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America’s Dawn of a New Day-Nov 2016 Pt 1


Update – November 6, 2016 Starfires

“ The Dawn of a New Day” or “SATANISM IS WRONG” ~ Saturn crossing over the Rising Sign of U.S. Conceptional Chart   

Warning: Extreme disturbing information along with some rambling right brain concepts and analogies ahead. Stop now if you depend upon straight left brain analysis of astrological cycles without any speculations or intuitive observations ( or personal stories).

I have noticed some interesting information pertaining to the reference of “ The Rising Sun” or “Dawn of the New Day” or “ A New Day Dawning”.

I became aware of this phrase in a new way when in 2011, I watched a video lecture by Richard Hoagland. I didn’t want to give it any credibility. I’m warning you, it’s long, redundant, a little weird and sometimes boring, but something compelled me to study certain things he was trying to say. Here is the link. He put an amazing amount of research in this presentation and at the time, something told me I needed to understand what he was alluding to.

( Don’t watch this if you have a difficult time sifting through minutiae and extracting the key points… some of my subscribers mentioned below, you might get the wrong idea that I am for these ideas rather than find it incredulous.)

With the peculiar events that occurred throughout my life from beginning of age 3 on up to the time of leaving Seattle, I recognized something odd was going on, not only around me personally but with people in my life. Not only sometimes were my visionary dreams of a divine guide helping me cope with unhappy situations, but also intermittent with strange nightmares.

My first memories was learning The Lord’s Prayer, and making my mother play the French Nuns on my little toy record player until I fell asleep at night. ( I must have made her purchase at least three records of this, as I played them too much.

Singing NunsWonderful music was given to me, and my aunt I shall mention below, my french, piano and dance lessons, piano concerts and something strange,Scottish Rite tea and cookie night were speckled through my childhood with strangeness and wonderfulness.

The first thing I learned from 3 to 13, is that people are not what you think they are, in fact no one in my family literally was who they made me believe they were. Even down to a pretend Aunt who was lovely, 20 years older than my mom, provided most of my musical and cultural education.  But you know, I was wondering a few weeks ago, what was the Scottish sword dancing all about and the ballet and opera and piano concerts she made sure I attended with her, and my little Scottish kilt with beret, badge and sash tucked away in my mother’s top left dresser drawer from my visits with her to the Capitol Hill Scottish Rite Temple events all about, hum…… oh dear, I digress.

me-at-3I have deleted paragraphs of memories I felt compelled to document about my childhood, when realizing the article on “SATANISM IS WRONG” was turning into my diaries… not sure why, oh well, This aunt was married I recall to an American diplomat, a mason and the most loving, wonderful people to be around. Their home was like a museum. I inherited some of her precious things and I miss her. Yet, she wasn’t really my aunt. I have no idea where she came from. One day she just appeared, and my mother had no satisfying answer for me. Why did my mother not recommend these cultural activities and why did they all come from this lovely pretend Aunt? And the only thing I know about my real father is he was Scottish, a Marine and an Attorney. Other than that, my adopted parents, gave me an interesting life, to say the least.

So, anyway, I realized I was not in a safe environment most of the time as a child ( leaving out many deleted paragraphs ) and I remember noticing some sort of mental fog compromising my intelligence, and my acute awareness of people’s motives as if I could read their minds. I also made a conscious effort to remember everything. Why? I practiced tracing back my childhood events, moments in my life in order to literally burn them into my memory so I could keep track of everything that happened either to me or around me. It was as if I was constantly trying to remember something terribly important. I would wake up in the morning and as if following someone’s instructions, start with the first thing I could remember with the last dream of the night and push myself to keep going back and back and back through the dream, asking myself, “and what happened before that and before that and before that,” until I was satisfied and remembered the entire sequence as far back as I needed. What does this have to do with Satanism, fallen cultures and the new Astrology? We’re trying to remember what happened to us, so we can get it back to the way it had been in one of those ages when it was beautiful. Think of your idiosyncrasies, your preferences and style..they come from somewhere, not just your upbringing. Yes, it could be genetic also, but why were you meant to be exposed to these things? It wasn’t a mistake. Saturn is the key as we shall see below.

