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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus~ April 9 2017


“Artwork courtesy of and copyright by Daniel B. Holeman

Mercury Retrograde at 4° Taurus April 9 2017

Let’s journey into this particular point of time called April 1-9 Mercury retrograde when the atmosphere is ripe with inspiration, unique for each person. It can be felt two- three weeks before it turns retrograde on the 9th of April, and lasts a few weeks afterwards continuing to inspire and guide you in a new direction.

It’s at this time our Divine Source releases one thought which penetrates relentlessly into our mind as if it were something we needed to bring into our life, in order to evolve.

Look at your wheel of your Birth Chart (Create your natal chart here) .

Place Mercury at the point where you see a Taurus symbol  around the outer ring such as below: It could be in the exact house that has the Taurus symbol on the outer ring, or the house just before the Taurus symbol. It all depends upon the degree on the outer ring.  See below, the 10th house as 0* Taurus. You would place your Mercury retrograde right there in the 10th house. If the 10th house said 6° or bigger, you would place your Mercury retrograde just before the 10th house cusp, so it would actually fall into the 9th house.

Since Mercury will be turning retro at 4* Taurus, you will want to place your Mercury right at the very top of this wheel if it were yours, because as you can see, the Taurus symbol is exactly at the top on the 10th house, called the midheaven of this chart.  The symbol looks like this:  

 So here we go around the wheel placing the Mercury retrograde in each house.

March 20-April 16, peaking April 9 2017

Mercury Retro in Taurus in the 1st house

( See the 1st house, where you would find the 9:00 position on your clock on the wall- has the degree or numbers, 10 Aries…then go into the 1st house a little bit, and you can see the next glyph inside the 1st house, is the Sun at 12 Aries, then Uranus is next at 24 Aries. Go a bit further, and the next glyph, still inside the 1st house, is Mercury at 1 Taurus, you can see the Taurus the Bull glyph, the circle with the horns. Remember, this is a pretend Natal birth chart, not the actual Chart of the Mercury retrograde on the 9th of April. We’re just using this as an example of someone’s birth chart today.  You would want to imagine, or place, the April Mercury Retrograde’s position right after the Mercury glyph at 1° and now you have your April Mercury Retrograde in the correct position in this birth chart, in the 1st house. )

Mercury Retrograde in your 1st house

A message is dropped into your heart throughout this period to choose yourself, your worth, your time, money, and self respect You will want to protect and preserve these things now. You  might be struggling with what is the right thing to do, ethically. There could be a strong urge to take care of yourself because I suspect you have been giving so much to another for so long, you are learning to move into a more mature uncompromising mode, even though someone else might not understand, and even though there is something fun or creative that might be tempting you to break your promise to yourself to not compromise. You must choose you.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus in the 2nd house.


(See the Taurus symbol on the outer rim of the 2nd house and place your Mercury retrograde there.)

The 2nd house Mercury is about finding or discovering something of value. It could be activity surrounding your own business, taking some sort of power back with your own work, how you want to feel about bringing common sense and practical living back into your life, or in your money or work, claiming your ownership or worth over something that  otherwise made you feel compromised or devalued.

Money, personal possessions, value and worth of your things, the right to claim ownership over something, to earn what you deserve, or to buy something or ensure it is truly protected and you have it, is now high priority and the correct attitude to take. You are trying to build something and want to start right now with the first step, such as even starting a training or educational course.. in spite of what someone else would like you to do, and in spite of some activity that could be interesting but distracting…seems important or fun, but now you are sticking to your guns. Sometimes, it isn’t an actual material thing you want or are claiming as your own, but your own worth and value. You are realizing what you are worth, and possibly you are inspired to really value your life and all you desire to bring into manifestation, since the 2nd house is a material house, along with Mercury being in a material sign, Taurus. Aspects to my 2nd house have sometimes been about some physical accomplishment, but not usually. They have been about mastering and owning a subject, a skill or a process I had to figure out and engineer. The 2nd house is also about engineering and building. I am usually building something I want to have ownership over, or feel it is under my construction, my process. Maybe that is what you are discovering or being inspired to do now.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus in the 3rd house

The third house is all about the mind and your intellect. It is emphasizing communication, writing, expressing yourself. It could be a strong urge to write music, write an article or poetry, lyrics, paint or draw an artist masterpiece, or concentrate on editing a document or paperwork. With Mercury retrograde in Taurus in this third house, to be open to an inspiration regarding very practical decision you need to make for your own success or good, will be important. A decision would be the 3rd house. It can also be signing a paper, a document, selling something, having that important conversation with someone, or asking the key question from someone that will get you the answer you have been looking for. Taking an examination or writing an important paper, making plans, or communications with important people. Mastery in the mind is the key. If you are being prompted to speak to someone during this period, I would say to do it, in spite of the response you might get back, and in spite of what you know that person expects from you. This cycle is about owning and sticking with your value of thoughts, words, and voicing your facts.

