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Global Trends 2018 May


The War in Heaven and on Earth ~Global Astrology Cycles May 1 2018
At A Glance….

Electromagnetic Interference 
It’s all around us and affects us  more than we may think. We need to educate ourselves and shield.
Mercury Retrograde
Inspired to focus on the energies of the Heart, Maturity, Commitment, Love. Set your intention to solve problems quickly and expediently, free of fear or impatience   July 2018
Mars conjoining U.S. Pluto May and August  2018
Aggressive precursor to 2021 Pluto conjoin U.S. Pluto. Economic challenges with significant and unconventional global changes.
Can we have our $40 Trillion Dollars Back
Expect sudden financial disruptions throughout the Summer
Jupiter trine Neptune 
Love is the greatest energy from Heaven and the key to our Victory. Love, Helpfulness, Gratitude~ May and August 2018
Jupiter sextile Pluto
Cooperation, successful arrangements, meetings and negotiations –  September 2018
Pluto conjoin South Node
The death and end of some form of the old monetary system. Its best to prepare now – January 2019
Mars is now entering Aquarius
The opening of the veil to the original War in Heaven. This dark occult energy shows up in random acts of violence and military show of power.Increase of physical problems, heart, electrical, circulatory. This energy needs to be challenged. Time for Soul liberation from all that binds us.  May-September 2018
Mars retro conjoin Lunar Eclipse
Be extra careful this week and listen to your intuition. – July 27 2018
The Pluto Return in U.S. Chart
A tidal wave of awakening moves through the country and the world. People can no longer tolerate false narratives, ridiculous policies and all the evil that hides behind them.  Cosmic Revolution ~ it’s starting now, culminates in 2021.
Transit of Saturn in U.S. Chart 2018  
The responsibility to call out those selfish, self serving. Truth must be spoken NOW.
Israel and Iran


For years I felt the time was approaching soon when we would be asked to handle the kind of intensity in the world we are now seeing and stay sane. Well, it’s here, we are now living in it. There are a few astrology cycles I wanted to cover but first, a bit of a rant.

The War in Heaven, ( Space ) and on Earth, has been activated. This is the reason we are on edge, many feel impatient for change, and want to do something, but don’t know where to turn. The fallen angels would love to re-enact this original war for the last time and have their agenda realized. It isn’t going to happen. Nothing but the opposite is going to happen, and Hope is more than delusional thinking now, it is a necessary and crucial experience that can be embraced once again.
This article, to me, seemed like so many I’ve written before, because we’re covering similar subjects and yet it there is a new twist. Whether it appears to be so or not, the twist is, we’re winning. It isn’t just about physical outpicturing of progress seen in the news, it’s a consciousness of brilliance, original thinking and love that is increasing. There are so many activities that are moving into play on planet earth, and we need to adjust and keep going up. Don’t give up now, it’s happening. As you will see below, the few that remain who have control over machines and psychic instruments, project depression and anti-hope onto the masses so easily, but it isn’t real. We need to adjust and stay on top of the heaviness. Examples, for instance are the AI, 5G and electromagnetic interference to our brains and nervous systems, and all the competing forces spiritually and politically vying for control of the planet, along with good people becoming more educated and capable of comprehending greater knowledge; we’re in the nexus of a crossroads of multi- forces bombarding our senses, and all competing for planet earths’ light, resources. We’re at a crossroads in time unlike any other. This period of time is as if we’re being expected to be gods.

Electromagnetic Interference

  1. 5G ~ Like it or not, increased public access to instant information/communication everywhere on the globe and in space is here, in addition to all the other conveniences it provides. Here is a danger list of 5G which is one of the reasons we could be scrambled. Protect your body, brain, heart, nervous system and stamina. Eat better.

“Thousands of studies link low-level wireless radio frequency radiation exposures to a long list of adverse biological effects, including:

  • DNA single and double strand breaks
  • oxidative damage
  • disruption of cell metabolism
  • increased blood brain barrier permeability
  • melatonin reduction
  • disruption to brain glucose metabolism
  • generation of stress proteins “


Solutions I’m doing to shield myself from these electro frequencies are:

More raw food in my diet for the live enzymes. Favorite recipe books right now: Juliano, The Uncook Book; Living on Live Food, Alissa Cohen; and my constant companion since 1981, The Hippocrates Diet, Ann Wigmore.

I keep real Aspirin in the house. Just in case.
I am Juicing more often and making Green Drinks; Anti-parasite herbs like Hulda Clarke Parasite Cleanse, from or Amazon, help stay alert, connected and focused. Working out more frequently with greater mindfulness, getting out into real nature, hiking and getting away from indoor wireless, computer work and town’s frequencies. No sleeping with devices in bedroom, turn off wi-fi if can. I’ve said it before, get away from your cell phones as much as possible. Don’t sleep with any devices in the room. I’m Increasing the amount of meditation I do in a week, going within, and catch my mind wanting to wander, and daydream, pulling it back with eyes closed, and concentrating and communing with that Brilliant Divine Presence that is way above these frequencies sealed in a higher dimension far from this 3rd dimensional world.