So whether it was documenting events while awake, or remembering dream sequences in the early morning before school, It was mental memory practice as if hidden within them were clues for the day, or for my life that one day, like now, is all beginning to make sense.

With the trauma of strange events occurring around me plus the unusual environment I was surrounded with, I think I might have had the best of everything one might need in one’s upbringing in order to handle the truth. My father ( adopted of course) had the most eccentric hilarious and worldly men friends- his fishing buddies..It wasn’t until I told my girlfriend at 45 yrs old, about his planes, boats and islands in the San Juan that I never considered he might have had these things from not just being a really good mechanic. She laughed and told me I was naive. I had wonderful and beauty, the ocean and quality, a continuous exposure of cultural refinement, and then there was the dark side of people that would just simply be there, coming out of nowhere. That is where I learned about darkness and how to get away from it by a constant telegraph line from my heart to God to protect me, advise me, and “What do I do now?”

I am grateful I was never physically harmed throughout these unexpected situations which came upon me like a target practice, but trust me, many numerous close calls occurred which truly led me to believe at a young age in God and Angels, because there was no way so many numerous circumstances could oppose such a young child repeatedly throughout her years and yet still escape unharmed. At least physically unharmed. Something supernatural walked me through my escape plan each time I was found in one of these predicaments, and what is more strange, even at 3, 4, 5 years old, I was distinctly aware of this intercession I was receiving and when I arrived to safety, I thanked God for helping me. Breathing heavily saying to myself, “Whew, that was a close one!”

These circumstances could have motivated me in later years to solve puzzles and survive.

So, here’s the point: I am cluing in to the possibility we have been maturing and growing fast, waking up rapidly, and actually getting smarter, many of us, and we are now in a re-birth as a group. It is us that is defining how life should be, and I look at my history, and think, ” what the heck was that all about”? I am shedding this past and feeling I have another Self, you know what I mean? I have been exposed to mysteries within mysteries growing up, yet still would doubt myself that any of those things happened to me, if it weren’t for the witnesses.

Also, with what I have been forced to understand, (leaving out Epic details of events for the readers’ comfortability) yet have literally no one in my life as a child who believed me,mainly my mother I”m thinking about, only receiving criticism and humorous disbelief, I became extremely aware what was acceptable to talk about and what wasn’t, and so I find myself as some of you know, holding back a lot of information that comes to me. I notice patterns as many of you do. Yet how often do you feel comfortable sharing these observations without concern you could be labeled nuts? “ Chris where on earth do you come up with these things- how did you get such an unbelievable imagination?” My mom from earliest memories.

Why is it not okay to report what one considers a violation or wrong? Why are we doubted and crucified for aspiring to a beautiful and safe life, calling out situations that are deviant and demonic? Why are so many complacent and why doesn’t the media seem to care or all of us together have had enough of this mysterious dragged out nightmare we’re living in? Literally, I agree, sometimes the way to cope is to concentrate on wonderful intentions and filter out the bad stuff, create your own cocoon, or biosphere of happiness and success.

There were 12 important cycles involving variations of Mars in Sagittarius retrograde; Mars conjoin Saturn; Mars square Neptune in Pisces; Mars/Saturn in Sag oppose Mercury/Venus in Gemini; Mars square the nodes in Pisces/Virgo; Jupiter in Virgo square Mars in Sagittarius retro; Saturn square the nodes in Pisces/Virgo; Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces; Mercury in Virgo, conjoin Jupiter in Virgo square Mars in Sag; Solar Eclipse in Virgo conjoin Jupiter in Virgo,North Node in Virgo, conjoin Mercury retrograde in Virgo, square Saturn in Sagittarius; etc….Did I get all 12?  and culminating in the big one, November 2 and 3 of Transiting South Node conjoin Neptune in Pisces. As I will describe more later, these are mind, wisdom signs, media, communication, information and processing. The period between April 17 and November 2, was one long mentally exhausting information expose-fest, and it was also a test for us to keep up with it and discern the truth from the lies. At the end was/is the reward.

