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The Twelve Houses in Your Chart


The Twelve Houses and What They Mean

The Planets show us what kind of power or force of action is happening in our chart, or in our life at a particular time.  Zodiac Sign, will show us how the power is behaving. A Planet is always placed within a particular Zodiac Sign, which will tell us how the force is operating. The Planets will always flow through a sign, or be colored by a zodiac sign, and be placed within one of 12 Houses.

The Houses tell us where something is occurring.

There are 12 Houses. Each house would be like one particular room in a house with 12 rooms. Each Room has it’s own function.

Also, Each House ( room ) will correspond with a zodiac sign, such as the house #1, the First House, is where we find our identity, our self expression, our body, face, brain and our self image. It can also relate to our first 7 years or so of our life on earth. Sounds very much like an Aries energy doesn’t it? It also has a similar energy to the planet Mars. Mars is the natural ruler of Aries, and the 1st house.

And so on…through the 12th Houses.

House number 1, 4, 7 and 10 are extremely important to learn about. The 1st house as we said above, is your personal identity and body.

The 4th House, is your home and security, family and domestic emotional world. It is also very significant when certain planets cross into this area of your chart.

The 7th House are your close intimate relationships and partnerships. It is usually your partner, spouse, a business partner or a close child, ( the 2nd child especially)

The 10th House is at the top of the wheel or circle, and is called the Mid-heaven, because it is located while standing on the earth, right over your head. It is the MC, that is the symbol. It holds the activities of your career, your public responsibilities, your parental accountability, the place where you are copmletely realizing all your goals, wishes and hard work, along with karmic life dutues and holding a line or position of responsibility. If you have no planets in that house, it will be described by the zodiac sign on the MC, the outer rim.

Every House has a Zodiac Sign place on the outer rim, that is the zodiac belt. It used to correspond to the constellations, but not anymore. But the amazing thing, these placements of Signs, still work in our charts, I’ve tested it over and over, and it is truly incredible, which leads me to believe, ancients created a template of the 12 divisions or houses around the sky, and they placed the Zodiac Belt to be the carriers of the 12 Constellations, as if it were some sort of software or computer program placed there.

Our goal is to use the highest good and designs of astrology, realizing Divine Beings of a higher order, including You, your Higher Self and I AM Presence, utilize these cycles for change, growth, acceleration and mastery, where not so good beings, inter-dimensional energies try to manipulate our astrology, mostly harder cycles to mess us up. This is why we use Calls, Invocations, Prayers or Decrees spoken outloud to counteract negative astrology in our own birth chart and throughout the year when you get your astrology Forecast done. We’ll go into these explanations more throughout the Mastery Pages.

Let’s Discover the Twelve Houses!  


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