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Stardrops August 1, 2021 – Humanity Prepares


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August 1 – 7, 2021


Right up front, the ideals of this world moving towards a higher civilization should never be discarded.  This week’s Stardrops is inspired by the Beloved Story, The New Atlantis, and the desire to hold the line wherever you stand until that day comes when there are more who transform society with these ideals as standards, than those who desire to ruin it.

The longer we can sustain the conviction openly to that dream, we are buying time until more and more numbers join with us. It grows and expands, resisting everything dark and soulless.

I used to read my children “The Rainbow Goblins” in order to instill the crucial lesson of not allowing the The World, Society, or Yourself to be preyed upon my those lightsuckers who desire to turn this planet into an A.I, Mechanized Machine devoid of all Soul Joy.

Part 1 Stardrops is a list of our usual weekly updates. The second part are dates of some potentially touchy global situations. The purpose of noting the touchy global situations is only to maintain an alert and preparedness attitude, rather than be surprised by any one thing that could jeopardize this Grand Global Agenda.

A more complete update for U.S. and other Nations’ Forecast  will be posted later.  Another reason Part 2 is included is that many people have been asking for dates of increased global craziness to look out for, so here they are..I spent almost the whole day targeting astrology patterns  that might predict difficult global situations, and I did discover a few patterns, especially with the Mid-September – October 2021, and another into January/February 2022.  The hardest cycles are highlighted in a Raspberry Color.

As you all know, the cycle which could mark the escalation of our personal awakening and global acceleration, however that occurs, whether triggered by undesirable events or by a universal Francis Bacon Revolution, is up to that small percentage of people who hold the greatest magnetically charged light for the best outcomes to turn the trends into that world we desire.

Some cycles are Global, transit to transiting planets…and many are found in U.S. Charts, as these charts also I have found, impact the world. Affirmations follow.





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This week’s theme is about courage, self sufficiency, the power you have when you know what is possible to achieve is within yourself. It is all about confidence and that energy Lions possess to command their authority. In a divine sense, not an ego expression. It is the self respect and dignity we all have deep inside of ourselves and we need this quality now more than ever, to release our highest potential all around us in the world.

The Sun and Mercury in Leo – from August 1 – 6, in an opposition to Saturn in Aquarius.

Oppositions from Saturn mean several things, but no one can deny, it is the utmost importance to assume a level of responsibility and take action with the issues that are before you that can not be passed on to another person. This cycle typically tells us there is a project which requires the best part of us to step forward and take on a challenge.

August 2 strong -continues through August 7.

Saturn 10* Aquarius oppose Sun at Leo at 10* is the impetus to take charge of a situation which requires confidence within your own assessment of facts, plus strong intuitive sensitivity as to the times and how to handle things…you are the leader now, in certain situations even if you have never assumed that role before. It could be with another, or simply the challenge of achieving one’s obvious obstacle or responsibility at this time.

The weekend found these planets also all square to the Moon/Uranus in Taurus….which you might have felt began the next level of awareness through receiving some sort of information that triggered you to engage, and when we receive information many times we wonder, is this something I need to act upon or just take in and ponder?

The dates which are the strongest are: August 2 – 7.    You might have already experienced these energies from July 28 on…if I were to speculate what this week’s them would be, it is all about the reality we all need to handle about anything in our life which we might keep putting off, dismissing or push aside that we feel can wait – maybe it can’t wait. Because of the square to the Uranus, adding to this theme, an element of disruption and taking into account accidents, emergencies and unexpected problems, you’ve got your list right there as to how to be on top of these possible situations as best as possible now. Is it personal? Loved ones? Professional or world events? Many times these cycles are not personal, but events are disruptive all around you, or in the news, and it could galvanize you into action, or it could be a little bit of all.

August 3 –   Venus trines Uranus

Excitement, honesty and transparency with your heart, your values and what you are intending to precipitate into your very hands soon.

Focus and love, write down and affirm outloud this wonderful exciting thing you know should be in your life. It’s worth the time of meditation to ask the Universe how to precipitate this, exactly what should the outcome be, guidance to the steps required and to put oneself in that loving state that draws every good and perfect thing to you.