They all came and went throughout the summer of 2016 and I witnessed people, organizations, communities confronting hypocrisy and standing up for what they believed was right instead of the projected anti-culture they want to force us to accept. This backwards culture will never be right, it’s wrong and yet they want us to believe we’re off and they are sophisticated. Who are “they”? You know, Mr. Global as Ms. Fitz describes them.

me-photo (Ah…now I’m seeing the intention behind weaving my own memories in and out of the subject of America’s Dawn of a new Day. Because of my history, it’s not strange to me to think of the Earth in this manner, nor an awareness of a backwards culture. ) We have gone through a hard April through November, waking up and exercising our brain muscles to discern truth from deception and have the courage and the will to confront what’s wrong. Not only that, reports are that people are all worn out keeping up with one scandal after another. It’s all too much information and sorting it all out- which was exactly what this 12 staged planetary configuration of illumination of the mind, was about.  Especially, the witnessing of the media. Media, wisdom, mental alertness, discernment, ideal aspirations, truth versus deception, intelligent fact checking, reporting and research, using the mind as an instrument to attune one to the higher truths, these are all Gemini/Sagittarius/Pisces,Virgo.

There is a new cycle that symbolizes the dawning of a new day. It is in the chart of America. The 12 cycles which just ended, and the Saturn conjoin the U.S Conceptional Chart’s Ascendant is the beginning of this new cycle for all of us.

Our planet has a certain type of people living on it that don’t live like us. I’ve been trying to write this cautiously for the past 15 years or so, and it’s all coming out now, and more will come out. People won’t believe it and blow it off as speculative, but it’s true. I know it’s true, I saw it and felt it growing up. There is also a thin layer sometimes between this reality and another reality-dimensions of heaven and dimensions of where they all come from. Maybe they were all “cast out of some sort of “heaven” which is actually a realm, and cast into the earth”.   The Bible is a reporting or documentation of physical phenomenon.

Same as for example the Sumerian texts describing the destruction of their “Middle east/post Atlantean world” by their misuse of high tech weapons. After the total destruction of their technology, the despair that took over the people was so great, the ruler who was left with the mess stepped out and announced with a laurel in one hand and a weapons in the other, the great phoenix symbol present and with that great pyramid behind him, “Never again shall we destroy our lands with this kind of weapon. Let these symbols be forever our covenant between us and the people.” It is speculated in these Sumarian tablets, the Pyramid, below, contained one of these weapons which got out of control.   Hum…

one-dollarThe dawning of their new day, is the moment when they have finally achieved through one means or another, the ambitious project of restoring their ancient Mesopotamian Sumerian and ancient pre-Egyptian technology back again, claiming America as their new civilization. I believe right along side this agenda of theirs, is a higher blueprint as I’ve always said, meant to mirror a higher law onto our land. It is meant to be a divine land of love, progress, prosperity and freedom. This higher law or blueprint designed to bring about our own DAWN is happening now.

That is what the release of these 12 cycles of wisdom and clear seeing were for from April to November 2016. To increase our intelligence, become awake and discern truth from error. It was just a coincidence (maybe not?) it ended with the greatest explosion of awakening on November 2 just before the elections ( and of course the opening night of Dr. Strange, hah, boy influence.) The study of ancient wars and advanced technological machines from the past is shared by so many scholars. I have been studying this subject of the agenda of re-instituting the ancient destroyed civilization into the new world.

This is also what I have been alluding to, repeatedly in so many articles-that you, I, we have the real power. I know it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, but we do. It’s true. There are ways to experience it. One of the reasons I felt compelled to write the 12 Zodiac Reports for you all, under the Treasures Tab above, was to help us all remember who we are and how to navigate through harsh times.

We have the ability to create, and this race of the true deplorables, who harm life, do not have that ability to create originally. They imitate, mirror, repeat and need those with light to do their work, and they live off that light in so many ways which we will explore below. Remember, Saturn the planet of initiation and accountability, has just entered the 1st house, past the rising sign or Ascendant of the U.S. Chart and is now for two years increasing our desire to know who we are as a collective karmic group of people, and also, person by person.  It is the impetus to mature and take on more responsibility of change we desire and here’s the key: To know it’s possible!

They don’t want you to know that and they live off the light of the innocent on this planet because they have none.