Monitor how much I spend on the internet studying news. Remind myself to get into my heart once a day via spiritual, helpful, or inspiring books. Reading is better than watching movies as reading takes effort; with movies we’re still passive and allowing something to do all the work to entertain us.  Experimenting with certain herbs, such as Happy Campers, different nutrients to feel better. These might sound like small things, but you’d be surprised how quickly we forget to do them and how much good they can do for you.  Find your list, and put reminders around to make yourself to do it once a day. Very important. ( This is not nutritional, medical or psychiatric advise, just sharing)  

  1.  Is it possible we could be ultra open and sensitive right now to the fears, anger, and panic of certain large number of those elite types, who could be panicking as more exposure is occurring to their secret lives and how it has impacted our civilizations.

  2.  Incredible waves of light are increasing your sensitivity and awareness in general. Wouldn’t it make sense that as larger numbers of people are increasing their awareness and desiring more power to use it for freedom and good, a natural result would be to expect more from oneself throughout the days and weeks of your life? Has there been a stronger pressure upon yourself with what you think you should be achieving lately?

And as an increased awareness occurs within, we might be a threat, as in the book Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain  (did I really read this book in 1975?! )

The author mentions the psychic’s ability to see the few rising above the mass consciousness within their spirits and minds. It looked like a flat plane with most people back then, under the surface of the plane, and only a few would pop up and live above that plane. The plane and underneath would be like a large lake or ocean, with all the people living below the surface of the water, and ever so often, an individual would pop up above the surface plane and exist on top of the plane. This alerted them to psychically attract them through various methods, to put them down. For the Russians, it meant a threat to their system.

You can feel this in the world, energetically all around. You are rising above the plane, in fact millions now are. These manipulating elite, don’t know what they’re going to do, as the old ways are no longer working and an increase number of people are surrounding themselves with a Blue Fire- White Fire shield around their auras, homes and families.* Notes below

Are they intensifying their mechanisms, methods and solutions in attempt to keep us under control?  Who are these people? Some answers lie here in these interviews:

Dr. Eric Karlston Part 1  Mind Control
Dr. Eric Karlston Part 2
In addition, an interesting article:
“Do we have a right to cognitive liberty? “ – Scientific American

There is no way one can be slightly awake these days and not observe we are at war on many levels. Why not declare war against all that attempts to block and retard the progress of people on this planet? Guard your mind from negative projections. Be surrounded with the Blue and White fire which seals the Mind of God, which is the antidote to the anti-mind, the lower human thought process vulnerable.

Being in that higher mind shifts you into another dimension that thinks above the common mass manipulation. You can tell you’re there when your hair stands on end, during a riveting conversation with a friend. Something higher and extraordinary is occurring and your body is sensing it. Be in the statistics of people that can not be affected by mind mood manipulations.

Mind Control America’s Secret War

  • Methods to maintain clarity of energy, physical shielding and positive thinking:
  • Classical Music playing in house or office all day
  • Eliminate Sugar, use substitutes, maple syrup, stevia, Monk Fruit sugars
  • Mantras, prayers, energy chanting, yogic practices
  • Qigong
  • Dance, body movement and exercise
  • Mindful rituals honoring the earth, the sun, light, the mighty spirit of All That Is. I bow before your choice of devotion.
  • Listening to Music which not only has engaging melodies, especially lyrics that bring up imagery to stimulate emotions, and have great significance motivation and meaning for you, so the brain is using different areas at the same time. It will scramble these frequencies, and get you out of the funk. Dr. Karlston …37 min point begins:  “All mind control is based on restricting the victims choices of behavior.”
  • Anything that stimulates multi-faceted sections of the brain use, strategy solutions,  visual, imagination and creativity. ( Examples found in Dr. Karlsons’ Videos.)

      4.  It seems there is an intensifying of factions of good and evil  and they are even fighting among themselves. We can feel many things on this planet wondering why we’re having this or that sort of day.

  1. Somehow reality is being altered. Time and perception is changing.( Video )  1:13 minutes into the Video.

(” Time is speeding up, or is it? That is something else we question in the second half of the show, with our very own Chris Geo prompting the discussion with a recent youtube video questioning whether time itself is literally speeding up.”)

  I know my friends and I have shared we expect more, are impatient for better, not so tolerant or willing to settle anymore, each day seems to zip by, yet if we’re anxious for a goal to be reached, it seems like it’s taking far too long and the project we have set for ourselves, the anticipation of some event or happy outcome, seems to be taking forever, yet in a day, we wake up and in a few hours, it’s time for dinner, and bed , it’s also going too fast.  How is this possible?