“I AM the full power today, clearing the way for every good and perfect gift exactly what I need and must experience for my progress and acceleration. I walk through the open door of love. The most perfect precipitating of my next level of advanced fulfillment is occurring now and I AM GRATEFUL!”


August 3-9 (peaking August 6 – 8)  Transiting Mercury at 22-25* Leo inconjunct both Neptune at 22* Pisces and Pluto at 25* Capricorn

The second theme would be adjustments and changes of plans, obligation to shift gears, make an adjustment in your outlook, your logical analysis over and over of what you should do with this or that situation. Coming to a powerful conclusion, your vision and insight can be obtainable, your decision which aligns with your own Higher Self’s wisdom for your progress is stronger and more important than the interferences which could occur now.  Push oneself to achieve one particular thing which advances your ultimate ideal you desire to achieve.

As Mercury in Leo moves closer to two inconjuncts, one to Neptune, and one to Pluto, creating a finger of God, (see below diagram) it forms a Finger pointing to the long branch, Mercury as the answer, the remedy of the pressure to conform.


The answer is to have a conservative, pragmatic confidence and functional practical outlook in order to handle important decisions which must be made, regardless of the advise or the pressure, or the scattered and illogical position someone might stand on –or regardless of any disappointments or emotional disruptions. Instead, count on your own power of the heart looking at the most pragmatic and logical course of action, this is the only answer. It’s only for a few days – things always change and evolve.

August 2-4 Mercury in Leo will square Uranus in Taurus – caution is required for all communications, travel, eruptions of strange health issues, body/brain coordination, neurological challenges and so on and so forth. It is not too serious, unless it aspects something hard in your own chart that day – Typically, this is the square of erratic mental disregulation, moodiness, unpleasant messages where a sense of being kept out of the loop or plans not coming through could occur. Does that mean all of us shall experience this during these days? Not so! But, I fully expect these three dates to feel a bit restless, sensitive and my nervous system to be a bit challenged from communications or news, or information that might come across my way.

This kind of potential to feel hyper sensitive about present plans, situations and people also goes for the period of the Sun oppose Saturn, square Uranus and Moon in Taurus, especially on the 2nd of August- The Sun will ultimately make a hard square to Uranus on exactly August 5,6, 7…This is the last theme of this week to discuss. It is the test of holding your own agenda, purpose and life the way you want it and won’t compromise on it, against a potential disruption of some sort.




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Dates which might cause globally challenging disruptions in U.S. Natal and Conceptional charts:

The more rare a Transiting planet is, the harder and more intensely it will impact our charts…for good or worse.

Last cycle of Transiting Pluto oppose U.S. Conceptional Mercury at 24* Cancer in the 8th house….all 2021 up to midnight October 6, 2021

Last cycle of Transiting Pluto oppose Natal U.S. Mercury at 24* Aries…Began March 2020 – Ends November 23, 2021

These two Pluto Transits as long as they are active, until the date they end, have wrecked such havoc in U.S. and the world – it is similar to a spellbinding mesmerism, where one feels caught in a surreal oppression many do not know how to leave it. Energies and individuals are harnessing these Pluto cycles to interfere with the ideal of that New Atlantis goal we are heading towards, any possible way it can.

There seems to be oppressive powers, beyond this physical dimension which have some form of hypnotic control over nervous system,mind and some portions of the free will of the people….it is not just the U.S., but mainly targeting the U.S. ….

The end result once it ends will be hopefully for many, a tremendous awareness a waking up with action directed towards throwing off the oppression…and discovering and taking care of the origin of the oppression.

This Pluto has also been in opposition to Jupiter in Cancer, which challenges and attempts to cut off our emotional social well being in all ways of society….cutting off several forms of economic, domestic, employment, business, well being, family and emotional security activities. This Pluto oppose Jupiter also creates a sense of being force fed Jupiter judgments, opinions and all forms of independent outlook on any subject in an extreme way all over the world, during these times. It also has a filtering effect upon information and the 11th house of the population The filtering must be checked, as it is coming from several sources, and it has selective information and opinion. Also once in 245 years.

