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Venus Retrograde- Phase Two of the Purge-the Gift and the Hope


Venus Retrograde March 4 ~ April, 2017 continues. Some key planetary configurations occurring at the time of the retrograde of Venus.


Love Separates Dark from the Light, bringing resolution from confusion.

Take a look at the astrology chart of the moment Venus turns retrograde. I ran the chart for my location.

venus retro 2

Neptune and Mercury are conjoined together in the sign of Pisces on the day Venus turns retrograde. At this time and location, these planets are on the Ascendant so to me, I’m going to interpret part of that as the primary problem Venus will target  because they are in the 1st house on the Ascendant.  ( Part 1 of Venus retrograde is where we identified Venus as a leader or warrior in a particular sort of action to penetrate deep into personal and global problems and root them out for change  It is behaving as a sort of policing warrior energy).

This combination of Neptune/Mercury and Ascendant is a clue that things that have been in shadow for a very very long time, will come to light. Venus’ action has the power to cut through fog, deception, lies, cover-ups, blackmail.

The compulsion (the nature of two planets conjoining) within certain circles to lie, create and maintain a deception is the negative of Neptune conjoin Mercury, including potential for some to be clinically delusional.

The positive theme would be the Idyllic nature of Neptune inspiring documentaries and reports which uplift and provide solutions to increase quality of life…such as Fukushima, poisons and GMOs, the plastic island, oil spills, earth changes facts and fictions and all toxins in air, crops etc..quality of sea life, water, fluoride  and industrial regulations.  The conjunction on the ascendant tells us exposures are coming, evidence and factual reports could replace confusion and misconceptions…Neptune/Mercury in Pisces could represent in the chart the issue of all these things and their origin. It’s saying on the Ascendant, “Hey, over here, look at me, I’m out front on the Rising sign, right out in the open, I’ve got names, dates, documents and everything”.  Again the nature of Venus in Aries, in a way, is in control of these other planets, it’s nature is assertive, immediate, sometimes rushed, a sense of urgency and deals with issues as if no time is left to waste to correct errors. ( Notice the Moon in Gemini in the 3rd house of the media, facts and information, documents, contracts, written and spoken word…that’s a strong position meaning a changeable upsetting situation with all these issues.)

Neptune/Mercury in Pisces also connected with Pharmaceuticals and Vaccination debate, uncovering more secrets and chicanery against us dumb slaves. Drugs, legal and illegal is discussed, along with the real cost of producing most medicines, and who’s decision was it to hike their prices. Also special medicines being uncovered that have been around forever, that can cure terminal diseases could come out into the open.

Neptune Mercury deals with atmospheric, oxygen, chemical and air pollution even Neuro dust sprayed into the atmosphere because Neptune has to do with aether, mist, viruses, poisons, the invisible gases and microbes like fungus, mold, microbial viruses.)

Kneeling before Holy GrailIt could include disclosure, confusion in regards to other beings on and off world, mysterious video and audio footage that has been verified.  Mercury and Neptune are in square to the Midheaven and Fourth Houses, which tend to create anxiety over a variety of serious astral other dimensional subjects, hidden in X-Files fashion.

But the main theme of this conjunction is the fact that Venus in Aries is going after the corruption, so if there are dark compromising activities, it will be handled as top priority and you’ll mostly know all about it while it’s happening.

This chart also includes the Jupiter in Libra opposition to Uranus in Aries and square to Pluto which is the most polarizing confrontational energy that has been going on since December 2017.  

In March/April add Mars in Aries to the mix intensifying the aggressive war like meddling and inciting rage and violence.

It began December 2016, and continues through September 2017. The opposition of these planets now is one of the reasons for such an extreme polarizing between political parties, especially in the U.S. and European countries, polarizing between factions, communities and positions at this time. Here are the worst dates of this opposition between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries, only:

November 24-December 27, 2016

February 22-March 5 ( March 1-3 exact)

September 20-Oct 2 2017

Recent times of this polarizing have been 3-1962 to 12-1962, 1976, 1989-1990, 2003, and the last time these planets were in the extreme polarizing signs of Aries/Libra was 1832. The next cycle past 2017 will not be until 2031 in Gemini/Sagittarius.

Pluto is in the middle of these opposites, which could represent strategies and activities to divert and control the aggression, along with other sources at the root of the riots and antagonistic attitude we see everywhere in the news etc..

The planet Pluto is positioned in a t-square between Jupiter and Uranus ( see below) and could trigger forced conforming, enforcing complicated multi agency crackdown on several levels to stop the altercations which have become violent and destructive, including the immigrant issue all over Europe and U.S. but, Pluto in this position of a t-square could also point to the source of the massive extreme violence.

venusjupitermarsuranus pluto

It could expose organizations hidden in the underworld of Pluto that has not been known before…so Venus in Aries would be the Matrix of solutions to approach all sides with the most down to earth yet uncompromising course of action—again going to the heart of the issues to unravel it. However, forced conformity could be part of this action.

It is all occurring on and around March 4, continuing through the following months.

Venus is also joining Uranus along with Mars intensifying the aggression and volatile impulsiveness. Pluto’s action can also be seen as a strategic behind the scenes planning of numerous plots for various shock value, but you can see here, they are organized by only a few major sources with mega money because of the t-square all fingers are pointing to Pluto. All fingers are pointing to only a few organized source power positions with a lot of money to pay.

entwined visions1Who are the Plutos?

Venus’ presence intensifies the higher strategy to insert swift solutions to soothe and correct these polarizations in the most constructive way possible and its action is precise and quick. It is also representing a group inserted as spies to detect the sources.

There is something new that is going on in several unconventional ways with the Military and new Weapons. I think many parts of it are massively undercover and are dealing with the Saturn in Sagittarius in this chart, which would have to do with “SHIELDS” OR “BOUNDARIES”. Oh, maybe it’s the wall, but I think it’s way bigger than that….I mean really technologically massive.

Back to the opposition–the polarizing of Jupiter against Mars and Uranus is not only political/social, but could also be seen as the revelation that we have been manipulated * ( Pluto again in that contrary sharp position meddling ) to create the appearance of extreme conflicts between earth and space, nation against nation, policies and organizations such as the EU against a movement or person. This cycle intensified requiring constant strategic intervention if violence is to be is a long ongoing process and the emergency level is high up through September 2017. It’s obvious, the Jupiter in Libra comes across as the peacemakers, so they really could be the peacemakers, or they could be complacent lazy lip service peacemakers…..and the Uranus in Aries, courageous confrontational warriors challenging the Jupiter in Libra ( tendency to lie..{ this is a generalization for a positive or negative of Jupiter in Libra}) or they are Pirates antagonizing riots and war, etc…

You can flip these polarizations either way, the key is to make a powerful affirmation to contain and diffuse all of it either which way…..


“  Divine Source of pure love, release your power to heal and diffuse, cool down and contain, all strife, wars, extremism, aggression, violence, potential revolution and riots everywhere on earth.  Continue to uplift all into the most pure wisdom to see the truth, and overcome the lies, the ignorance.  I call to all Archangelic Divine Beings to shield us, individually and collectively, all places, regions, countries, homes and cities, with your ability to remove the most dangerous individuals and activities on this planet and expand all constructive activities and people quickly with the speed of light. I thank you and am so grateful, Amen.”

siobhan Harp


What Does Venus Retrograde Mean for You?

So this Uranus Jupiter polarization is adding another level of complexity to our Venus Retrograde  ~~( to be continued…… next part uploaded soon).
















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