The true Dawning of the Sun symbolism may have been what they’ve worshiped but it is our declaration of independence from the oppressors who keep creating drama, illusions, and eternal conflicts in order to continue milking our money and light. This is our new cycle as several cycles are now beginning to set in. But with the Saturn, it begins with us individual by individual discovering again who we really are. Who are you really? What are you? Where did you come from?      ( MUSICAL MOMENT TO INSPIRE THOUGHT) Where Am I From” Barrere/Exelan artists

Click Video for Music essene_lhpl1312

Remember when young, my comment about struggling to Think? I remember at 3, 4 and 5 daily observing “how is my mind working today, am I awake or in the fog?” I was aware of the fog. I don’t know what the fog is, but I thought everyone must be going through what I was going through, wanting to wake up out of the fog. I was aware it was something you fought off. One had a responsibility to fight it off. This is one of the greatest reasons I never liked drugs because they made the phased out disconnect even worse.

This cycle astrologically that I am leading up to is called Saturn cresting the Ascendant of the U.S. Conceptional Chart.

Remember, they were tests that affected all on the entire planet, you, me, almost everyone that have been paying attention. The initiations presented to us was an aggressive amount of information we had to digest. News, comments, debates, revelations,and explanations in the media we had to walk through up to November 2/3 2016. We walked through it in the news media, in the campaigns. The enlightenment period came after every confrontation with a lie, or a degenerate situation, or a deception, and the bravery it took to trust yourself in your decision and perceptions. It could have also been in your everyday situations.  The importance was to get you thinking and realizing you had to think really discern, not accept what you were being fed anymore. Don’t except excuses or ambiguous explanations or stories, trust your gut instincts, and realize you are changing and waking up from that fog thing that hasn’t wanted you to see patterns and repetition. It hasn’t wanted you to call out situations for what they are or face ourselves in what we need to change inside and out. I had to fight out of a bad dream in a way through my childhood, demanding answers and truth, when no one had any notion of explaining anything to me.

I became aware the first week of June 2016 of one particular Neptune transit peaking on November 2, 3, 2016 conjoining the transiting south node. It got my attention, for some reason, and would not leave me alone.

12 astrology cycles, one after the other forming intellectual media awakening configurations each one another revelation. They were distinct moments in time from April 17 2016, the moment Mars turned retro, to the moment Neptune in Pisces conjoined the South Node in Pisces beginning exact on Nov 2, 2016.

I wanted to write about it. I wanted to lay it all out and tell everyone loudly, “Look out, the most unbelievable pieces of information some true and some terribly false are about to hit the world, to come out in America and to either blow you away or mess with your minds, or reveal things you may have suspected all along and each lie, each event, each explosion, catastrophe or media presentation and situation that is dramatic, will carry a test of illusion or revelation and it will depend upon all of us to see right through each one successfully so that by the time we approach the end of October 2016, we will merit receiving the entire truth of everything. It was as if we were on a great initiation to challenge hidden information and not accept what was being told to all of us anymore, and demand a resurgence of transparency, and an explanation of why things have been the way they are. Make a list,the information has had an impact of corruption in every single area of society.

This great culmination of exposure of the truth would be like an awful wonderful manna from a higher plane and the splitting of the veils of deception from reality on November 2 2016.  Can we pass the test? Can we pass each step and get to the Grand Finale Nov 2 with the ultimate shift possible to occur? That was my question I voiced outloud throughout the summer. I don’t know, did we?

Do I need to remind what came out last week?

I saw in the astrology there would be a culmination of some form of grace or awareness we could all merit, where the world would never be the same again …the shift on November 2 that would change everything back to a new start and a new path individually and collectively where we had a chance at erasing away that other culture. Reminds me of another article I wrote, you know the Pirate article?

The Saturn began moving onto the Ascendant to transform our identity as a culture, to remember and define what we are really all about that made this country with the HIGHER BLUEPRINT so special. It began February 2016 and continued making it’s most intense intrusion of truth, what could be lost, what needs to happen and how we now need to learn about ourselves and our new desire to really make a difference. It’s no different from Saturn moving into your own rising Sign, 1st house, when you begin to go within and reflect on your own needs, your own purpose and where you could do better and what you have done right.

u-s-conceptional-bi-wheelThe impetus is to change self, improve and strengthen the self and its highest vision of what could be.