Also are our souls more aware of dangerous energies in the astral planes, other dimensional things, and above the earth in space that we can not see? It is a tangible sense of something is about to happen. Rather than wonder when life will return to its old familiar way, step up and get your mind and body in better condition to handle the new challenges. Rise above the intrusion so you become untouchable. Yes, I know many were not trained to live like this and actually conceive we had to work this hard at living. We need new tools, better weapons to counteract these activities. There is a lot of heavy shadowy people and societies that must be flushed out. It’s reasonable it’s going to take time, but in the meantime, as this Mars is at the end of Capricorn, right now up to May 14, and again throughout August 2018, and moving in and out of Aquarius, the timing is right to want our lives to be more functional.  Let’s get on with it.

Your soul in and out of the body, is at the crossroads of massive conflicting forces on Earth, each force with its own powerful agenda.  Do you see how now, you must be clear and focused as to what truly matters to you, or these forces will dominate your own decisions, moods and thinking…practice daily your own message to yourself and the universe. And God, or whatever you desire to call Him/Her, needs to be part of the equation, because in my opinion, there really is an ultimate goal we are all desiring to reach, and that is to become and truly realize this Higher God Presence within, and Its desires and consciousness ~ Its reality becomes your reality. Karma has been resolved, you are serving more than receiving, and the cycle is right and you’re home free.  Don’t you want to be free?

This decade from 2010-2019 is governed by the Blue Ray, which is all about protection, fierceness, right-government, power, shielding and the will aligned with a higher Will…..just as the 1990’s were under the 9th Ray, the 1980’s the Ray of integration, the 8th, the 1970’s introducing the Violet Ray, the 7th, and the 2000’s were the transition decade. Now we are in the Blue.  2020-29 will be the 2nd Ray of Wisdom decade. This is another reason I’m emphasizing Invoking the Blue Shields, and regaining our power. There are not enough teachers setting examples helping people to accelerate. The body and soul needs to expand shields, empowerment and light so we can survive and thrive through this cycle of the purge from darkness. Your Presence and strength could be the buffer between dark rituals and the world of precious people. The more you long for and invoke reality and truth, the bigger buffer you become protecting those beneath you.

Before getting out of bed each morning, why not invoke your “Tube of Light”, a brilliant blinding cylinder of electronic white light, nine feet all around you, to completely shield you from all heaviness and dark energies Just call for it to be there, outloud.

Another key would be the leaving your body at night and getting to the higher planes to the schools of the spirit which is becoming more difficult as the electromagnetic grid around earth is thickening. So again, call for this Tube of Light to surround your body and your soul, and it’s a good idea to invoke Archangel Michael ( who is a brilliant electronic blue Archangel) to take you personally to these higher places. We need the shields now. Tricky pretending teachers in the astral at night, bring you dumb dreams imitating the real thing. Ask for the real thing. Make a prayer at night before sleep to be taken to the higher planes where your soul can learn the truth of what is going on, and what you personally need to do for yourself and your family. Wear your favorite jewels, crystals, placing essential oils on your body. Frankincense and Rose oil being the highest. Use your favorite. By the way, psychics sometimes are not always accurate, because timelines keep shifting as your soul has free will, and time is speeding up. As your soul keeps learning and quickly growing, your mind changes, and your choices from your own Free Will change. Most psychics are reading your predictable karmic pattern from your lower electronic level, but do not take into account you have a higher Self also giving you new options and guiding you. Good astrology helps because it is dealing with impersonal mathematical positions of the planets and their energies, not reading the human karmic pattern around a person, that is unreliable. It’s best to ask yourself, for higher visions and guidance.

Know that even though the heaviness of this dimension we live in can seem hopeless to change, do not be fooled or weary, because this time we win. Think about what it took to transform America into a blueprint of Freedom. It was hard. We’re doing it again, only this time, it’s for soul, spirit, mind, liberty of our consciousness…and it’s the whole entire world! The motivation to be truly free extends to all realms and dimensions among those of Light, and possibly Universes, since Earth is where the battle is happening now. And in this cycle, more and more will be exposed as Mars moves through Aquarius, now through September.

We also have factions of darkness fighting against other factions of dark, vying for control over the resources of Earth and we are in the middle. It is as if someone has picked up the world and began shaking it very intensely, everything feels as if it is upside down, inside out. Can you see how we must increase our solid devotions within and up.  

More recommendations:

A great old book regarding these concepts of higher and lower frequencies is Power Vs Force by David Hawkins. power-vs-force-hawkins-david-r(2)

The Classics

Reading an old classic spiritual novel or nonfiction, it could open yourself up the the Spirit. This is so good for us, when everything out there has become so superficial and mental. During these astrology cycles, keeping ones mind on the deeper things in life will be so important, as our relationships could also break off and on, as fast as reality is shifting. Eternal love and soul connections from the Higher Realms which were always meant to be, will not go away. They are as permanent on earth as in heaven.

Seek out the things that create revelation within your spirit and mind, something new, maybe something you’ve never heard of before that challenges and stimulates as these are what is needed now to feed your mind.

