands Virgos have, seem to never get completely crossed off.

Humility and self effacing character is beautiful unless it turns into inadequacy and “the I”m not enough” syndrome. Which is a terrible Virgo problem. Get over it…you are enough. More than enough!

Virgos love to work on the body, skin, an expert as an esthetician and body/facial facilitator within spas are right up their alley. Physical therapy, nursing, clinical therapists, skilled health practitioner are excellent professions.

Justice, legal fields, law and social justice departments, including police and investigators, are excellent fields.

Many professionals who work with clothing, organizing wardrobes, colors, fashion design and textiles materials, seamstress are Virgos because the Virgo rules over all animals and the grain and grasses of the fields..hence cotton and linen, sheep/wool and other natural materials. You are the Earth Keeper, maintaining the standards of healthy living and the purist for the planet.

Virgo is Golden Yellow, on the 2nd Ray, and their Hierarch is Lord Lanto and the Master Confucius who reside in a retreat in another dimension at the Grand Teton Mountains. You are smart, analytical, discerning, perfectionistic and duty focused. You have humility and can’t stand flaunting egos. Learn to express your love more, and write down 5 things every day you are grateful for, and your life will go better. You have much love, but it comes through your mind. Practice smiling and radiating through your heart.

Virgo’s rule the intestines, and the filtering organs of the body; liver, kidneys, mainly liver.

Practice saying to yourself ” There must be a higher reason this is happening, and there is always Divine Justice meted out eventually in every unfair situation. Karma is real, Justice is Mine, sayeth the Lord.”


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