In Sagittarius it would indicate a theme of Morality, which is why I titled this article, “Satanism is Wrong” because there are some, who believe it’s a way of life. Pedophilia, satanic parties, rituals, etc…child trafficking. Link to article re: normalizing pedophila..

“We’ve already found a secret memo coming out of the Justice Department,” DeLay said. “They’re now going to go after 12 new perversions, things like bestiality, polygamy, having sex with little boys and making that legal. Not only that, but they have a whole list of strategies to go after the churches, the pastors, and any businesses that tries to assert their religious liberty. This is coming and it’s coming like a tidal wave.”  WHAT KIND OF BEINGS ARE THESE WHO WANT THIS? HAVE YOU EVER STOPPED TO ASK THIS QUESTION? I know who they are.

All summer I wanted to write about this, the 12 major Pisces Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius configurations is such a huge thing  happening but I didn’t know how to say it, and I watched as event after event on the news began parading in front of all of us, and more and more people began rising up and denouncing these things and tearing them apart. I watched as the truth began to emerge. I knew the end result will be the biggest event of awakening and change ever for all of us, and which if we do pass all these “exams” of trickery par excellence ahead of us, we will have earned or graduated into the mature candidate to take on upon our own shoulders, the offices of a different type of government of OUR DAWN OF THE RISING SUN. Our Dawn is our culture replacing the false culture of some insane agenda that is so old and was never our agenda in the first place. Satanism is not okay, pedophilia is not okay. There are those whose desire is to normalize it into society and make it NOT ILLEGAL. I can’t even believe it. Do you want to live on a planet where this is legal? I was one child who experienced the periphery of this dark world,  massively protected, but something had a bead on me to try to pull me into it. And it could not. Many didn’t make it.


A culture in the thousands, possibly millions who truly believe and are promoting pedophilia and satanic ritual is normal and healthy human behavior.

( Many have already been made known of this video, but here goes anyway)

satanism-partiesVideo on Satanic Parties

An excerpt from McGowan’s article, “The Pedophocracy,” is a report from Officer Sandi Gallant of the San Francisco Police Department sent out to her superiors…

“During my research, similarities began surfacing which indicate the strong probability that there exists a network of people in this country involved in the sexual abuse and possible homicides of young children.

“These cases appear to differ from isolated cases of abuse towards children in that the crimes mentioned here have been committed with one common goal in mind – that of mutilating and murdering children for ritualistic or sacrificial purposes.

“Many of the cases reported also reveal the possibility of child pornography beyond the normal type of ‘kiddie porn’ in that these children are photographed during rituals with some members in robes or other garb and candles, snakes, swords, altars and other types of ritualistic material being used.”


“…..I was subjected to Satanic Ritual Abuse as a child, and I was sexually abused by Satanists, both male and female. Both male and female Satanists believe that the perversion of human sexuality is essential to Satanism. Sex magic rituals evolve sexual abuse combined with drugs and often torture. Such rituals are believed to create magical power ___________________________________________________________________________ .  They often involve demonic possession. Satanists desire to destroy or pervert everything good which God has created. They cannot help but to want to destroy the beauty of natural human sexuality.  What the Illuminati wants is to drive all people into the kind of isolation which makes them into good slaves. They don’t want the type of loving interconnection which naturally healthy sex creates between two people. They don’t want individuals to have the support system of a family unit. The Illuminati is really just an continuation of trends which have gone on for thousands of years. The Illuminati was created to unify the aristocratic secret societies which had existed in Europe since the founding of Christianity. Those secret societies were continuations of the Mystery Schools which existed in ancient Greece and Rome.  ( I disagree, they were not all Dark and that is part of the confusion). Those Mystery Schools were disseminated from the religions of ancient Egypt, and Egypt was just one form of the Luciferian religions that go back to the Year of Light six thousand years ago. Some believe that Christianity is the oppos……..” Entire Article here

Here we go, sound familiar?   “…..It appears that the police inquiry concluded that the allegations were fabricated and that the children had probably been coached by Mr. Christie (the man heard in the videos). A witness statement by retired police constable K. Wilson, who apparently had access to parts of the police report, is generally critical of the overall investigation: …..” Article Here

Richard Hoagland’s lecture got me thinking about the possibility that “they” really are very consciously calculating the big “Dawning of the New Day” moment when they think they have recovered their world, in every way that appeals to their cultural tastes, including their desire for bizarre sexual obsessions with innocent people.

