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Your Jupiter – What You Believe Will Be?


Without Jupiter, there is no Moral Compass.

How does Jupiter bless your life with good Karma? Your Jupiter is the most amazing planet, and will tell you what you deeply believe is your right way to live and where your natural good karma and beliefs are. What do you believe? What is your internal natural code in life you follow? What sign your Jupiter is in, will describe your code, your ethics and natural philosophy.
It tells us about your code you follow. Did you know you had a code for your life?
It tells us about what your good karma is, how you earned it, what you naturally want to do be for others. What culturally are your cultural tastes? What kind of attitude do you have towards things? Where do you naturally feel gifted, have a talents for something?

Jupiter is so large, it radiates warmth and expansion wherever it shows up in your chart. Jupiter forces our moral and ethical standards in whatever house it is in. If it is in your 1st house of yourself, you will most likely naturally be a morally minded person with a very developed conscience. If it is in your 2nd house, your money and assets, business and self esteem expands, and so on. It will expand the need for that area of your life. What sign Jupiter is in, will color the expansion with a particular personality. If it is in Virgo in the 10th house, you will have a natural talent to use discernment, analyze and filter, edit and succeed typically in your house of career, and looking out for others. It will increase morally your sense of duty to take on big responsibilities in life, to edit and point out mistakes and errors in the people around you as if it’s your moral duty to do so. This is because Jupiter, the natural expansive nature, is in Virgo, the sign of perfection, is in the 10th house, my career or area where I have influence over others and my public work or parenting.

Jupiter rules your good or poor judgment. If your Jupiter appears to be in what we call a square or opposition to another planet in your chart, there will be problems with your personal judgment because something or someone else could override your own opinions, or tempt you away from your good judgment. Also you could take on way too much and overextend yourself. Many people are born with Jupiter in a square to another planet. You are over the top in that area and must pull it back, reign it in, and stop being reckless.

For the most part, this beautiful Jupiter can emanate the power of the Archangels, releasing divine protection and continued good karma in that particular area of your life, always!


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