Here is a small list:

Global Transits May 2018

Mercury retrograde at 15 – 23* Leo of inconjunct Neptune and Pluto at 19* Pisces and 19* Capricorn forming a finger of God. ~ July 12 – August 9 2018

The concentration upon Heart, Maturity, Commitment, Love and Confidence with your life in spite of the pressure put upon us from outer sources, and to some, a lack of resources to solve problems expediently. Concentrate and meditate upon the long term goals, and try not to be panicky or impatient for the quick relief of problems right away. We are all practicing our ability to get more courage and confidence, have faith and creative solutions during this cycle of stress.

Transit of Mars conjoin U.S. Conceptional Pluto in the 2nd house of economy   May 1-15 2018; August 2018

April 20-May 15, 2018, Mars in an aggressive precursor to the 2021 Pluto conjoin Pluto, (described below) and instigates financial economic federal reserve challenges, demanding a faster and more expedient action to occur with our nation’s money system in addition to several other 2nd house activities: People are restless, impatient. Significant political national and global changes occur during this cycle, which are unconventional, outside the box and will be unheard of for many. To prevent repeating myself, here are the previous Mars Articles addressing this time period of May-September 2018.

Mars Stationary Retro
Mars Retrograde, Uranus and Pole Shifts

There is something in the air affecting people everywhere

  1. A sense of running out of time
  2. “I’ve waited too long, turning cynical”
  3. Loss of hope
  4. Urgency to get this project, situation, business, family in order, off the ground, launched.
  5. Restlessness and impatience as if tired of waiting for the thing desired
  6. Off kilter, out of sync, not able to find the love, the concentration, the heart focus and laser vision on one goal which never use to be this hard to achieve.
  7. Scrambled, a course of action, clear path seen one day and in a few weeks, it’s gone, lost, no more inspiration. The inspiration changes for day to day.

( As I’ve said in previous articles, it’s as if time and space, portions of reality is shifting so fast, whereas before, themes of our lives might only shift once every 2-3 years, now it seems it’s every week.)

It seems as if one can only count on the very few at this time. The one group, person, leader, narrative, message reveals gaps in reasoning, incompatibility between the message and actions, too much corruption, disappointment, lack of accountability, lack of fire, integrity surfaces, especially in public person’s, political activities. Who or what do we count on anymore? ( Count on people with integrity now.)  Everyone is looking for the Savior. It is as if people discover a savior type, because of their momentary message and courage, so we jump onto that boulder in the crazy rushing river, then as that boulder begins to go under, a new boulder emerges, and we jump on that, and so it goes as we navigate to the other side. Each boulder could be a new leader or public figure we identify momentarily with. What is the other side we are so anxious to reach?

As the world shifts, our inner core does not shift, it is anchored on the deep and highest reality, which loves the truth more than self preservation.

( the descriptions below, will also be outpictured throughout all May through September 2018, as Mars also moves in and out of Aquarius in the U.S. 2nd house of building, economy, banking, business, and  worth and values.)

  • Money   Expect sudden financial disruptions or intent to improve; also innovative plans set in motion for more progressive monetary system, not only for greater value, debt reduction, but inter solar system means of exchange.  Currency – the public becoming aware of an interplanetary currency, means of exchange between other societies and industries Yes, you heard me. What will eventually become the monetary means of exchange for earth in relationship with other planetary civilizations, or beings? ( It’s going to happen )

  • Environmental, Weather, and Geological changes and unpredictable disruptions, earth  movements. The technology and innovative solutions to these disruptive trends introduced with weather, atmosphere manipulations.
  • Taxes, trade, tariffs, policies, wasteful financial commitments addressed and new policies implemented
  • The deeper question of demanding the truth of the trillions of missing dollars  Catherine Austin Fitts “We need our $40 Trillion in Cash Back”
  • Aggressive Engineering, construction and building projects – infrastructure of our country, and controlling materials.The relationship between several countries with each other dramatically shifting into a more cooperative partnership, sharing technology and solutions for faster travel, better trade deals, handling immigration issues, while at the same time, big changes with importing exporting materials, shifting to U.S. focus …the U.S. scrambling to position itself competitively as leader in off world economy currency base.
  • Initiating of an extremely aggressive military and technological powers, including space, because of the off-world high tech and space emphasis of the Mars in Aquarius, and Uranus in Taurus theme…the capabilities and cutting edge weaponry, space militarization, satellite and crazy physics science plasma weaponry. Space defense for economic business and trade among space locations and also bad pirates challenging our world. It’s all starting NOW as these planets move into position in May 2018.
  • Intense and highly focused individuals and committees, challenging archaic conglomerate power structures, questioning their true purposes demanding accountability for fairness for the people.
  • Assertive and demanding competitive organizations or leaders forcing ethical business practice in certain industries, corporations, systems, pharmaceutical companies etc.
  • Medical advancement breakthroughs, pharmaceutical exposures.
  • Disturbing revolutionary activities hitting the cities…electrical disruptions, internet disruptions.

