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Creating A New World



March 7 – 13



Welcome to this week’s Stardrops. It is a simple week, nothing too dramatic, yet possibly a time to turn more inward, re-capturing your inner unique qualities that make you, YOU. 

March 6 – 10 Sun Venus square the Nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius

March 11- 14 Sun and Venus conjoin Neptune in Pisces

The entire week bears the influence of “the dream” versus practicality. Let’s break this down.

The Sun is that vitality of life, the force that infuses us with the will, the creative potential, warmth and a radiance to express self, grow and evolve. In the warmth of this radiance in the sign of Pisces, this warmth and vitality is pouring through the Sign of Idealism and Compassion – the imagination – the belief in a higher magical dream.

The Sun is tied into Venus, which is our social, magnetic planet of love and all the beauty we find around us. The combination of these two emanates a dual radiance of cultural beauty, love and refinement, compassion, an evolved way of life. Because both of these signs are in Pisces, it pulls on us to capture a vision of something we would absolutely love to recapture again in our physical world around us. Something that resonates directly with our interior nature, maybe buried, but never the less, always inside us that made up our social culture, our values down to even your favorite colors, smells and aesthetics.

The power of the Sun/Venus in Pisces to draw us up into taking action by these planets transmitting a vision you see in your minds’ eye, is strongly motivating us to take action on so many levels to realize this and enter into a new experience.

The square to the nodes, is adding something to the January/February frustration of the Neptune square the nodes. That aspect has left many in confusion, disappointment about global issues forcing us to trust not only our intellectual knowledge and analytical processes but also, one’s common sense and inner intuitive promptings,  that might not make logical sense at all! This square from the Neptune square Nodes has definitely created an atmosphere of living in veils of confusion, a lockdown in a way of precise open information, as the nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius deals with intelligence and communication.

Now Sun and Venus are in the same position as Neptune adding a new layer  of aspiration and remembering our past, upon this blackout of  information, with longing for the internal and eternal ideals and dreams to come out and be realized, regardless of the blackout of truth anywhere else.

Pulling the values, ideals, dreams and inspirations inherent within yourself out into the world around you this week is so important, in spite of the square to the nodes – which means, we are still in some form of a conflict with certain narratives attempting to mold and influence society in the weirdest and illogical craziest ways that are counter to the true highest cultural standards and frequencies of what Venus and the Sun in its highest form, represents.


What you love, is still deep within your inner world, inside yourself. Not only are they precious moments lived in this life that resonated with your natural values, but possibly linking to other memories of distant past, long forgotten to your outer mind.


Certain ideas and activities have been pushing themselves into our physical world which can bend social culture, attempting to penetrate the values of everyday living, what we see as normal and acceptable, are coming right under the layers of the Neptune blackout of information.. how is this happening?

Any where you discover in your own life, some form of acceptance of a set of values, that has conditioned you to believe this is just the new way I need to live, yet it is causing you long term subtle changes that are in conflict with your original enthusiasm and values you loved and lived for years and years ago, might very well need to be examined and reversed. These conditioning values and acceptance of situations in our lives build for many many years because of karmic events that hit us repeatedly.

The message this week is to restore and remember what you loved and why. How did these precious moments, values, way of life and cultural enjoyment bring to the enhancement of love and creativity we all need or we become automated humans, shut down, non – creative, performing with no internal inherent power.

The square is to challenge the destructive values around us and bring information and awareness to this counter culture.

It is resetting our natural inclination to raise up our love again, what we’re desiring to create, not blank out of existence. We are the internal fire and creative force, from some mysterious power within the heart and soul, not an external intellectually deformed micro analysis of every little thing that becomes a petty perverted use of the mind, projected upon the human race. We are here for so much more that this.

This week is the power of heart and soul reviving all things that bring the power to create something meaningful to yourself in order to counter the shadow force desiring a shutdown of our magnificence .

Keep close eye on what you would never allow to lose or accept in the past any form of devaluing. Think back ten, twenty years ago. Don’t forget. Fight for retaining this quality of love. There are those who know the importance of protecting the Great Precious Values of Life.

Have an incredible journey this week of re-discovering what brings you happiness and a life full of meaning.

A worthwhile video on the concept of an ancient world – preserving our highest sweetest way of life, a nice prelude to our Feature Movie…..

                                         Agartha, the Hidden Civilization of Inner Earth | Truth or Lore – YouTube



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