Which led to another pretty far out and pretty interesting researcher about this Dawn of the Sun thing. Place your cursor to the 1:40 point of the video, and just a few minutes of Jordan Maxwell should suffice...Video

This lecture was not about Obama, but about “ The Dawn of the New Day” and how this moment in America’s history is just what the elites have been working towards for thousands of years. I must have re-listened to the entire lecture four times and took notes.

One oddity I noticed with some people was the obsession with drawing pictures from tiny on up, of the Dawning Sun breaking behind a mountain range. And how many have told me they too use to draw a similar picture with their coveted Crayola Crayons at a young age. Have you?

Where am I going with all of this?

The Transit of Saturn Breaking through the Ascendant ( Rising Sign) of the U.S. Conceptional Chart)……The True Dawn of a New Day for America and the World, January 2016-2019, combined with these 12 astrological cycles I mentioned earlier, is all leading to a time of claiming your true powers with morality and vision, and never thinking in the old way again about self and what is being presented by the media.

Never will the world be the same again after 2015-2016. This epic moment in time is the moment people who care more about what is right and true, bring about a true awakening on this planet and dismantle what I would call a curse of some kind set ages ago, to establish some other kind of people’s culture that is not our culture. Do you know what I mean? Have you ever considered there is an actual pattern of a type of culture that has nothing to do with country or race or educational background or anything, but they seem to all agree what is acceptable and how the earth should roll?

You know, after watching Hoagland’s’ interpretation and observations of his 2011 election of Obama. I intuitively, was left with the possibility, the unbelievable possibility I might need to admit, from what I had been aware of since the late 70’s studying academic versions of translations of the Sumerian culture, etc..that it’s very possible, there has been some incredibly old civilization, culture of individuals who had a terrible war(s) inadvertently destroyed their ( our ) technology and advanced material culture, their desires and natures are not like the rest of us, and who have passed down their story, their economic models and banks,their rituals, history and goals, expectations and agendas to rebuild their demolished society again but this time, in what we now know as AMERICA. America was to be their base. It is like Ancient Egypt or Balbek and Mesopotamia come again. According to research, this war story has occurred more than once in our Earth’s history.

iraq-ancient-assyrian-carvings_1000x740And they had somehow the ability to track souls returning, knowing their roles in the ancient past and what role they wanted them to again re-enact in the future “Golden Age” civilization, which might explain the strange resemblance of the Egyptian King etching in Cairo to Barack Obama ( shown in Hoaglands’ video lecture). The agenda of re-creating  this culture again is something they were craving, yearning for once more and could explain the underground culture that is finally coming to light.   

For the Re-Creation of the Culture of the Divine Mother on Planet Earth, replacing the fallen Culture with

Light and Truth….

Affirmation: :

With all the love, wisdom and power of my heart, I call upon the Divine Beauty, Wisdom, Perfection of Love, Union of Twin Flames, the Pure Archetypes of Man and Woman and the highest potential of Man becoming Divine verses gods of another world and dimension of demonic nature, to quickly transform all darkness and that which is degrading with this Blueprint of the Highest Culture Possible mirroring the Heavens’ Blueprint that was envisioned from the beginning of our journey to this Magnificent Planet. I am calling for the Archangelic Beings, to seal and shield us and protect all that is evolved and merits the protection of these Divine beings, and the swift removal of the darkness that has infected every social activity upon earth and space. I accept this divine transformation and the bringing in of a New Dawn of Light, A new Culture of Liberation from war, degradation and sexually debase activities and the attempt of these lesser beings to impose their culture upon our own minds, forcing us to dumb down and accept it as the norm. I Am Now commanding and demanding the splitting of the lies mixed with partial truths, and the artificial world with the organic true world.  Mighty God Presence, I Am that I Am, release into our world the Mighty Rescue Mission of Light now and transform our world into what it was always meant to me, So Be It, Amen.”

































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