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I AM – The First House


The First House,  the Ascendant or Rising Sign.

This is where we discover your self image. By learning what sign is on your first house cusp you will understand the following:

I. Your Higher Self’s Consciousness works through this 1st house/Ascendant or Rising Sign area and describes what It wants you to incorporate into your personality. ( Yes, we all have a Higher Self, sort of like the Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio- he or she is your conscience and guide).

You can discover how your Higher Self is investing itself into your life, teaching you to operate in a new way, incorporating the highest qualities of your First House zodiac sign. When you master these qualities integrating within yourself, they will always help you manifest your Sun Sign fully, which is what we want to do.

For instance, the image above,  (of the chart wheel, ) shows the symbol Taurus the Bull on house #1. It looks like this:

You can see where the Blue Arrow is pointing towards the Taurus Symbol. That Symbol is on the 1st House. See the #1 inside the center of the circle? We would say this person has a Taurus Rising or Ascendant. This chart happens to have NO Planets in that house, but the Sign on that House plays a huge role. Go back and read about Taurus if you have that Symbol on your 1st house. ( Or whatever Sign sits there.) If you already have a natal Chart Wheel, you can see it on the left side of the wheel. If you don’t have a chart, you can make one, HERE  Erect Natal Chart…

The most important key is that it will show you what you are to incorporate into your self, Taurus learning to value yourself and the material physical monetary and functional mastery. There would be an inclination most of the time to not handle those things well, or be lacking in these qualities to some degree. So one would learn to become it.

  1. The 1st house describes what kind of body issues you have. The health of your body, your body’s shape, natural constitution, size, eating habits, what to stay away from which can be damaging to your body. It can show us your face type, and sometimes even brain condition. The 1st house, is where we find the head, brain, eyes, sinuses and ears. It can also describe the hair. My 2nd child had Moon conjoin Neptune on his 1st house cusp, He had magical hair on his head in his first 7 yrs of childhood. He came out with it.  Literally his hair appeared as spun gold and tons of it, jetting out all around him, perfectly straight gold threads.  ( I know that sounds, crazy, maybe I was a bit biased, but I had 3 other boys, this was unusual hair.) Neptune is magical,  Moon is round ( he had a round face) Sagittarius Rising ( on his first house ) fiery and positive, good will and happy…you can see a lot about how the person is going to behave by the sign on the 1st house, and the planets in there, if any, and their hair.
  1. It will tell us how you come across to others sometimes, and what to work on. Again, a Taurus Rising/Ascendant displays a slower methodical mindful behavior, slower, careful, loving and tender. There is usually a strong build and a tendency to be dense or eat dense food. The Thyroid Glad is the high focus and the body’s metabolism. Sugars, low or high complicated insulin regulation are issues. This person would be learning to develop a stronger sense of being valued and treasured, knowing their worth, what they are worth, including their salaries. The throat/voice can be strong or not strong at all. And of course, Money, the body, sensual things and feeling good in the body, with massage, etc…are really important for the Taurus Rising Person. ( Taurus on House #1)
  2. The early Childhood. What was going on around you that began imprinting you from 0 – 7 years of age? The 1st house shows us your early environment, your body and self image was exposed to. It reveals what had been imposed or imprinted upon you that re-enforced your personal disposition and the Lens with which you see through to the outer world all around you. Taurus would be “ I HAVE”, what’s mine, where’s my territory, why does my brother take MY TOYS? Why do my parents appear to value my sister more than me? Where are my mentors and why are they not here teaching me physical practical things in order to take care of myself, my body, my surroundings, money and my stuff?” Depending upon where the planet Venus wold be, and what is Venus doing in your chart if you have a Taurus rising, will tell us the message or story of what you experienced all the time in those first seven or so years. They will be all Taurus related, your value as a person, and how it is being outpictured around you with all your stuff, or lack of it.  Venus will help us discover more, because Venus is the planet connected to Taurus! What house is Venus in, What sign is it in, what other planets is it connected to? It’s sort of like a Scavenger Hunt, or detective work…layers upon laters…keep digging and you’ll come up with the story of each house, just like this.

So with the 1st house, we naturally express ourselves from the Sign on the Ascendant ( the 1st house cups sign). And! we are also given instructions from the Higher Self,  to help us evolved and grow smarter into our Sun Sign. Through developing stronger 1st house qualities…we reach our goals of becoming our Sun Sign and overcoming our Moon and other things. The 1st house is not only how we see our personal behavior, needs and role in life, but also inspires us to incorporate the highest best qualities of the Zodiac Sign found on that 1st house, in order to feel satisfied. When we obey the nature of the Sign on the First House, usually a sense of tremendous accomplishment, freedom and internal self esteem floods us. We are given greater power and freedom. The Body, the lens you view the world with, and early childhood conditioning, and self image development.  These are a few of the 1st houses’ descriptions.


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