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Twelve Areas Of Your Life – The Houses


The First House,  Ascendant or Rising Sign – The Self Image

This is where we discover your self image. By learning what sign is on your first house cusp you will understand the following:

I. Your Higher Self’s Consciousness works through this 1st house/Ascendant or Rising Sign area and describes what It wants you to incorporate into your personality.




My Worth and Value- The Second House

The Second House is where we discover how we get our paycheck, earn our money, acquire our worth and value. This value of ourselves could be a spiritual or philosophical value. It could be derived from our marriage or family, or our partner or a company. People with strong Libra or Scorpio planets in the 2nd house, derive much of their net worth from their partners. They can feel happier when married or partnering with another in some way.



My Mind ~ The Third House

Here is where we find out how our mind works. What are you curious about?  Could you concentrate in school? Can you articulate ideas to others?  Can you share information and keep it factual, to the point, pertinent to the present issues, or are you all over the map with your concepts? How do you function throughout the day? How do you make decisions? What do you like to read and what kind of shows do you watch?





The Fourth House – My Deepest Emotional Needs

The Fourth House, is ruled by the Zodiac Sign Cancer, and is connected to the MOON. it is the place in our charts where we are looking for security and a warm fuzzy feeling of safety, comfort and food. We must admit, we all need shelter from the weather. If the planet Uranus is in your 4th house, in Aquarius or Capricorn especially, one could find their home on a mountain in a cave, but usually it’s a home with a roof, a fridge and pantry, and a warm bed.




The Fifth House – A Place Of Joy

Our fifth house is one of joy and where we find our quality of life. Here is where we find pleasure, fun, indulging and ecstasy. It is a warm beautiful sandy beach, with a drink of choice, palm trees, beautiful aqua blue water and lovely conversation and companionship. What happens in this house is everything that brings us excitement, love, romance, fun, expansive special experiences which provide joy and pleasure to our hearts and souls. MORE…





The Sixth House- Analyze and Perfect

The sixth house is where we role up our sleeves, and get into the nitty gritty of the skill, effort, service and humility required in order to be useful to others and realize long term goals. Usually goals we established in the previous house of Creation.

This is the place of routine, schedules, clocking in at 8 and leaving at 5. It is the house of mastering a skill so well, we become employable. Perfection, work and filtering are the key words for this house. It is the place where we serve others, go to our jobs, work out at the gym, diet, fuss over our hair, nails, wardrobe or the color of our eyes, and clean our car and house MORE…




Love and Cooperation – My Seventh House

One of the most important houses is the 7th house. Here is where we discover love, partnerships, cooperation, support and togetherness. All forms of relationships are found in house #7. This can be the place where you see talents and abilities in another that you can not see in yourself, however, the saying goes, if you can see the quality in another, you must have it somewhere inside or you would not recognize it in others.  MORE …





The Eight House – Invest Oneself in Others

Merging one’s life, business, money, assets, or simply desires and ambitions together with another, is an 8th house action. We find togetherness in the 8th house. We find mutual benefits, interests and win-win outcomes in the 8th house. Here is where we receive inheritances, financial benefits, support and help from others that have an invested interest in our lives. We create a report for someone, and they pay us or give us the keys to their vacation house. We take care of our home, kids and all the extraneous business issues, and our partner provides money and security, or vice versus. MORE…


Expand My Mind – The Ninth House

Here is where we expand our minds. We learn psychology, visualize, project our ideas into the future and place intention to manifest things. It is where we meditate and expand consciousness. It is where we learn right from wrong, learn values of morality, ethics. It is the place of colleges, universities and Religion. It holds others’ beliefs projected upon us, or influencing us through a teacher. It governs all that is foreign. Foreign food, culture, language and foreign thinking, so we are forced to EXPAND our minds if we want to understand a person or place. MORE…



The Power to Realize – The Tenth House

“So much to do, people are counting on me, I can’t let them down. My children depend upon me, my parents are needing my guidance, I have deadlines at work, and was just voted in as President of my local club. How can I do all of this and uphold my commitments to everyone?”

Welcome to the Power of the Tenth House. MORE..




My Friends and Humanity – The Eleventh House

The eleventh house, Aquarius and Uranus all have one thing in common, I am everyone’s friend but no one owns me. This house carries the personality and energies of Aquarius. It is the place of futuristic advanced ideas, truth, revolutionary concepts and desire to make changes, improve on others lives or humanity’s situations. The desire to improve, accelerate, change is strong here. MORE…




The Twelfth House – To Commit to a Purpose

The Ultimate and most Epic activity one can have on this Earth is to surrender and sacrifice one’s own importance, one’s desires, agendas, ambition or expectations by giving to others in some capacity. It is through pure love, for the sake of helping others we earn our freedom from this Earth plane. This is the nature of the 12th house. Here is the place where we lift up our loved ones and carry the burden. We take on missions, feel as if we are wholly engaged in a life of purpose. MORE


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