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TIMELINE V – Mars stationary Retro at 9* Aquarius May 15 – July 30, 2018


Mars turns retrograde on  June 26 2018

The nature of Mars retrograde in Aquarius will accelerate the pushing onto the public of controversial activities, equipment and plans and projects in all things electromagnetic, technological, chips, weather control, and the demand for truth and transparency.  Just about anything which is futuristic but do we really need it, devices, machines, medicines, vaccinations, etc…etc…It will be an intensely volatile time of confrontation questioning the correctness of so many things.

Leaves retro August 26/27 2018

(The Mars Article below  is Timeline V, which is in part taken from the September 30 2017 lecture. This article is a continuation of posting pieces of that lecture in it’s entirety. A new Mars square Uranus in Taurus has been uploaded as of 2-13-2018 with a broader overview)

Mars conjoins Transiting South Node – Dates:

A narrative being pushed into popularity to pull people back into time, such as accusations, intolerance and rigidity over petty issues, attempting to delay the progress in America and the world towards true Aquarian ideals of democracy and freedom..

Attempting to outlaw certain behaviors, speech and activities as regressive and degrading, yet by the very act of these accusations, one is falling prey to anti-freedom and racist tendencies. It’s all too confusing. What is truth? The emphasis of Mars in Aquarius is aggressive narrative that is intolerance towards anyone who appears to be intolerant, to a point of delusion. It can lead to extreme violence or blocks and delays of important activities which would help us move forward.

Mars conjoin the U.S. Conceptional South Node at 6* Aquarius in the 2nd house of banking. This cycle is intensifying some kind of unique problem solving complexity regarding the economy.  It pulls the world onto the issue of Nations’ allegiance  tounique currency groups. It can also be some sort of grasping at straws to pull people back to an old system, attempting to manipulate systems to continue with the old economic control.

 Nodes not only key us into public popularity and trends, but can trigger major economic change.

 Mars retrograde and in a square ( conflict) to the planet Uranus in Taurus


Begins May 10, peaks the strongest May 12-19 Peaks the strongest again July 28-August 6; and Peaks the strongest on September 17-22, 2018.

The trouble with this aspect on these dates is that Mars could insight violence, destruction of property, buildings, explosives, volatile groups coming together, or several terrorist type organizations actually clashing with each other….use of force, firearms, explosives.

A potential increase of catastrophic earth events and especially revolutionary outbreak of terrorist gangs with terribly confusing and misleading accusations where white is black and up is down.

Mars squares Jupiter in Scorpio,  all summer 2018, but not exact until Nov 1-14, 2018…..The main theme is poor judgment in strong narratives among groups all thinking they have the answer or correct perspective…can also exaggerate aggressive and desperate funding and backing of organized destructive activities and organizations.

This aspect could also activate more weather control and earthquake triggers. It could also intensify riots and revolutionary, economic crisis orchestrated, toxic spills, waste, viruses, crisis. Medical emergencies, as Jupiter in Scorpio can key into medical conditions.  Conflicts over military budgets,  investigations into trillions missing, etc…with Scorpio, we’re dealing financial issues, gigantic amounts of money, collaborations, agreements and moving of huge amounts of money.

Problems with waste, spills, toxic materials, intense investigations into bizarre incidences which require emergency measures. ( If anyone else has any ideas of these Mars in Aquarius square Uranus and Mars square Jupiter in Scorpio aspects please comment below.)

Clashes erupt into extreme polarizing all around the world….death or accident of well – loved public figure, leading to possible outrage….and demands for  investigation…..Extreme Financial banking Fed Reserve crisis, sudden introduction of new currency or mandatory means of exchange electronically….

Pressure put upon public to shift their perspective their paradigm and accept a backwards concept. Mars inciting towards inconveniencing people…unnecessary changes, manipulating their perspective for a particular outcome…??

Following Mars Transits are from May through September 2018

Mars in Aquarius .inconjunct U.S. conceptional. Venus and Jupiter at 3 and 5* Cancer in the 7th house. Disconnects and incongruencies regarding accurate accounting of important recent events.

Mars trine U.S. Uranus at 8* Gemini in the 8th house.  Constructive assertive meetings, collaborations and group international cooperation organizing a functional and well executed strategy for increasing independence, financial and industrial, economic prosperity, boosting not only our nations economy but other nations’ involved in this cooperative endeavor. Mutually agreed plans for technological support-pooling resources together to improve on some important existing projects of humanitarian agendas.

Transiting Mars Retrograde at 9* Aquarius conjoin Natal U.S. 6th house of military, armed forces, military technology and also absolutely bizarre spacecraft, major space events; could trigger major issues of biological warfare, poisoning, mysterious plagues, diseases, toxic substances and poisons used to kill key individuals.

From June 1-July 15, 2018

Direct August 1-Sept 15, 2018  –  Mars stationary direct at 28* Capricorn to 9* Aquarius oppose natal U.S. Uranus at 1* Aquarius in the 11th house….  ( begins first hit on May 17-19 2018 then returns August to September 15.)


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