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Donald Trump


The Astrological Timeline ~ Part 1

The Elections

TRUMP ~ Jun 14,1946 10:54 A.M Jamaica, NY

Here is an assessment of Trumps’ major astrological cycles occurring October through next year 2017. Hillary’s will be posted soon.



  1. Uranus sextile his natal Sun

    April 20-November 20, 2016; Returns February 12-March 15, 2017.

    Success and public exposure, increase popularity, friendships offered, open arms genuine embracing of his message. Courageous and taking risks, open mind, powerful cycle of learning, advancing, embracing the new, the unusual and being exposed to an entirely new way of life. Being invited to join or be part of unique communities. Openly communicating with bold, clear comments, communicating to public openly unconventionally, saying exactly what is on his mind with no filters, embraced by groups, communities, invited to join unique unexpected organized communities, diverse people representing unusual unconventional groups, such as Milo Y. example…this is a transit that is good fortune for exposing the public to everything going on with Trump.

    2.  Uranus square his Saturn~ May 22, 2016-Oct 16, 2016;  February 15,2017-April 4, 2017

    Severe interference from particular individuals, peers who create massive instability, challenges, some pulling on him, some betraying. The nature of the square is like living in a hurricane of emotional drama demanding continual fixing of others insecurities, blackmail, demands for one thing after another. Ups and downs and traumatic emotional public tests of character,challenging the security of his family, money, property, home and children. A sense of being battered by a continual storm of traumatic situations from particular people who are either wanting something, blackmailing something or aggression towards him. Terribly challenging conflicts tests of maintaining control and demanding extreme focus upon goals under chaotic conditions or you feel you could go down.

    3. Jupiter trine Sun, Uranus, Node in Gemini in the 10th house.   November 2016-April 18, 2017

This cycle is the most prominent and powerfully protective and effective,expansive, success and creative breakthroughs, especially January 1-March 1, 2017.  It is positive for influential speeches, documents, writing, interviews, publications and all forms of communications, networking, decisions and versatile subjects and all decisions regarding economy, business, money, serious wealth/financial matters. Agreements and negotiations, policies. Very favorable successful cycles of good fortune, positive breakthroughs, good fortune with honesty, critical moments of integrity, favorable presentations, confrontations, debates and financial economic plans and cultural issues.


4. Jupiter conjoin his natal Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter in Libra

 Dates: November 6-Dec 10, 2016;  April 9- May 17, 2017;   July 1-Aug 10, 2017. We usually begin going into a Jupiter transit 1 month before the peak begins.

Positive for diplomatic negotiations, meetings and extending hand of friendship. It is a highly diplomatic, legal, moral or ethical posture one now needs to take. It can expose some personality flaws ( 2nd house and Chiron) a part of himself that has trouble becoming objective and forces one to move up higher out of any dysfunctional attitude regarding 2nd house issues which are his possessions, business, income, personal money, woman, beauty, glamour, riches, privilege, wealth and opulence, including course or backwards perspective about women and his relationship with them, his self esteem and honest assessment of his ability to take on a task. The conjunction forces these things out so we can change them, rather than be judged and condemned by them, however while this cycle is going on, it constantly nags and irritates the person, like a grain of sand in an oyster. This is a self motivating raising the bar of his own new standards regarding social graces and diplomacy.

        5. Jupiter sextile Pluto –  October 10-November 8, 2016

 Behind the scenes support-powerful organizational and individual support. Financial support. sextiles ( 60 degree angles) mean  cooperation with others, being invited to commune or collaborate, sharing and opening up because you trust the other and those individuals in positions of power supporting through comments and recognizing the worth, value of certain qualities he does possess.( Jupiter in 2nd house’ positive qualities.)

         6. Saturn in 4th oppose Uranus at 17* Gemini, Node at 20* Gemini and Sun at 22* Gemini in the 10th house and conjoin his Moon in Sagittarius.