 Mercury Retrograde in Taurus in the 4th house.

Concentration now upon something to do with a practical deep posture taken regarding valuing a family member, real estate, property, the family, valuing the home, a garden, a building or remodeling project, or valuing and inspiring you to move forward and go ahead with your inspiration to love something or someone that is like family.

Are you getting an urge to drop other distractions and put your full attention upon someone close to you who needs much comfort, money, security or a place to live? Placing top priority on these kind of personal domestic situations is a good idea. Also, the Taurus in the 4th house is also going to place much importance on the issue of security. Emotional security? Your feelings about a situation? Is it some sort of need or decision to put someone in a new place, such as an elderly person or a child? The priority would be safety, security, solid values, strong boundaries and ideal situations. Retirement decisions, savings and retirement funds can be part of this pressure of Mercury Retrograde. I just worked with a person who is retiring, and they are having a Mercury retrograde in Taurus now, right on their 4th house cusp. They called wondering if now was the time to put in for their retirement. After much deliberation with other astrological cycles they were receiving, I couldn’t deny, the Mercury Retro was pressuring the person to move forward and trust this was the right thing to do under their circumstances, and it was no mistake this astrology cycle would be trying to help advise them, inspire them, to make that Mercury Decision. ( The fourth house can rule also, our retirement.)

 Mercury Retrograde in the 5th house.

Look for the Taurus symbol on or in the 5th house and place Mercury there.

Children could be your priority, loving them, and choosing to put much energy into children or a child, their sports, education, drama, musical performance or well being. Hobbies, children of the heart, such as your own creations, your performance, your personal art or productions, projects are highlighted to focus upon. 

Sometimes it is an inspiration to have a party, important events celebrated, or a holiday, vacation to commit to. There is always a good reason Mercury would inspire you to do this.

Could it also be simply reflecting and deciding upon a higher quality of life, , anything that brings confidence, joy, a display of mastery and leadership, managing a situation, administering an activity, these would be some of the ideas which would inspire you during this period. Think about a thought which keeps coming to you, to motivate you to expand your joy, your quality of life, and your love. Think about your heart expanding and experiencing excitement and a break from the mundane…this is what Mercury could be pulling you into during this time, because you need it now. Taking a gamble,a risk, opening up your heart to love, giving love, expressing generosity and igniting happiness and re-assurance in another, would be an assignment from Mercury in the 5th. If Mercury retrograde is in a negative aspect to another planet in your chart, there will be some restrictions and lessons, but, never the less, this Mercury is saying to concentrate upon sharing your perspective, confidence and leadership towards a situation and another, because it is possible right now, without you, they might not make that next step.

Mercury retrograde in the 6th house.

Here we have the need to pay attention to your daily work environment, an employee, or project involving something dutiful. It’s time to listen to your intuition or person who cares, regarding your health, and be super practical about your body, your food, immune system, your daily routines and how to experience more energy, more power, more enthusiasm.  Massage, body work, exercise, Pilates, yoga, interest in taking herbs, changing diet or working with plants, are all perfect for this cycle for you.  Job and employment, perfecting or performing at a high level of competence at work, work skills, emphasizing details with your job are being inspired by Mercury to tackle something, take on something and bring it into a quality perfect piece of work.

Your bookkeeping, accounting and detailing, categorizing will take on a new feeling of ownership and pride, “I did a great job here!” There could be a feeling, a nagging voice that keeps telling you to go back up some data, re-do a financial analysis, or computer software or electronic machine upgrade or check….the point is listening, and to be on top of this now with the daily details of your every day life that keeps things running efficiently. Trust the impulse. Your body, work, and increasing your efficiency and mental positive attitude with your mind and quality of happiness could definitely be inspired to change. Do you need to make a decision in the area of your happiness with how you live every day? Do you feel motivated to get to the bottom of a routine and decide a new discipline or commitment is necessary, or you’ll never get anywhere? A new outlet, a new experience…something that needs to happen or you could go cuckoo??  Checking hormones with a professional clinic which specializes in Bio-identical hormones could be an answer for more internal satisfaction. Possibly thyroid issues and taking care of your personal body, home, diet, cleaning, wardrobe and mastering your daily routine.  Whatever your inspiration is during this period, it could come as a knowing, that ” I have to do this, or I’m just not going to get where I need to be with myself.”

