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The Sun-To Capture the Light and Power of Your Presence


Your Sun is the most important ” Planet ” in your birth chart. It is tied to the activity of YOUR WILL, versus THE HIGHER WILL. Yes, they are two different activities. The Sun was in a particular sign when you were born, so its lightrays and power pours through the nature of that sign continuosly. It is your maturity, mastery or lack of it, which describes how you express your Sun sign every day. Just because you are this or that Sun Sign does not mean you will express the lower traits of a Scorpio’s jaded and manipulative qualities, or a Taurus’s stubborn and materialistic nature. Our goal is to strive for being the best of our Sun Sign as possible. Many people don’t even care. But when you wake up and find yourself outside the matrix in your consciousness, these things become important to you on your new path.

The Sun is the POWER OF LOVE, and has an heirarchy, a living temple within the higher dimensions within the Sun known as Helios and Vesta. Their Presence is immense in nature, and represent a stepdown frequency of God for all within this solar system.

Just as the Sun is the Heart Chakra of the Solar System, your Sun Sign and where it rests within your birth chart, is the Heart Chakra of your Astrological Chart. It is the core, to source and access point to your Presence. It is your Power.

The Sun is to represent your Divine Higher Presence, infinite warmth, life, power, the creative force within every person. It is representing the essence of your assignment within your human life, and this Divine Presence, continuously releases life giving heartbeats, electricity, and energy all in the form of the qualities of the Sun Sign you were born under. This Presence desires for YOU to express yourself in the most successful and perfect ways of that Sun Sign, displaying its best qualities.

The Sun rules the heart, and the heart chakra. Inside the heart chakra is a magical world. There is a fire inside here, and a secret chamber, that allows one who is masterful and innocent, to enter and commune with higher dimensions. This is all occurring within the heart. The Sun is the planet which governs over the Sign of Leo. It is the sign of royalty, and its highest noblest quality is love, confidence and the Will. So that quality of the Sun we see so powerfully expressed in some Leos, is suppose to pour through your own Sun sign. Your Sun Sign will then color the qualities of that power with it’s own virtues.

Back to the heart: Here is where we connect with the inner man of the heart having access to the first cause, the I Am Presence, which holds not only the blueprint of your soul in each incarnation, and ultimate the divine purpose of its Grand Journey, but also a continuous downpouring of electricity, energy, radiance and power that you are able to use according to your consciousness. The goal for someone on the path, is to unify their human will with the divine will, ultimately stepping aside and yielding to the Christ Will to take over the world of the person. Hence the symbol of the Sun. This sounds scary, but you actually become and feel more alive, more real, more in command of your world, because now you are in relationship with the Higher Power of Infinite Perfection, Love, Truth, Everything and only when you are in that world, can you understand the old self was using the human will and its needs and desires to survive. There is a difference.

To achieve the ultimate Power of the Sun, is to practice some form of introspection, humility and regular conscious yielding to God, to the Spirit of Perfect Wisdom and Love. To yield to this is the goal, and allow This Power to take over your day, your life and choices.

By learning about what Sun Sign you were born under, helps to know how it is going to express itself in this world. There is a reason your Higher Self is projecting this part of Himself into the Sign chosen. There is a mastery, experience, and power that is necessary to truly make permenent in the higher realms within that sign, and as you gain perfection in that zodiac sign, your Diviene Presence is able to utilize this mastery in the heaven world for causes we can only imagine. It is as if, you are employed, or the servant of this Higher Power, and as you cooperate with this Sun, you receive incredible benefits! The Boss has an agenda we do not always understand, but because we are employed, we trust that if we do our part, He/she will gain, and everyone Progresses!

The power of your sun sign is shown to you every waking moment. Your creations are coming from the energy released
from your own Sun Sign. To learn more about your own
Power within your Sun and the astrological cycles impacting it you can find more information under ZODIAC SIGNS, and for a bit more about the Sun’s purpose in your life, venture Here.


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