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TIMELINES Part IV – Saturn and Your Future 2017-2020


SATURN ~ From Sagittarius to Capricorn

Saturn in Sagittarius, which began on December 25, 2014, gave us tests with our boundaries with others, boundaries in our own behavior, learning how to be more authentic, morally aligned, honest, possess greater integrity, how to handle others who do not have these qualities and where boundaries really do become important in order to honor your own needs.   Saturn in Sagittarius ….it inspires us to raise our standard… become far sighted…it rules the understanding of the .psychology of others’ realities and how foreign they might seem compared to our own view of the world.  Tests of morality, religious concepts, meanings behind religious and philosophical purpose and motives, the numerous perspectives and realities each person shares over one idea or concept….and what is actually the bottom line to value or believe in. It emphasized the concept of belief and of God.  Saturn in Sagittarius rules the discovery of belief systems within your own head, and of course out in the world…powerful paradigms that are the root motive  behind what manifests in our outer world. what you believe to be true and then reality is built all around these things. Saturn can also challenge you and those things to alter your perspective and beliefs which inevitably enhances your life in so many ways.

In business, Saturn in Sag, initiated many into a more expansive marketing and promotion cycle. These concepts are necessary for personal, business and global evolving. Saturn moves through a zodiac sign once in 29 years.


Saturn changes from the Sign of Sagittarius to Capricorn.

  • Saturn enters Capricorn December 19, 2017 to – March 21, 2020
  • Saturn is the planet that rules the sign of Capricorn, so it is in its natural sign in Capricorn. Because of this, there will be a strong theme  to lay down a new blueprint, a structure, order.

It’s qualities are ambition, governing, status, authority, the use of your power, following the rules, President’s, power in government and pushing oneself to become organized and more functional than before.

( The previous cycle of Saturn in Sagittarius, 2014-2017, did not care about these things at all! It’s job was increasing the awareness of memes, narratives, concepts, belief systems, religion, morality, judgments of right and wrong, black and white, and calling out unethical immoral issues and hypocritical situations, people and attitudes.)

The Saturn beginning January 2018 in Capricorn increases the natural desire for power and reaching goals by formulating methodical strategies, putting all the pieces on the chessboard in order, and it governs working hard, following a formula and loving to work hard to reach an important goal. It rules your place in the world, your career or service.

This period of December 19, 2017 shifts the tests and aspirations from a more spiritual theme, Saturn in Sagittarius, to a more concrete structural and political authority and rigid theme. – this is when laws, rules are set , bills passed, ideas presented become concrete policies. …it can put a high focus upon Increase business, wealth, raising our status in the world politically, militarily, economically. It earns respect. Capricorn feels success has to be earned — proving oneself to have the right to be in charge. We put Capricorn on the 12:00 area of the clock, governed by the Blue Ray, Archangel Michael, and a few other power divine beings. ( Each Zodiac Sign actually matches up with not only a planet, but also one line of the clock, which will come in another session)

Saturn will conjoin Pluto December 25, 2018 – January 15, 2020


This is the date I suspect could upset global elites, or deep state darker power mongering groups, organizations, factions on the planet…this Saturn has desire to set in particular laws, technology, But could also instigate perversions of that Power through the drama through violence, increase organized terrorism, crackdown on rigid laws, ruthless actions, can increase a misuse of power through geo weather fire earth water engineering crisis for a dark larger agenda kicked into high gear at this time for two years.

People misusing this cycle 2018- January 2020 could try to override our basic physical economic and social freedoms and liberties, to completely lock in their control over the public out of their own need to amalgamate more real estate, money, power, control, etc….and they thinking it is out of necessity.

It must be controlled and guided by your own Higher Moral compass, checking these power decision for the highest good of the people.

Establishing new law, tax reform, finalizing of economic policies… the matrix that is set will have ar reaching, unilaterally agreed upon matrix to follow for many years.

In January 2020, .Pluto conjoin Saturn will occur, and it is a colder Saturn than what we have been used to. It cracks down, in a global elite force, to lay down a new matrix that is now the new rules…can.restricts movement and has serious inflexible boundaries expected to be obeyed. In a positive way, it would be government economic policies, insurance policies implemented universally, brought into the physical world of everyone. Pluto rules government and large scope activities which impact many more people than your immediate circle, such as new tax laws now in full force.