Mercury retrograde in the 7th house.

Love, very close friendship and marriage, or partner-professional or personal commitment is all on your mind now.The most inspiring beautiful love for another, is needed now, in spite of your own needs, preferences, laziness, indulgence or restlessness or need for independence or freedom. Now is the time to yield to the needs, the messages or the world of another. Harmony, peace, love towards others is the key, and allowing yourself to enjoy the company of others! If you are a teacher, consultant, adviser giving practical advice, help towards others, it is practical and seriously tried and true, regardless of how that person would respond, what they might not like or how much changing that person might have to make in order to perfect and bring back quality into their own life, decisions, money, project etc…  You are having the confidence and experience to let them know what you think would and would not work.

It is also maybe, time for you to have fun and be in that beautiful place of simply sharing with those you value. Valuing your relationships, valuing and treasuring the innate worth within another is a good thing. Having admiration for others will only bless you in the long run.

Are you being highly directed now, to take a pragmatic look at someone in your life, and realize they are in a situation that would require from you, a sacrifice to be there for them in a very helpful practical down to earth way such as serving them, making something for them, cleaning their home, picking up groceries or just being their support?

Committing to something with others you love to spend time with will be part of this during this period. Advising others with something you know very well, that is of great value now, all these are important for you now and to trust it is the right thing to do. Make the effort to help another.

Mercury retrograde in the 8th house.

Being inspired to take care of some sort of problem with anothers’ money, feelings, needs, dangers, insurance issues, financial needs, someone’s health, their feelings or problems, or possibly what they want passionately versus what others feel is important will be highlighted. Realizing that no matter what the pickle your own life is in, or how you feel, this isn’t the time to block someone who is important to you. They actually are still needing your love and attention, your stability, your commitment and your solidness. They need this because they are actually possibly weaker than you are at this time. The 8th house will most likely require a sacrifice.

This cycle is not easy as it could magnify complex issues involving others where all persons need to cooperate, utilize all their resources harmoniously and bring something out of it that is better than before. Personally, investigating something deep and mysterious as if solving a puzzle will be required, and! deciding to let go of something, some bad habit, some sort of attachment to something, forever. 

This part is very important. Mercury is pressuring you to give something up, before it destroys some part of your beautiful life.

Being inspired to investigate, read or research a subject that is like going down the rabbit hole of information you had no idea where it would lead you, could be part of this path in April, however, your mind or ideas won’t ever be the same again.

Try to mature this April, realizing that yes, people have not been there for you, and there have been breaches of trust, and yes, humans are terribly imperfect and it isn’t fair, however, you must make it in this life. You must accept this fact, and still behave and experience your deepest emotions maturely and with a strong commitment to transform your needs and be more realistic in what you expect from others.

Issues of intimacy and trust with others are important to discover, how much you truly deeply need good friends and love, and how much innocence you had in the past, not realizing people really were not superman or superwoman. They had their own fragileness and even though they acted on the outer as some amazingly bold confident person, inside you have no idea what they felt like, day in and day out about all their issues and things at hand.

At this time you are searching for stability, so Mercury could bring you to the place of one person who is giving you that strength so you might be in the care of another who is reminding you of your worth, in a very huge way now. I would trust what they are telling you, in spite of your restlessness and other contrary desires and impulses. Allow yourself to let all that go, and just be practical now, and let it go.

 Mercury retrograde in the 9th house.

Are you craving some kind of out of the ordinary expansive experience, journey, adventure or challenge?  Are you being deeply inspired to dive into a subject that takes you into a religious, spiritual or cosmic heart/soul experience? Does it require meditation, ritual, ceremony or regular daily devotions? Are you sensing that all that matters right now, is something that can not be touched or possessed materially, but experienced within your inner world?  Is it something non-physical but valued and owned because you have earned it spiritually or in your soul consciousness somehow? The desire to explore, be free, gain mastery, overcome fears, overcome limited perception,overcome a tendency to judge is super powerful here. An inspiration to recharge your faith and belief in your abilities, in your natural organic spirit that knows it can accomplish a thing that will set you free, is what you are concentrating upon now. Mercury is helping you define it. You could receive almost a prophetic message of when, how and with whom.  Have you depended too much upon the physical world and now desire to go higher?

