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Your Mercury~ Mind of God or A I ?


Mercury within your birthchart, will show you how you think, how your mind works, and where your mental patterns are focused upon. It will reveal your IQ, your memory abilities, your way of talking, writing and absorbing information. within us.

It governs your mind. It truly mirrors the quick versatility of the God Mercury, Hermes in highest sense. It is where the memory is, curiosity, learning, listening and paying attention, absorbing information. Without Mercury, we would have no intellectual observations and capacity to connect dots, use deductive reasoning, recollect past activities and link them to present data, use analogies and make daily decisions. It is our Mercury’s patterns, habits and versatility which assists us to live in this body successfully. Challenging aspects from other planets to our Mercury tell us where there have been interruptions, delays or opposition to our ability to talk, listen, comprehend accurately. With good aspects to our Mercury, our minds flow with speed and make correct decisions. Without combining heart, spirit with the mind, one is prone to turn their life into a logical strictly analytical existence.

You can see how important it is to protect the brain, the mind, and the heart. Protect its power of memory, analysis and ability to absorb accurate education and information, and combine this Mind with Love. Make your decisions with your feelings and heart, not just mind alone.

Mercury rules the signs Gemini and Virgo. Gemini communicates absorbs information and relays it to others, and Virgo can discern whether this or that piece of information is useful or not. All Mercuries within our charts contain the capacity for both qualities. The Key to using our Mercury in our charts well, is to know what sign it is in, and what house your Mercury rests in, that will show you where your thoughts and concentration are. If your Mercury is in a hard aspect to other planets in your chart, it tells us a story, what disturbed your Mind. ind the sign your Mercury is in, and the house it is in, and that is how and what you think about. Your communication skills show up in your Mercury. If it is opposed by Pluto, Uranus or Saturn, someone consistently tried to stop you from talking,dominated you or silenced you, or possibly ignored you. It’s possible they were verbally abusive, negative or limited in some way. If your Mercury is in a good aspect in your chart, you can talk easily without hindrance. Mercury is our correspondence, or mail and writing and it collects data and facts. It is the most crucial and amazing Messenger of the Gods.


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