              A. ( Saturn oppose Uranus) ~ October 20-November 10, 2016

This is the start of a 9 month to 1 year stretch ( 1 x in 29 years) of having to handle potential death threats, blackmail, concern for family, home, protection, split between professional and public responsibilities, concern for body, health, decisions and the most intense serious issues. The intense intention to implement and transform certain documents, policies, issues and bring it to the next level. This is the beginning of a 9 month to 1 year cycle. There are three major peaks of this, and it returns a bit more intensely each time. The first cycle Transiting Saturn oppose Donalds’ natal Uranus,  denotes frustration with regards to a serious accountability and burden he realizes he needs to handle, to take on, be responsible for, be beholding to or obliged to taking care of a group, an organization, or an agency, a communications agency, a technical data agency, or in regards to technical information systems, or some form of communications systems challenging and confronting and trying to work with this group or agency. Importance of working through this and respecting some group regarding information, decisions, public responsibilities, etc… can feel restrictive, blocked and certain information being withheld, limiting, and frustrating at the time, and appears to be a karmic debt or block-he discovers something and feels an obligation to reveal it

          B.  Saturn conjoin South Node oppose North Node – Dec 17-Jan 5, 2017; Aug 1-Sep 20, 2017

This period of Saturn on the south node simply means much stress is felt trying to handle a personal situation, family, home, real estate or personal family business matters, and it is actually the most intense Dec 17-Jan 5, 2017. It does return Aug – Sept for a longer period of time, but, the Saturn is only at 21* Sagittarius, and the south node is 20* Sagittarius, so it never actually peaks again. This means he could be preoccupied mentally with these issues, but not involved any longer.

Donald Trump owner of New York's Trump Tower, holds the bridle of a polo pony while talking to Andy Warhol on Nov. 4, 1983. Yale University polo player Eric Stever sits astride the horse. (AP Photo/Mario Suriani)

Donald Trump owner of New York’s Trump Tower, holds the bridle of a polo pony while talking to Andy Warhol on Nov. 4, 1983. Yale University polo player Eric Stever sits astride the horse. (AP Photo/Mario Suriani)

           C. Saturn oppose natal Sun in Gemini ~ Dec 18-January 23, 2017; July 9-23, 2017;  Sep15-Oct 14, 2017

This cycle is the big one, occurring once in 29 years. It is the moment when an individual must make a huge leap in their career and it is almost too much to think about, requiring great confidence and courage in themselves and the faith required in a higher power, that by taking this next leap, you will bring your next level of important goals into materialization. It marks the moment it begins, the decision is made and you step forward to what you know now, must be accomplished.  The goal or goals could be achieved within a two to three years window of time.

             D. Saturn conjoin Moon in Sagittarius- Dec 20-January 21, 2017.

Heavy weight upon ones’ shoulders suddenly coming to a head. Health, liver, body stamina, body safety and precaution is necessary, positive intense work energy but intensely challenged work cycle, information knowledge and understanding required now in a very heavy way;  international global expansion of awareness, attitudes, posturing, foreign affairs, much intense work and travel, conversations, negotiations, truce, agreements, peace making and to some, compromising position. 

Election day Nov 8, 2016-Diurnal Chart



This chart can be used to see the outcome of an event for a person.You enter their actual birth time the same, but change the date to the date you would like to know about, change the location to where the event is happening and if it is daylight on their birth date, change the chart to daylight, and vice versus, and erect the chart based upon that date.

Diurnal election day ~The ruler of the 10th house ( power and public popularity, the top, the presidential position, the leader)  is Venus. This is because we have the sign Libra on the 10th house, and Venus is the planet which rules it. Venus is in a very favorable position on the rising sign of this Diurnal Election Day Chart which means he is in the limelight and very pleased with himself. He could be just in a highly socially magnetic and exciting setting ( of course!).

Diurnal election day ~~ The Sun, vitality and shining, conjoins Mercury, votes, documentation, media square Moon in Aquarius- a challenge with Moon in Aquarius, reliability of technology, unexpected attacks, disasters, group disruptions, electronic disruptions,certain organizations in conflict with his personality, public persona and agendas.

Diurnal election day ~ Uranus inconjunct Mercury ~ out of sync or disconnect with his skill credibility and proven competency, or out of sync with electronic technological votes or out of sync and misfortune with certain weather, disasters, sudden upsetting events out of sync or out of joint with all going on for election day.

Diurnal election day ~ Neptune conjoin South Node at 9* Pisces on the 3rd house cusp of information and data.

Sometimes Neptune rules loss, loss of election, loss of data, deception of information, not only for he but also for Hillary? Something peculiar is going on.


The natal Jupiter in Libra conjoins the 10th house of the Diurnal Election chart, 10th house rules responsibilities, power and public professional achievement, on election day. ( Chart above)  I used Washington DC as the location of this Diurnal above, and Jupiter, the planet of success and prominence, status and protection of ones’ reputation, is right on the Diurnal Chart’s house of power, the 10th on that day. That is a tight position of success, but we’ll see. Stay tuned for Hillary’s Chart!

