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FEBRUARY 21 – 27 2021


As of February 21, Mercury retrograde is finished.

Did you have any new insights dropped into your mind in the past few weeks assisting you in any way? Truth, improving something and an increase of awareness, like one more piece of a puzzle might have been handed to you throughout this period.

February 22-26 – Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn. This period contains hard work, analyzing and organizing a new strategy that is much needed in order to keep life running smoothly. It will be highly focused upon physical things, like machinery, money and finance, building, repairs, the body.

This trine indicates not only good fortune making these physical ideals realized, but assists in game plans, strategies and the energy and motivation required to truly cut through the confusion and go all the way this week.

Political or government is high focus because of the Capricorn influence this week. Problem solving and addressing key issues will be successful.

February 24-26 Sun in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus  – Group and community social networking create positive collaboration, advanced brilliant conversations resulting in truly innovative and honest conversations. This cycle brings support joining together people who take bold actions, but this is a cycle of sharing, support and the discussion between you and others, or a community with another community. The sharing of the data, the tools or the science to many situations that must be handled this week turn out very constructive.

February 22 – 30 peaking on February 26 –  Jupiter in Aquarius trine the North Node in Gemini     An increase of knowledge floods the world. The information that comes out in so many areas and subjects brings a deeper understanding to so many. This is a perfect time for having important meetings. Write, communicate, share and plan. The mind is thirsty for wisdom. Music inspires. Creating something not done before, different, changing up one’s life and taking a new approach. This is an excellent period for all meetings, work, education, travel, planning. This cycle might possibly continue into the 1st two weeks of March.




It is very possible a global burden with the likes of winter storms sweeping around the planet would show up with the astrology cycle of Saturn square Uranus’s theme. In addition to Saturn being the planet which is associated with seriousness and responsibilities, facing realities and karmic pressures, Saturn restricts, blocks and constricts is also associated with the cold. It is a restrictive contracting planet, cool and aloof – in square to Uranus, can be related to the quickened, the awakened, revolutionary ideas, truth and transparency, and also, a large community of people (humanity). Uranus also rules electricity.





Uranus deals with earthquakes, weather disruptions, upsetting accidents, mistakes, disruptions with the earth (Uranus in Taurus), Money, metals, buildings, financial institutions. Electronic financial issues.

Because Uranus is in the sign of Taurus, you will want to have security with basic earthy necessities – food, water, cash, fuel.

However, many types of astrology cycles similar to this one we have experienced in the recent past, has also called for preparedness.

So to point the finger strictly at this square would be incomplete – as there is a continual stress we’re all still under with the transit of Pluto oppose the Conceptional (1776) U.S. Mercury, and square the U.S. Natal Mercury ( 1789).

These two Pluto,once in 243 some years needs to be brought up many times in these Stardrops to remind us, we are globally in severe times where it feels as if every which way we go, a menacing oppression is attempting to insert itself into our every day lives, one way or another.

In addition to this Uranus issue, let’s add the Pluto opposition and square to the Mercurys which rule, transportation, travel, vehicles, trucking, communication, internet, flow of information, the media, and the facts.

Remember, the Pluto cycles which again, are ONCE IN 243 YEARS, began on:

February 15-March 15, exact February 27, 2020

June 18-July 10, 2020

December 20 – January 10, 2021

September 20 – October 30, 2021

The nature of Pluto can be felt up to two months prior to the first peak weeks and last for a few months afterwards. These would be the most intense times of Pluto opposing the Natal 1789 Chart denoting a sort of oppressive menacing force we would all deal with one way or another. It is layered and compounded problems, some appearing naturally and other layers of severe problems, potentially added on to the original problems by the way it is being handled…

The other Pluto cycle, is its square to the U.S. Conceptional Mercury – on these dates ( again, once in 243 years):

March 20 – April 15, 2020

May 10 – June 1, 2020

January 15- February 21, 2021

August 10 – September, October, to November 30, 2021.

And just a reminder, even though this cycle is occurring in the U.S. astrology, whatever makes the U.S. unique would be the constitution as an ideal to strive for and desire to live under, and is embedded in the people everywhere on earth.

We could say this Pluto cycle is a targeting of an attempt of misfortune upon the people who have that complex engram within the heart which makes them standout as quickened, awakened, uncontainable, unusual, and an unrestrained people, and so much more.

Let’s continue with Uranus.




Uranus rules space, technology, satellites and all things attempting to disrupt 21st century dependency upon this technology. It would include the bizarre and unexpected situations requiring immediate attention in order to keep our world going -things not normally seen or dealt with before.


Uranus rules erratic solar behavior, magnetic extremes and technology creating extreme geophysical emergencies. Uranus rules Uranium. Radiation. Uranus’ problems come out of nowhere. Could Saturn in a square ( constriction) to Uranus also be signs of controlling Uranus’ unpredictable nature and truth within the people?

Saturn puts an incredible pressure upon Uranus for us to look at, take notice and get square with, something. It would be a situation requiring our serious attention. (In addition to the remaining Pluto cycles above)

We have a year of this pressure between these two planets – and the three peak times of this square would reveal strong weeks of challenges. Each time could have a new theme demanding some form of attention put onto the crisis. Typically, it tries to tell us something.


February 15-21, 2021

June 13 – 20, 2021

Dec 22 – 30, 2021

If you had this square in your transits for a year, the theme would be to prepare, guard yourself and increase your shields for something unexpected, unusual and potentially disruptive possibly occurring in your year. I would also say to you, take close examination of a person’s unpredictable nature or unusual actions. It might be one person – it might be an organization, a club, a group of people, or an industry. Saturn would be teaching you something about their truth, their nature – and warn you to avoid it.

The need for us to get square with any potentially disruptive situation is truly what is happening, not just fluke weather streaks or accidental disruptions, but all sort of things that mess up our flow of life and can even put us in danger.


For more understanding of the Saturn square Uranus theme in 2021, here is the link leading you to a few week’s ago Stardrops’ description of Saturn square Uranus. SATURN SQ URANUS.

Thanks for all your support. Let’s continue to place our intention and hearts into the world of awakening to a more transparent and empowered Humanity of amazingly strong people. Love Always



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