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Timelines Part 1 ~ November 2017


11/7/17  Part I ~ Dawn of Your New Day -The Pre-Dawn 2016


The following article is Part I of several parts. It is an excerpt of a lecture given in Bozeman,Montana September 30, 2017. It has been edited a bit to make it more fluid and easy to read. I hope you enjoy and please come back for more parts.

As of November 7, 2017, we are about to go into yet another escalation in the U.S. of terrorism random and unpredictable. An update on these events to come of Deep State and outside forces coordinating to create chaos on our own soil, will be in the later parts, as I need to go through this lecture in methodical order and get all the material out. Thanks for your patience!

The Dawn of Your New Day

I think it would be fun today to go into just about everything! In spite of the escalation of chaotic activities on the planet, the escalation of anti-freedom activities, poison and toxins challenging our environment, food and bodies, the, escalation of Global geo threats, terrorism, immigrant migration, political polarizing and extreme radical violence such as antifa, m13 and other funded groups –  media wars, and false flags, people of Light, as I call them, are waking up and challenging dark agendas and misleading narratives..

We are pressing forward and are having an affect upon the forces that have had this planet in its grip for too long.

It could appear to some as if we were in a posture of war, an information war, a war of minds, media, narratives, truths versus manipulations, and it gets all mixed up sometimes. For the side of Light and Right, it is now totally possible to win this war, and bring one sane unified Mind of God and Reason, Peace and Unity to the planet, and the U.S.  The story below is how I saw it begin:…

Part 1 Cosmic Events ~The Yellow Cross activation ~~ Summer/Fall 2016

An event took place from April 2016 up through November 2-3  of 2016, it was an impetus among the people of light,  especially in America to educate themselves, question what they were being told and openly denounce misinformation and manipulations in the media and other world events that were deceptions.

Late one night, June 2016, after uploading a global transits video, I  looked ahead to record July-October’s transits.  I noticed something strange popped up on November 2 2017 in my ephemeris .not seen since 1998-2000.. ( Ephemeris is a book of planetary positions for 50 to 100 years). It was Transiting Neptune conjoin the South Node. I saw a pattern forming with several planets making a variety of squares, conjunctions, and oppositions, which all form crosses all in Golden illumination signs ending with the transiting Neptune conjoin Nov 2, 2016, and was as if that date raised up off the page of the ephemeris. When I saw that date, and began to go backwards, intuitively knowing, there was something big leading up to that date, I found the pattern of the planets all forming crosses in Yellow Wisdom signs from April 2016-Nov 2 2016.

I went over and over the pattern …and saw it’s beginning date was April 20-22 2016.

Two Astrology cycles seemed to start this new cycle:  the Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius, and the Mercury Retrograde Trine Pluto. With much prayer and asking ” what could this mean.?” was not until  midnight, I got it.  I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I was dumbfounded…realizing it meant something unusual was about to unfold that covered over the planet, as if a magical hand was about to touch the minds and brains, the will and courage of so many millions, charging them with the task of uncovering lies and ripping off the masks of so many dark things that had captured our planet for so long. Throughout the summer of 2016, I was so astonished  watching what I had uncovered coming true. I couldn’t even write about it, because I kept saying to myself, “what if I’m wrong, what if I’m imagining all this, and nothing comes of it by Nov 2? ”  In the end,  I believe I was accurate at what I understood to be the beginning of the Global Revolution in the Mind of Man and it would change the world forever.

Most of you are familiar with the rays of the Signs:

The Blue Ray signs of power, thrust of action, initiating cycles, and commanding and expressing that fire through the Blue that projects God’s Will to implement blueprints into the physical Plane: You could have planets in these blue signs, which would give you power.

  •     Capricorn
  •     Cancer
  •     Aries
  •     Libra


The PInk/Ruby Fire expressed as pure love, passion for the highest love/essence in all things, Artistic, passionate, musical, sacrificing and increasing the heart chakra and the longing to express love, beauty, and the melting of all discord, and the action of an impersonal separating the darkness from the pure:

  •     Taurus/Scorpio
  •     Leo/Aquarius


And the Yellow Golden Flame of the Mind Of God, piercing through mental density, lies, deception, and all human nonsense, bringing the sharpness of God’s accuracy of perception and logic into all situations, conversations, journalism, and media of Gemini,  Deductive reasoning of Virgo, Idealism and refined knowing of ultimate expectations of outcomes of Pisces and visionary prophetic holy spirit “knowing” of Sagittarius

  •     Gemini/Sagittarius
  •     Pisces/Virgo


It is this Yellow Ray I witnessed unfold in the transits of the planets jumping back and forth from one yellow sign to another, in groups, forming crosses…that would be upon the people…during the April 2016 – November 2, 2016…. these qualities of intelligent intuitive guidance was to inspire Citizen Journalists in an acceleration of relentless investigating, research, questioning, and then uploading articles, videos and reports with a bold challenging nature began. 