There might be an inspiration regarding commitments to a spiritual discipline or how to increase this discipline. Do you need to be more free, free up time, spend less, decide to move towards minimalism, less is more, budget or value things in your world so much, you don’t need anything else, because you are full. Travel, journeys, expansion of ideas, lectures, seminars, teaching, workshops, these are all part of the inspiration to acquire higher lessons into oneself. Mercury retrograde in Taurus is pushing you to embrace a depth of inner gold inside your infinite cosmos through a steady patient practice.

Mercury retrograde in the 10th house.

Your reputation, how people see you and what are your parental and/or professional responsibilities are, will be inspired with a conviction and super pragmatic formula all laid out to achieve. You might have taken on a person, client or project that you have been inspired to commit to, regardless of others’ advice not to, and regardless of the work involved. You are prompted to care about this and make it your priority no matter what else is going on that might tempt you to be more causal or throw your cares to the wind, Have you ever talked yourself into having a positive attitude and everything will work out if you want to skip school, don’t go to work, blow off a project, or skip out on some other responsibility wanting to believe it will be okay? If you have ever struggled with this type of conflict, this Mercury retrograde is pressuring you to move up higher and close your eyes, put your nose to the grindstone as we say and simply do the job. I would choose taking the posture of holding down the fort and being there to be in a process of bringing greater worth and value to an activity, a subject, a project you are in charge of, or simply by being super responsible because people are depending upon you now. This will increase your personal happiness, accomplish so much, bring relief to another, and help you grow. Integrity and positive ambition now, is a good thing.

 Mercury retrograde in the 11th house.

Here is an interesting challenge, because it is emphasizing the need for you to not only lock down plans for a very important future event, but also, to not compromise in your values, your deep inner instincts of how it should turn out, what you value about this event, and how you desire to keep it as genuine, pure and organically healthy as possible now.  You will want to own the decisions of having important events you care very much about happen in the very best way possible. It’s your life, your future, and most likely the future of others resting in your hands as you make these important decisions. Don’t be stressed about inconveniencing anyone right now. Trust your Divine Source, God, Angels to take care of these situations you are trying to foresee into the future and desire to come out beautifully. Trust that even if things are suddenly a bit chaotic at the last minute, it’s okay because you have been so practical, thorough, and checked every detail, if anything weird happens, I’m sure you and everyone else will have a perfect backup plan and it will still be a success! Value your unique amazing unconventional approach. Value others and what they bring to you now. It’s an exciting time for you. Trust the process of planning a future event and all it entails. This is what you have been inspired to do for the past three weeks I am thinking.

Mercury retrograde in the 12th house.

Mystical leanings, therapeutic work with another,  retreating into self, praying, healing, devotions, working on one’s own dreams, subconscious patterns, noticing patterns and deciding to keep the ones that are of value and empower you, and shifting the ones that are destructive. Time to get strong, real, believe in yourself and your absolutely beautiful value and worth.

There might be hospital visits, clinical tests, or blood tests to uncover a weakness somewhere in the body, or it might be that Mercury is showing you a weakness within your own mind or behavior somewhere you never saw like this before.

You have power and love, worth and value, you just need more reminders possibly than others do, because your Taurus is in the 12th. Catch yourself sabotaging your worth by indulging in things that could devalue you in the long run, and put limits upon those activities now. It’s time to make decisions that will help you later, maintain your own dignity. Try not to excuse them away but ask for strength and help from professional experts to overcome these things and remember! value yourself in spite of your trivial handicaps. Everyone has something they are suffering with. You might discover you have been grieving for a really long time, longer than just recent events merit. But for years over something that never went right. Love yourself and be around those who can rescue and soothe the pain. You are coming out of a dream that has been rough and part of you hasn’t been all here. This is how you coped. Come out of the dream now, and begin the new life by deciding who you want to be, and live it. You will be fine.

I hope you enjoyed the Mercury through the 12 Houses. I might finish part two soon, as it was actually the original article, but Mercury * or something, inspired me to be practical Taurus for everyone this time, and lay it out straight and common sense like. So, I changed the paradigm at the very very last minute, totally unexpected. Thanks for all your love, and enjoy your inspiring time now to re-align yourself with a new vision.



















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