       But mainly we are going to see the biggest topic in the news: The reality of epic military technology and space activities

  1. Our money, its value, innovative yet challenging systems put into place, a transition, with more discussion around a gold standard, blockchain increasing popularity yet major infiltration within the cryptocurrency world by the  involvement from the elite ( Soros companies, etc..)..  in general…changes put in motion to implement a progressive transformation with our currency.
  2. This cycle is the aggressive implementation of blueprint experiments for our new money system, it’s happening now. And the ultimate race of who and what will be Earth’s currency for space commerce. I’ve been seeing this happening for years, and have said these two issues could be why certain people had desired Trump to be President, for these very reasons.
  3. The beginnings of a gold back system, an engineering greater security level of blockchain from hacks, and continual talk of chip/card implant payment that accessies everything about you, not just your bank balance

It wouldn’t surprise me if all these paths began pushing at the same time, and all be initiated by separate power agencies, corporations, individuals or systems, in addition with completely independent agendas, some for continual population control, one for ultimate freedom but with risk, and the other as a platform of spiritual back to original security and tangible materials, ( gold, silver) that has worth, you can hold in your hands or contain the metals in a vault, and be issued a debit card connected to this vault. How can all this be implemented simultaneously?  We’ll see. It’s as if we’re entering a new cycle through the Mars/Aquarius and Uranus/Taurus cycle, of mixed negotiated tolerance and agreements, as the old guard is being forced or blackmail to yield to a fairer everything. The beginning of this cycle is May 1, and all August into September 10, with Mars conjoin the U.S. Pluto, in Capricorn, which has the power for the release of the blueprint of the Central the 2nd house of the U.S. chart, of the worth and value of our people, our industry, engineering, building, creating products and means of exchange. It means, through the mess of options, a pure Spiritual Sun behind the Sun golden energy is beginning to launch universally behind all these activities.

Jupiter trine Neptune ~ May 18-30 2018; August 10-30 2018

This is a soft energy of love, helpfulness, gratitude and blessings in general, placing an atmosphere around everyone of a softer heaven experienced here. Relationships, events, celebrations, love and healing are all part of this cycle. It should help mitigate some of the intensity of the Mars in Aquarius retro cycle.

Jupiter sextile Pluto  September 1-18, 2018
A soft helpful financial cycle for all. Open honest cooperation with others, helpfulness extended towards each other. Collaboration between leaders, authority figures, companies and regular people with power management. Conversations are fair and received well. Cooperation with financial issues. People have opportunity to experience a stronger confidence and power now.

Pluto conjoining the Transiting South Node  March 28 – 18, 2019
I mention this early as this is a big deal. It denotes the death and end of some form of monetary system, financial public trend, economic pattern that has been in place for a long long time. More later about this. It’s only a few weeks long, but is a very big deal.

Mars entering Aquarius retrograde May 16 2018
For more in depth Mars articles go to my previous analysis Here:  

And Here:

On a spiritual note, this incredibly powerful cycle is the opening up of the record in ancient history of the War In Heaven, and the wars between different factions of fallen ones, and war between the fallen ones and the Lightbearer, a Star Wars reality unveiled on earth. It has been an age old story return again. It desires transmutation, a purge from the scars and memories of these battles. They reside deep in the soul.  Some of you will not resonate with this, as you were not there. But millions were, and remember. Every time you go to a movie which brings up epic battles between forces of good and evil, throw in some space, technology and magic, and your unconscious spills out the passions you had in those ancient times. The gut tightens, your breath becomes short and you’re glued, waiting for the resolution. Some faction or leader could appear to be out of their mind, triggered to re-enact another chapter of their compulsion towards war. This aggressive revolutionary posture, with their weapons and attitude is found in any country and nationality In fact, many manipulating these attacks will not be leaders or military advisors, but the slick elite who are behind the scenes pulling all the strings telling some leaders, not all, what to do. The manipulation of these disjointed postures of aggression have behind them black magic rituals in order to intensify it, ( for what purpose you ask)  and Mars in Aquarius is going to expose it. People will become privy to this unbelievable back end story that has been part of our wars, for ages. It’s all part of the mix of the humanitarian waking up of the Mars in Aquarius along with the exposure of the bizarre which has been hidden.

This dark occult manipulated random acts of aggression, violence and military show of power, could increase very much now through September 2018, and then on into 2021-2023.

Expect more disasters of weather and earthquake volcanic activity, some natural and some manipulated maybe to divert the public’s’ attention of these exposures. There are those behind the scenes, who have sick and crazy beliefs, and they are really not part of our original beautiful earth, nor most of the peaceful evolutions who live here, and only want a nice job, beautiful family, and a yummy latte, and be left alone. 