These planets in Yellow Ray signs, had precisely tight conjunctions, squares, and oppositions with each other.  Mercury retrogrades, eclipses, and the Nodes were also included in the yellow cross configurations — all in Yellow Ray signs during 12 unique dates from April 17 through November 2, 2016.  I felt each date ( below) signified a potential calamity occurring on the planet esp in the U.S, surrounded by confusion, false implications, deceptions or faulty reporting involved, AND it was the Cue for the public to exam and dissect the events and expose the reality of each situation.  It took the citizen journalist on YOUTUBE and other internet posts to expose what really happened at these tragic events, mostly through individuals being at the location in person, filming the event. It also included a continual expose of first hand individuals witnessing lies and deceptions going on behind the scenes in that election cycle among politicians, media, ad campaigns and news stations. Again, being challenged by mostly nobodies, receiving thousands if not millions of hits to their channels. Mostly proven accurate, verified and labeled with credibility. This trend began to escalate unbelievably leading up to the Wikileaks events end of October into the first week of November. An explosion of shocking truths undeniable surrounding the lifestyles of certain politicians and public figures many related to the campaigns, but also certain agencies’ modus operandi of violation of internet site privacy, software, programs, and privacy issues, with the release of Vault 7.


Here are the 12 Configurations I wrote down last June 2016 and their dates: ( I included them to help you see how numerous they were, and could not be dismissed.

    1.  April 17-  Mars turned retrograde at 9* Sagittarius  square transit of Neptune in Pisces – March up to April 30, peaked april 17-25, 2016

        The same day April 17, Mercury  retrograde in Taurus began to trine Pluto …..Mercury being the sign of journalism, media, all forms of networking among each other to gain information and     come to conclusions…the trine means, it would be successful. This same configuration occurred again in September, only in Virgo.

  1.    May 24-30  2016  Jupiter in Virgo 13*  square Saturn at 13* Sagittarius
  2.    June 1-6    Venus and Sun in Gemini squared Neptune in Pisces, opposing Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius,

           Venus and Sun in Gemini square Jupiter and the Nodes in Virgo/Pisces

  1.    Jun 17- 24   Saturn in Sag square Neptune in Pisces  

          6/18       Mercury  in Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo

          6/21         Mercury oppose saturn in Sagittarius

          6/18 – 24 ….  Jupiter at 16*  Virgo conjoin the north node in Virgo and oppose chiron in pisces

           6/20        Mercury square Neptune in pisces

           6/17   Saturn in Sag square North and South Nodes  

  1.    7/30     Mercury enters Virgo  7/30’’ in square with…

             8/2     Mars re-enters  0* Sag 

             8-4 and 5      Venus enters Virgo

              8- 5 and 6     Mercury squares Saturn at 9* Sag

                           and Venus in Virgo squares Mars in Sag

  1.        8 – 7 thru 9   Mercury conjoin North Node in Virgo 13* and oppose Neptune in Pisces 13*
  2.        8- 11 to 13    Jupiter at 23-25* Virgo oppose Chiron at 24* Pisces

            8-13     Saturn moves stationary direct in Sagittarius square

                      Venus at 9* Virgo and Oppose Neptune in PIsces

           8/16    Venus in Virgo conjoins North Node,

                      Mercury and Jupiter at 24* Virgo oppose Chiron at 24* Pisces

  1.    8/ 22 to 26      Mars in Sagittarius conjoin Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces

            8/22        Sun enters Virgo

            8/27 to 29       Mercury and Venus at 23- 27* Virgo conjoins Jupiter in Virgo oppose chiron at 23* PIsces

            8/27-29    Mars square North/South Nodes

            8-20 to 9/ 2  8/30     MERCURY TURNS retrograde at 29*Virgo  conjoin Jupiter and Venus in Virgo

            8/29    Mars 12* Sag square Nodes at 12* Virgo/Pisces

            9/1      Solar Eclipse at 9* Virgo square Mars at 11 – 13* Virgo oppose Neptune at 10* Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius

  1.    9/12 – 9/15    Mercury conjoin Sun in Virgo square Mars in Sag and oppose Chiron in Pisces

        9/20 peaked  ….Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces… last cycle  

        9/ 20-22    Mercury  stationed direct at 14* Virgo trine pluto ….(Same as June 2016 Mercury retro that began the entire theme of media, journalism, communications and      anti- mind vs the mind of God theme..) station retro trine Pluto only this time Mercury is in Virgo and Direct…last time it was in Taurus and turning Retrograde trine Pluto. The Trine to Pluto gives it immense power to set a theme in motion that will be untouchable, unable to interfere with, and reach a destination.

  1.    Oct 1-3 Mercury in Virgo oppose Chiron in Pisces
  2.   10/18- 25     Venus enters Sagittarius squares Neptune and South node in Pisces, and the North Node in Virgo

           10/29     Venus conjoins Saturn at 29* in Sagittarius

              and the final one…


Throughout this cycle, I watched very intelligent and brave people walk through some sort of initiation which required  confronting false narratives, pouring through a variety of media sources, digging and researching, and coming out of behind the scenes hiding, that had evidence and first hand information, risking their jobs, lives, and telling truth about the corruption of the deep state, and false news in order to confuse and manipulate the population the way they desired in this crucial race.