So as we wrap up this cycle of Saturn in Sagittarius, you can see how the conversation of morality, higher social concepts and beliefs, rights and wrongs about individual interpretations and perspectives were so necessary from 2015, 2016 and 2017. It checkmates any future misuse of power with selfish motives.  However, in a drastically fanatical and narcissistic pattern, this new  power – rules cycle, January 2018-2020 could motivate people to now legally demand to be taken so seriously…declaring anything is racist, unjust, unfair and politically incorrect.  So, Saturn conjoin Pluto is a karmically binding moment in time, like an inevitable moment everyone new was cmoing.. beginning January 2019 peaking the strongest on January 2020, and will be the most noticeable in governments and their cement new policies in place.  Be observant for these large agencies displaying an even worse attitude of entitlement of control and also taking advantage of the social weaknesses as an excuse to exercise more power and control. Saturn in Capricorn can.display a tendency to be petty and misuse authority and the law simply for the sake of self preservation of themselves, their agency, their group, their organization, corporation, banking agency etc..etc…at any cost or price at the expense of the people. These issues will be prominent themes in the world.

Saturn in Capricorn Trine Uranus in Taurus — Date: April/May 2019 – January 2020

Here is a harmonious combination of power structure and conformity with the innovative, liberal or more individualized nonconformist person or ideas creating radical solutions, more freedom, autonomy, abundance, financial fairness and growth, economic innovative abundance. Stabilizes business, finance, creates a more functional way of life because now Saturn is in an Earth Sign, and Uranus is in an Earth Sign, which deals with all things material. Think of everything material that you consider of great value, and don’t want to live without, or it wouldn’t feel good!

More about Saturn in Capricornbusiness, legal issues, business expansion and stability, personal maturity,self discipline and responsibility, grounded functionality, real estate, time for conservative growth and individuality and progress, stabilizing the new life, the new routine, the new environment or the new way…..trine Uranus in Taurus…

More about Uranus in Taurus  –  All things Uranian—technology, internet, intelligent home/car items become integrated into the public’s lives, solar, innovative energy systems, Saturn in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus—economic structure of some kind put into place, electronic money, currencies, security with economy, business growth.…a new blueprint becoming the common practice of use for the world.

Can you see how important the continual prayers, intentions, meditations, contemplation and affirmations are to guide and steer the world into a safe, innovative and stable transition from the old matrix into the new and improved version of the world’s material functions ?

It is so crucial to consider this so that we are bending the river of consciousness, not the Watchers, the Nephilim, and Serpents? This is why they desire to get rid of you, distract you, strip your soul of its essence, and capture it and toss you to the curb, because you actually are more powerful in guiding the consciousness of this planet than they are. They do not have access to the power source of God, where all things are created and transformed…they are mechanical and need to use you to get their jobs done. They have no light of their own, and they ARE vampires.

They depend on all things abominable to God, to survive…they depend upon mechanics and technology, you have your own mini-nuclear reactor right there within your soul’s connection to your ThreeFold Flame in your heart in another dimension inside your body, all the way to your God Presence. At all times. All you have to do is flip the switch.

Saturn in Capricorn conjoin South Node and sextile Neptune in PIsces

Positive negotiations meetings, harmonious sharing and exchange of ideas, support and cooperation between governments, communities, preserving what’s worked and is of value from the past- unified perspective on important issues…typically positive and humanitarian preservation for the population. Spiritual and psychological optimism, hopefulness, introducing the blending of spiritual ideals with the material and functional. Below the dates are the exact moments it will be the strongest.

Jan 31, 2019,   June 1-20, 2019,    Oct 20-Nov 14, 2019


(Could Saturn as law, officially recognized Neptunian forms of money, ( such as ethereal money, become a widely acceptable form of exchange during these dates?)

(Saturn in Capricorn conjoin South Node) This cycle specifically on these dates, tight financially and psychologically….even though these dates run through the same dates of the other transits which are positive, be a bit prepared during these dates for a tight budget, a slow down in the peaks below, or some form of extra conservative decisions.


May 1-20, 2019;   June 15-28, 2019;   Sept 10-25, 2019

The Beauty of Saturn in Capricorn, is that you will have access to more power, structure, order and coming into a greater alignment with your vision for yourself and future, for your life, your spiritual expectations and self discipline. It will be fun. Work hard!

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    Very insightful, thank you.


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