Expect to see or hear of some strange unexplainable stuff happening on our planet and in the skies throughout this May through September, 2018. It will be the dropping of the veils. More outpicturing of the Mars retro in Aquarius will be Aquarius/Leo issues: involve  Love, children, relationships, self gratification versus humanitarian service and sacrifices to improve society, family and friends and true partnerships… Heart/circulatory problems, restrictions in flow of life force, energy, blood to brain, heart,  strokes, circulation in legs, ankles, mobility, coordination, complications from plaque in the arteries, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, vertigo, brain glitches, dizziness, relationship changes, transformations, endings and necessity to face reality. Coming to grips with Leo obsessions, fixations, romantic delusions, suffering, Aquarian objectivity and higher love versus coldness, intellectualism, impersonal relating without heart or sensitivity. Disliking people, intolerant of others, hatred, feeling hate instead of love. Hardness of heart, unspiritual, no interest in evolving, loving one’s pleasures more than spirit. Stubborn, rigid, versus light, generous, happy heart and giving, open, dropping prejudices and pride, caring for unity, togetherness and finding one’s true family on earth.

This is happening now. The old posture of intolerance for any race, gender, political correctness, is rapidly going to be challenged,  The theme, wait a minute, were’ all one? Aquarius’ beauty and highest expression is Love. Every zodiac sign has a matrix or a symbol, and Aquarius is love and unity. Watch for extremely fast rapid changes to occur in the attitudes of the people being swayed by big public figures, setting new trends and breaking the old animosity and backwards thinking into more tolerance, love and acceptance. This is an intelligent Mars cycle if we ride it through on the highest wave. Those elevated to God Status people will also either suddenly turn, change their narrative, or drop out of favor, because as soon as one individual has that kind of public influence, and everyone openly expresses their approval, the forces will come in and wreck it. It will change our world for the better.

Mars retro conjoin Lunar Eclipse at 4* Aquarius July 27 2018
Everyone needs to be careful during this week. July 23-August 1. My recommendation is:  Don’t get talked into anything your intuition tells you not to do, commit to, go to, attend, travel, purchase, sign, or plan. Don’t financially commit to anything important this week. Don’t engage in extreme sports or exercises this week. Extreme. On scale of 1-10, it’s a 10. Don’t go on crazy hikes around Grizzleys, swim with sharks, work on difficult projects, challenging construction with huge nail guns, use dangerous machinery, target practice, or take risks without checking to see if everything is in order, during this cycle. Please just wait until August 1, to be on the safe side. Lunar Eclipses are weird but add the Mars retrograde to it, squared by Uranus, and we have an explosive energy. Don’t believe other astrologers’ Lunar Moon, “ find yourself and get in touch with your Moon God or Goddess world”  stuff. It’s not true. The moon isn’t even what everyone thinks it is. I have astronomical research documents from certain sources and it’s not the moon you’re looking for. Expect some crazy statements, poor judgment, impulsive wreckless actions, in the news during this week of July 23- Aug 1 2018

The Return of Pluto in Capricorn 2021–2023 — and the # 9  and the Liberty  Soul Revolution
An awakening has been occurring like a tidal wave, moving through the country and the world. The people can no longer tolerate pathetic postures and lip service, or to be manipulated and kept down with policies that literally makes no sense and cannot be explained, no logic, accountability, and appear, insane. It was as if by connecting the dots of insanity among many of those in power, an irresistible compelling to dig deeper, wondering if there was something else hiding beneath all these irrational actions that needed to be uncovered has occurred. With the assistance of Wikileaks and more, the discovery of the truth began. My sense is that it took off in the May through October 2016, but had been building for years throughout the 2000’s.

As my housekeeper once said…:” we’re all living on borrowed time…” I knew what she meant. I could feel it when she spoke it, and even though this perspective is still relevant now, I do feel we are pushing through unbelievable corruption and reaching breakthroughs. We have to secure our nations, on earth, and space. There has been a mysterious pressure, a relentless power of intention, concentration and research into the issues on this planet, that is sending out a powerful message into the ethers, we are anchoring a higher standard of ideas into the world, as quickly as possible before this one date which occurs once in 243 years, 2021, when Pluto returns to the U.S. Conceptional 1776 Pluto. Why are we so rushed to reach positive change en masse by this date?  The power elite also have known about this date, for a long time, as they also read the stars and know the astrological cycles reoccurring to this country. They were getting ready this time to reverse the revolution in full, from 1776 to the present. It as been their targeted release date when they desired to lock in their one world control via technological, space, corporate, economic and political control,, putting the population under an extreme mindlessness for a long time. They have been counting on all their ducks to be in a long huge row, counting on you remaining dumb and dense, not reaching for more. They counted on having the time to continue manipulating the world, electronic and monetary disempowerment, to a point of no return;  but they didn’t predict this compelling desire for liberation from oppression and lies, the exact same intense intolerance as felt before, triggering this revolutionary spirit and rip through the planet just as in the years prior and up to 1776 But, IT’S HAPPENING.