They got in touch with the power of their own hearts and knowing a truth about things that was not being talked about in the mainstream media.

I watched them step up and use their Christ MInd like I’d never witnessed before and this is in contrast with a one media outlet dominating public information for years.

Each date was a unique initiation on the Yellow Cross for the people to walk through. Each of these 12 dates was either a shooting, such as the Florida nightclub terrorist shooting  June 2016, or the way the media was reporting on some new major event…I watched people rise above each event and witness to being at this or that event and reporting this is not the way they saw this happen and so forth.., many times physically reporting on their own time with their own equipment documenting what really happened, what was really said, and in what context Not only that, they bonded together networking, collaborating their evidence and information among each other all over the country via technology.

One cycle after another, I watched the body of God growing stronger and bolder in their power of independent journalism, gaining greater numbers of subscribers to their sites, their video channels and article followers. It was truly amazing. It was like an Army.

At first I held my breath when recognizing the potential of what these 12 cycles could do for America and the planet, knowing it was a test, a huge test, the people of this country particularly had to rise up, throw off the ignorance and meet the challenge..and I knew it was culminating on the last cycle, November 2, 2016!

That last date was shown to me, as a sort of Flipping in Reverse of a dark timeline which had begun in 1998-2000, back to one of Great Light, Power and Truth, on the day of November 2, 3 2016.

By the last cycle, it was obvious within internet news, a series of viral breakthroughs, which exposed a core corruption  which conformed to these people, they were correct, the truth in the mainstream media and public figures with their agendas, were not speaking any truth, and were being exposed. It was just the beginning, October 2016…. The shock was the threat and then the release of epic wikileaks information involving several disturbing subjects, including Vault 7 hacking info..the sick, seedy lifestyle of pedogate  verified.. LInk

November 2,  the possibility of a flipping of a timeline had me mesmerized and so excited, I could hardly contain myself.

The hard cycle we had all been used to, began, from 1998-2000 on up to 2016, Which is a whole entire story in itself.What I was being shown in the June of 2016, was the possibility if we earned our right to receive a better life, by doing our due diligence with the challenging of those who have dark control over the public, of a time loop flipping in reverse on November 2 with this extraordinary transit. It was to be flipped back to where we left off in 1998. This 1998 on cycle was riddled with immense challenges for many and we had to endure; it was not for wimps.

The last few days of October, the first two of November, some incredible incriminating and disturbing information went viral and took the information war up to the next level.

If you were still watching cable news last year, you might have missed this cycle because it was all happening on independent channels on the internet.  Millions were involved in this new media information war.

With this release of truth, something happened and I could hardly believe my eyes…it was true..what I saw in June had come true.. A flip occurred on November 2 –  7th and we were suddenly thrust onto a higher ground. It as as if Time was reversed back to pre-1998. it was as if the entire 18 years were rolled back and good people of Light had been given some kind of dispensation to get back on track where they left off in 1998.

. ….1998-1999 and 2000s—were the beginning of our most difficult years…there were forces that seemed to have moved into positions of control and believe they completely had the planet. It seemed to come to some sort of culmination around 2013.

Since this cycle  we have matured intellectually and spiritually … each day is experienced as a week, a week, a full month, and a month, as a year. Time is certainly being compressed. We are truly living in those times spoken of by Jesus in Matthew 24:

“And except those days had been shortened no flesh would have been saved; but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”

So just as a negative flip in time might have occurred in 1998 against us, and so another flip of time seemed to occur on November 2, 2016, hard earned, the people of light, as I call them,  on this planet had to earn it by standing up to the lies of certain organizational network, throughout summer of 2016. Putting those who are of light,back on top…altering the reality of our dimension to place us back in charge of the planet, having the advantage now, and ready to win all the way to the end of this world.

Related image

You are now more with your Presence which brings to you a greater potential of being in charge of your life, your potential, a grace you could call it.  The people of heart are in a greater potential control of the future this country, your country wherever you are from, in a higher dimension yet still in this world. By your attunement, prayers, intention and actions, you move through this world with truth and a new power.

“ The Way is Guarded —  A mystery. Wear wings to understand each day.”

To wear wings each day, is to bring down your wings, your higher vibrating reality by accelerating your being with the power of intentions for that day, your affirmations, your meditations and decrees and your heart asking for attunement, gifts, wisdom, insight, intuition…every morning. You are setting your day.

You need to draw down your wings each day to have the ability to live in that dimension of more power. The way is guarded from the fallen ones..they can not understand this mystery of alchemy we can engage in., this is what is required to transform this world, and win all the way.

This concludes Part I of the Dawn of Your New Day.  Part II Timelines The Meaning of the Solar Eclipse 8/21 go here 

Christine Barrere ~  November 7, 2017


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