Transiting of Mercury retrograde conjoin the Conceptional Saturn and Mercury square Transiting Pluto

Sept 10 – 26, 2021
October 1- 10, 2021
October 26 – November 2, 2021

Both U.S. Charts show from Mid-September through October, too many challenges which show blocks, opposition and limitations towards important data issues throughout this entire cycle. Something continues to be blocked – delayed ….challenged.

The transit of Chiron on the U.S. Natal Mars:

The potential for compromised global relations, escalating threats of war, deeper probing and investigations reveals high levels of exotic forms of warfare on all devices, exotic weapons, internet, illnesses, infiltration etc..etc..and extreme complications regarding solutions…Can lead to over-reactions and extremely impractical ineffective measures to remedy all situations.

June 15 2021 Begins – ends March 14, 2023

Exact dates:

April 22, 2022

Oct 20, 2022

February 22, 2023


Exact Dates for Transit of Saturn inconjunct Moon and Jupiter in Cancer (all domestic economic and security vulnerabilities and inconveniences regarding the basic needs of the people)

February 9, 2022 Saturn inconjunct U.S. natal Moon

April 11, 2022 Saturn inconjunct U.S. Natal Jupiter

July 31, 2022    Saturn inconjunct U.S.  Natal Jupiter

January 11, 2023 Saturn Inconjunct U.S. Natal Jupiter


Mercury Retrograde/Stationary Direct in Libra square U.S. Natal Moon

September 12 – October 30 –  Exact Dates for communications, transportation, shipping, internet or disruption of services….

September 12

October 9

October 27

Possible inconveniences, again, anything challenging the U.S. Moon, is a challenge to all forms of functional everyday life for the people. … from September 12 – October 30, 2021


Transiting Mars square U.S. Moon aggravating the above astrology:

October 10, 2021 exact – This cycle goes from October 7 -11 2021 right through the Mercury stationary retrograde and direct above  –  Another hard aspect to the U.S. Moon

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Stationary retrograde Venus at 16* Capricorn oppose U.S. Moon at 16* Cancer

Potential social polarizing in extreme ways, and can also force alternative means to continue socially, economically, business and daily quality of life no matter what is going on in the world – polarizing extremely against certain political Capricorn rules and protocols. Another challenging aspect to the U.S. Moon.

November 24, 2021 to February 15, 2022

Peaks Nov 24, 2021

January 12, 2022

Feb 15, 2022

Mercury also opposes the U.S. Moon exact on Dec 23, 24, 25

Communications, severely conflicting reports and information could create continual disruptions in some regions’ everyday functioning.

Mars opposes the U.S. Moon exact on February 15, 2022 along with Venus.

Another tense few days between Feb 14-16.

January 2 – 26, stationary Mercury retrograde from 1* – 10* Aquarius opposes U.S. Uranus at 1* Leo

Potential erratic communications, connections, travel, transportation, trucking, flights, fuel or issues with internet….

Extreme discussion and confirmation regarding A.I., intolerant and unreliable policies, illogical and erratic information which governs the protocol of the people,

Cutting off information or connection…confrontation and polarizing over any news or information which has become center theme globally at this time.


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The Transit of Pluto return to the U.S. Conceptional Charts

Global Technology takeover, monopolies controlling all politics and populations, Economic Revolution, Power Control Global Revolution on all fronts Globally, battle being waged primarily in U.S. as Supreme targeted nation. Denoting a new motivational cycle everywhere to strategize and realize THE NEW ATLANTIS, diminishing Global Deep State dominance and control.

Once in 245 Years  and runs the entire year 2022. Last cycle was 1776

February 20, 2022

July 11, 2022

Dec 28, 2022


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3 thoughts on “Stardrops August 1, 2021 – Humanity Prepares”

  1. Penny Wilson says:

    Thank you for this Stardrop especially Christine. I am grateful for the beautiful website you have created and your guidance through these disruptive times.

  2. Marjorie Lombard says:

    Thank you for the helpful info! God bless!

  3. Lee Budka says:

    Thanks so much,Christine! The astrological influences on the U.S. chart are very helpful. We look forward to more on the U.S. and world cycles. Oceans of blessings, Lee and Andy


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