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Venus-March 4 2017 Action of the Purge


Venus Retrograde 13° Aries – March 4 2017  8:38 am


ind jonesThe Retrograde cycle of the beautiful Venus cycle causes love to increase for a more meaningful life.  But during this particular time of earth, a unique action must take place in order to make it happen.  This Venus has two actions, the release of intense love and simultaneously the disruption and then surfacing of what is long overdue to be exposed and eliminated forever.

This certain Venus Retrograde in Aries releases a deeper power of love than we are used to. It will stir up our own subconscious problems that are still left inside our hidden world to be corrected, or in some cases, bringing out and magnifying our repressed talents and good karma that has been shoved in our closet for one reason or another.

This Venus can stir up confusion and hatred against what is really right and wrong, true or lie within the public, causing mental scrambling,, confrontation and aggression, misinformation and extreme acts of war manipulated by a unique kind of people directing the masses to an outer enemy here and now there, but never where it really is.

So the positive and the challenging could become more extreme simultaneously, but not all will experience both at the same time, but one could experience one reaction or another. It must come out in order to Purge.

This Venus also has an incredible ability to intensify the will to overcome and increase one’s will to conquer and achieve what your objective will be for your goals in 2017.

As this Venus moves closer to the point of turning retrograde, March 4 2017, the intensity of this love increases, and this purge.

Watch how situations in the world seem to unravel as things are exposed and separated out. Venus cuts through the piles of mess and separates the light and the dark quickly and swiftly, so quickly, you’ll see one day certain people and activities were there doing what they always have done, and the next, where did they go? But for the most part it comes to bring us to the next inevitable step in our lives in order to win all the way…it comes to liberate you and motivate you, to bring you absolute truth, transparency. It comes to love you and infuse you with courage, accountability, self reflection and increase your will to cut through and infuse you with the fire of Aries. It is changing the activities of economy, politics, news, government even at this moment.

lady of the lakeWe are in a posture of war, a war of ideas, information, and independence of the mind and soul from the darkness of programming and control which degrades our lives.  A massive tension is building which will lead to shocking public information regarding organizations, judicial activities, financial and public figures and their history harming the world and innocent people and children. An almost uncontrollable tension is stepping up regarding the interpretation of social, economic and human standards and preferences of lifestyle, and this is when we need Venus’ the most. It is this particular kind of love that brings an intelligent cutting away and eliminating what needs to change. Who decides this? I have always felt since I first began working in astrology at 13, a Divine Universal Presence of perfection and love can work through the movement of the stars and planets just as these same planets and stars expose  dark movements of fallen stars acting out on earth.

At this time beginning as early as February 20-April 30, peaking March 4, It is as if Venus has had enough of a certain attitude or culture that has most recently been exposed as the root of much horror,  confusion and loss. People have been putting up with so much compromise until there is almost nothing left of what was once real.

We have all been brave, held a stiff upper lip as they say it…trusting that if we could just hold on and keep moving, somehow somewhere it would shift. As the vibrations of earth go up, and our souls become more and more awake on earth, so does the suffocating blackness increase as it is being flushed out, covering over our emotions. It tries to blanket everyone with a meaningless and hopeless life, shutting up our spiritual centers to the point where it is even difficult to access the higher realms to bring that momentary communication and relief between our minds and hearts, and the clarity of heaven.

Venus not only releases the matrix to transmit power to you, but says “Engage, pray, affirm your commands and strategies to cut through, find the buried will power, it’s still there, find it again to demand this connection of power and love to be established.”

Know that so much good has happened in spite of the mass confusion and it has been so important to participate in the stepping up of intelligent researching, questioning and calling out those who are twisted, covering up and withholding accuracy of events… we have come far in a year. The serpent mind is becoming more obvious, and it isn’t use to so many millions discovering its patterns and actually having the nerve to challenge it.

Venus comes to raise up the a more effective and higher path by clearing away the fog and directing each person’s mind to one particular answer, right now.

Pay attention to who or what is trying to shed a brilliant light of love onto something that could make the difference in not only your world but also the global arena. It will be the golden pebble dropped into the pond and the ripples go out powerfully changing attitudes.

ripples 2.It’s purpose is to bring a  beauty, security and increase worth to our worlds. The wonders of what could be, as it simultaneously separates out what must change. Its action in the sign of Aries, is bold, swift and exact.

Watch how this Venus begins to separate out the shadows in business and personal relationships, communities and groups, committees and partnerships, re-examining bravely what is no longer working. In esoteric literature, Earth has always meant to be a sister planet of Venus, emulating its higher civilizations, science, medicine, engineering, beauty, literature, music and art, efficiency and intelligence

No one is overlooked with this Venus influence now. It is an action of love coming to our rescue.

Mark the dates February 27- March 4, 2017 as the beginning of an important period of bravery and change. This is PHASE ONE of Venus and continues all the way through March 31, when it moves into the sign of Pisces.

Saboteurs of love will be brought out into the open. Accountability of very dark corrupt deeds socially and financially will begin faster than anyone was prepared for, because of this Venus in Aries. Aries acts lightening quick.

It will expose an unbelievable multi-layers of corruption all over the world in places the public would only read about in a Tom Clancy Novel and it is beginning right now, as this article is being written.

Venus desires a more evolved planet Earth and will go where it goes. The highest places in the land will reveal an exposure of horrible corruption and betrayal of the people. It all networks back to only a few sources, agencies, departments and organizations. The information will be so clearly verifiable, there is no way to dispute that these activities really happened, Venus in Aries is similarly compared to a God or Goddess dressed in full battle armour declaring war,charging swiftly against darkness.  The sewer and the astral plane is about to be judged and dragged out for accountability, so it would be wise to decide what side one should be on at this point, because it is only a few weeks, if not days away from the charge.

entwined visions1

Did you know the Sign Aries represents the hero, the knight, and the Higher Self within each person on earth? Venus retrograde’s agenda is also to intensify that other dimensional Presence of Perfection, Wisdom, Power and Enlightenment your Higher Self is, and integrate powerfully into your body now. Some have never considered such a concept but yes, you do have a thread of contact to the great Divine Perfect Love who has touched this Earth time and time again to separate the dark from the light, leaving an eternal example of the higher path in so many ways through many individuals who have come here.

The Serpent is being cut. Our foot is on its head. It is a beginning point, March 4, of the process.

Mary and Christ Step on Serpent

As above, so below, truly means, as above in the higher forms of the etheric plane, so below, transforming the astral plane all the way to the dredges of the physical level into light. It is a figure 8 flowing back and forth until true love is realized in all things.

Venus releases a love instigating a posture in all of us to take the risk to be unpopular. Think about how automatic it is within to NOT want to be unpopular.

Aries is black or white, it is a no nonsense action. Other planetary movements sort out the rest, mediate, resolve and bring order, but for now, this the first concept of Venus Retrograde I wanted to share with you.    ….to be continued.

PHASE TWO ( uploaded shortly)


Love Separates Dark from the Light, bringing resolution from confusion.

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