The Progressed Chart of Donald. The exact Wheel, has the progressed Midheaven ( 10th house of power and career) changing zodiac signs from Cancer— building family, home, family business, securities, accumulating wealth, property, real estate and public appeal—TV ) for the past 28 some years, to Leo, the sign of leadership and authority and a more serious shift of performance.



This means whether he wins or not, his entire demeanor has transformed with the inspiration within to present a new power emerging for the public to experience and hear out. It is a stronger, more mature and accountable personality emphasizing more than ever upon management, administration, authority, courage and leadership. This cycle lasts for a new 28 some years. He will transition into this new public identity from October 2016-October 2017. It is once in lifetime shift of progressed 10th house from Cancer to the sign Leo.

Donald’s Black Moon at 5* Sagittarius

With a Black Moon in Sagittarius, and, especially with the planet that rules Sagittarius in the refined sign of Libra in the 2nd house of business, the higher divine purpose of the soul could be to protect and preserve an extremely efficient home, family, family business and provide a moral standard for everyone to follow. Sagittarius is not ambitious. I’m not saying Donald Trump does not have ambition, but believe it or not, upholding standards of performance is what thrills this person. Standards everywhere. Business, morality, lifestyle, education, finance, family attitudes and bonding, protection of family, friendship, business relationships. Protection ( 4th house is a Cancer house, protecting securing that which is in your care) of foreign, international relationships, where everyone benefits from the agreements and negotiations. Jupiter is the planet that rules Sagittarius. It is loud, frank, unhesitatingly honest and abrupt. It is the planet that governs a tremendous amount of wisdom, confidence, and adventure. It is open and warm hearted, protective and generous. It is bigger than life, and is sitting in his 2nd house of business and finance. It is also in the sign which is all about building good will between people everywhere. Sharing and giving, love and support, economic wealth, growth and prosperity to ideally everything everyone needs and uses, is functioning properly.

His purpose is so large and it is to attempt to create a standard of living that offers each person’s dignity back, reminding them of their worth. Not by just telling them, but by showing them. Offering ways to increase their own quality of life, earn more money, educate their families and feel truly secure.

This Black Moon is representing the jovial and high expectations of the Father, because the 4th house is more about being the influential and prominent father figure in the largest most expanding way possible. This father person here provides a protection and a judgment of how his “family” is needing to perform. The Jupiter is positioned in the 2nd house of taking action on financial, educational money matters which are long lasting, quality materials and business activities. They last. The 2nd house is the house of building, construction and physical practical skills. The main Aspect touching on Donald’s Black Moon will be the Venus retrograde at 13-0* Aries in his 8th house trine his Black Moon February 14-April 29, 2017. The Venus inspires everyone involved to move forward on certain upgrading of infrastructures- or designing and building something truly magnificent. He is all about expansion and spreading a standard of refined quality all over the world, and helping others achieve their highest potential always.

The perversions of Sagittarius Black Moon would be the dark mentors from the past influencing his emotions to believe “if I can achieve this and that magnificent thing, then what’s stopping me from having more? Houses, real estate, better buildings, roads, airports, parks, Universities, higher grade standards, better food, etc..etc…etc….More is better and better and better!” The handicap, the weakness and delusion comes when he bypasses his own spiritual life and depth and quality of relationships he could have with spouse, partners, children or professional friendships out of being so outward focused, those precious moments we all yearn for with our loved ones, is rarely enjoyed for very long. His own moral standards could sometimes be brushed away for the sake of the work in raising everyone else”s standards. Judgment upon those who don’t have the same vision he does comes across hard and alienates rather that winning over and teaching. He is a natural teacher. Sagittarius Black Moon is a naturally born teacher.

Schools, academies, apprenticeship and mentoring are all natural abilities he really does have. Not walking his talk or going so fast he can’t be grounded long enough frequently enough to really be present and respectful of others’ beliefs, cultural etiquette and style are important. But in general, I feel how this force might have semi-altered his own divine purpose was to instill an insatiable belief that more is better,when it comes to money, building, expansion and cultural influence. Quality relationships and instilling value and self respect in so many people in so many ways, that is the true jewel of his legacy.The cultural architectural and  business entrepreneurial mastery within their lives will naturally follow.























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