You who practice positive thinking, have been holding the line like a finger in the dyke, while enough breakthroughs within truth movements could get up to speed among the population. You have been mitigating these negative forces’ agendas replacing them step by step with the true Blueprint for America and the World by your own convictions and education.

The Transit of Pluto as it conjoins the natal U.S. Pluto will be at 27 degrees again just as in the 1st American Revolution, only this time, another layer of Freedom will join this transformational power of Pluto, and that is the Power of the Unlimited Freedom and Liberation of the Soul in the Cycles of the Age of Aquarius. It is the United Freedom of Mankind, and  It is this wave of new progressive thought that intensifies this Pluto Return.

From now through 2021, we are in the countdown, the race to implement new thought,  higher standards, architectural mindsets to govern from our Higher Self down,into our civilization.  

It is a time to replace the inner dimensional manipulations with empowerment from within, demanding this darkness go back to where it came from. Where do you think it comes from? Because this Pluto is returning to its original position in the U.S Chart in the sign of Capricorn, the Power and Transformational death and rebirth of Capricorn has to occur. Capricorn rules structure, laws,, the powers of the elite, political, corporate and hierarchical arrogance worshipping materialism and power to control, and remain on top, in charge at any cost

The Beauty of the True Capricorn in its greatest integrity is the bending of the knee to a Higher Blueprint, True leadership, true standards and laws based on a higher etheric blueprint, a Higher Power, not for self but for the sake of creating a structure and order for all to enjoy and build their own divine lives within these larger systems of impersonal matrices.

Capricorn is about Power and Authority, Accountability and the Impersonal and Constructive Responsible Positions of Power in order to establish progress in all ways for everyone who lives within this Matrix. It utilizes the best resources around him or her, to build a structure for a higher purpose. It is governed by the Divine Beings, the Master R, Archangel Michael, and the Master M. On the clock, it rules the top, 12:00 line. Typically on planet earth, the global elite desire to harness and assume these energies of Capricorn to rule over others, for extreme authority and unquestionable dominance over all. It is the sign of status, power through position and wealth. Deciding what the narrative will be for all cultures, races, classes, in order to manipulate the people for any reason and whim they design. With the winds of Aquarius blowing through the souls of earth and America, the revolution of overthrowing the fallen Lords of Capricorn, can not be stopped, and within the Age of Aquarius, we have never seen anything like it. The Pluto power represents death and closure all the way to the core, then the rebuilding and resurrection. The United States 1776 Pluto is in the 27th degree in the 2nd house of finance, the peoples net worth, the banking system, currency, the value of a people, their worth, strengths and capacity to build, anything is the key. The 2nd house rules the engineer, the builder, along with economic business savvy. The Pluto in the 2nd house compels the people in this country to OWN their destiny, own their own lives, own their own genes, their own souls, thier children’s activities, health, their education, skills, their loves and identify with their music, their symbols, cars, caps and t- shirts, bands and food, TV shows and political parties. The 2nd house is a house of “That’s Mine, I own that”. My values are such and such, My worth is identified by what my T-shirt says.

We in America become attached and define much of our own worth and value by what ideas and symbols we have claimed ownership over, as “ mine”.  Try taking away these things, and enter Pluto and conjoining the U.S. original Pluto Position, and you have a revolution. Don’t take my stuff. Don’t mess with my kids. Don’t take my guns. Taking away our stuff, even if it’s thoughts and ideas. Don’t take my stuff. That’s the 2nd house, and the U.S. Pluto lives there all the time. The pluto in the sky in 2021 is going to reconnect with that energy, see? Once in 243 or so years.

Numerologically Pluto at 27th degree adds up to a 9.  2 + 7 = 9      From 2020-2023, Pluto WILL BE IN A MAGICAL NUMBER 9.

  • 9 is the end of the line before it starts all over again with #1 in numerology.
  • 9 is Selflessness and sacrifice for an extremely high and worthy cause.
  • 9  Encompasses love for all, the necessity to see the big picture and galvanized one’s energies solely for Universal service to God and man – it is the ultimate moment we’ve been working and training for since St. Germain openly declared War upon the fallen ones in 1979. * See note below which translates to, we can win this one, forever. It is a cycle of benevolent and generous use of our gifts for a greater good for all.  We fight for the ultimate outcome of taking back our world. It is the number that inspires all spiritual beings to utilize all their powers to reach something glorious and worthy and to pronounce, enough is enough.

Do you think for one minute, the demonic energies and dark forces who have been in underground power for thousands of years are going to easily let go of their ultimate control? Guess what else the 2nd house Pluto is about?

Knowing what you have. Knowing and acknowledging all the amazing resources, beauty and wonderfulness all around you, on this planet and the magnificence of your Soul.

Prepare to be in a posture of war as we are just now entering the end game part of the battle, and we will win.  Seek out the news on the internet for a deeper research of national and global truth. Internet news in addition to your mainstream gives you a different perspective, because this is where part of your mandela is.

Less and less people are trusting the mainstream news and seeking out truth elsewhere. Ask to know, and it will come to you

Saturn at 5* Capricorn in the U.S. Conceptional 1st house oppose the U.S. Conceptional Jupiter at 5* and Venus at 3* Cancer in the 7th house of partnership, agreements,negotiations and a truce. ~January 15-February 12, 2018.  June 20 – August 18, 2018 ;  October 2-November 12, 2018

This is a tricky astrology cycle revealing a fake, a false option, or poor judgment, and the accountability of those in power, to protect the innocent from scams and abuses of human rights and abuse of power, including sex trafficking.

The responsibility of calling out selfish and self serving individuals,narratives and groups, coming across as something the people should simply accept as a cultural choice. Also, is it going to be some fraction of an organization or country pushing some rights so intensely it represents another major distraction interfering with more crucial issues that need to be dealt with. It could be a legal issue, challenging a groups’ pathetic deceptive and conviction believing their way was justified. The Saturn is coming from the U.S. 1st house of our nation’s’ identity, body, strength as a people, and how we appear to others. It is opposing the Jupiter in the 7th house of ( in this case) what we wish we could acquire from another country or leader in order to position ourselves better or finally realize some goal. Is it a treaty, a negotiation, or a product exchange arrangement, an advantage.  The other nation or person could appear to be a  sort of savior, or has the solution, or the highest perspective of a necessary offer or commitment that could be taken, or  money or assets that we desire at this time…they possess seemingly the means to give us/ the administration of president what we really need, but It’s a scam.  This situation, contract, arrangement or ongoing meetings are NOT to be trusted during these dates below. ( Observe the news events only on these dates below, if it fits with a confusing temptation put upon key people, that’s probably it. It could be several issues simultaneously.

Truth must be spoken to elevate the minds of humanity now. Don’t allow people to remain asleep. It’s time to wake up.

Additional Insights….

Iran and Israel


In addition, Saturn opposes Israels’ Venus, which is typically an alliance obligation, a commitment that can’t be changed. It is an agreement to take on some burden, to accept a challenge and carry it out.  With whom did they commit to and what did Israel agree to and why

Poor Judgment is influencing those in power during the dates of:
December 28-January 10 2018;
May 5-17 2018;
May 20-272018;
August 20-27 2018;
Aug 29- September 1 2018.
These are all Jupiter squares, which are notorious for making impulsive decisions because of erroneously trusting someone elses’ opinion and because of their either expertise or authority over the situation. Many pieces are missing, and the conclusions are partly if not completely false. That’s what’s going on with Israel now. What ever they are thinking, will appear to place them in a more empowered position and be recognized among certain nations, in their own eyes, now through Pluto trine Israel’s Sun at 23* Taurus, in the 7th house of relationships with nations that matter to them. That cycle leads them through the 2020-2023 Pluto return in the U.S. Chart.    Comments welcome.

Iran is also receiving epic Mars Aggression during the same period as Israel. Mars in Aquarius  begins to oppose their Jupiter at 29* Cancer-0*Leo in the 6th house of their military.  Mars also inconjunct Irans’ Saturn in their financial 2nd house, putting some sort of severe challenge, injustice and forced compliance upon them. Here are all the violent and confrontational dates: May 10-May 14;  May 22-25 squares their 4th and 10th houses of Home, Land, Security and Position in the World.  June 11-15 peaks very hard to comply and be forced to either yield or call upon other allies to assist, it is a Mars inconjunct Saturn. This continues up through July 10 2018

The Mars returns in an opposition to Jupiter again which is aggressive violent attacks August 18-September 4 2018, then returns again to the inconjunct frustration, a highly inconvenient suffering, September 28-October 6 2018.

I will update more later…this portion is being written at the last minute, as we withdrew from the Iran deal.

Vondir    Christine

“Mighty God Presence,  I call for the discriminatory judgment to descend and separate all darkness from good within all Governments, World Leaders, the Presidents’ relationships, within their administration.  We call for a mighty Solar Ring to surround all nations from manipulations attempting to coerce our leaders, entrepreneurs, foreign commerce, international relations, and our President into accepting any such arrangement that could take us further into entrapment, compromise, war and failure. I call for the sealing off and barring now upon Transiting Saturn at 3-6* Capricorn in the U.S. Conceptional 1st house oppose Venus at 3* and Jupiter at 5* Cancer in the 7th house .

We also command and demand the purification of ourselves, the earth, all nations, our country and its people from all possible manipulations, black magic and mind control and physical attacks and manipulations upon our bodies coming from a variety of sources, and the unconventional use of ritualistic magic woven with technological power. We call to the mighty Archangels, and Archangel Michael,to release the whitefire/bluefire Sun into our auras, to shield our lives from corruption, and protect all those who walk this earth with good will, amen.”


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