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Part II – Hillary Clinton



Part II  –   Elections

Hillary Clinton–   October 26, 1947 8:02 A.M. Chicago, IL


The following are the major astrological cycles effecting Hillary Clintons’ astrological chart from October 2016-2017. This is Part Two of Three Parts. The last section that will be uploaded named Part lll, Global Cycles October-December 2016 will cover the latest trends occurring in our lives personally and globally.  So, here we go…..

Transiting Uranus trine Hillary’s Saturn at 21* Leo.

March 15-May 20 2016; October 20-November 25, 2016;  January 20-February 9, 2017

This cycle is an advantageous time in her life where breakthroughs, leadership, media support and all forms of publications, and legal or judicial authority are opening doors for her to obtain the opportunity to release her message. Facts, reports, documentation of important information to come out into the public. Typically, anything a person deeply desires to do or have done during this cycle could happen in their favor. The “royal” Leo power that flows in foreign courts, cultural groups, legal circles, foreign countries are supportive of her desires. When we are dealing with a Scorpio, we are dealing with desires. I honestly have no influence or reference of this, but it leads to some form of desire for Leo authority in the area of influencing social unified beliefs and unity of one mind one purpose, yet it is not in the 10th house of responsibility of highest office of our country, it is located ( Mars in Leo ruling Sun in Scorpio in 12th house) in the 9th house of clergy, royal houses, foreign influences and royal countries and entitled privileged authority or established powers in the 9th house which run the laws of the world. The ninth house governs LAW, the supreme court and so legal influence or backing or foreign Cultural agendas ( 9th house again) are powerfully assisting her during this time, cutting her free from blocks, delays, interference and Saturnian Karmic muck that usually gets in her way. The last time she had this cycle was when Uranus was at 21* Sagittarius in 1986. The theme is about moving blocks away from her agenda and goals so she can achieve the above activities.

Pluto conjoins Hillary’s Black Moon (at 19* Capricorn in her 2nd house, with the ruler of the Black Moon Saturn, at 21* Leo conjoined Mars at 14* and Pluto at 14* Leo, in the 9th house, square Chiron and Venus and Mercury and Ascendant and her South Node at 12, 16, 21 22, 24* Scorpio in the 12th/1st houses, and square North Node at 24* Taurus in the 7th house. )

So, here we have straight up absolute determination and almost Scorpionic Obsession to achieve a huge thing, an ambitious financial material wealth and ambition, or could it be Saturn the ruler in the 9th house of legal global goal and unification of some sort, involving 2nd house issues. 2nd house issues is money, economy and her own resources. The black moon in this house of her birth chart could show the deep original purpose of Hillary’s soul to contain the seeds of establishing rules, laws, cultural parameters and a strict moral cultural philosophy or mission statement for others to follow in order to bring people into a unified consciousness of cultural pride and agreement of eliminating all the waste ……It all squares her 6 positions in Scorpio in the 12th house. That many planets in the 12th house ….common I see with politicians, but this surpasses most.

The Black Moon in the natal chart represents what the soul of the persons’ original purpose was, and it shows how the person still believes they are doing their higher divine purpose but have deviated from it, so subtly, they can’t recognize the compromise. Everyone has this higher and compromised issue within their own Black Moon in their birth chart; some are extreme and some are mild. Hillarys’ is in Capricorn. She originally was created in the beginning of time, possibly, to govern. To create rules and guide culture with certain parameters, protocol and structure, but not only that, implement social justice, work with judges and incorporate classes, social educational venues and ensure the social environment are on board with her “guidance”. It originally was to ensure each person and collectively the whole village, group, society, etc..with the education of how to be right with God or upholding their integrity, their part with society and the Universal plan, and instill cultural historical and spiritual pride in a good way. This cultural unification was to ensure everyone was in the same belief that provides a self esteem and value. It isn’t the value of their skills, jobs, families, having children, compassion, or anything like that. It’s attempting to assist and establish education, laws and social beliefs and cultural attitudes that provide a knowing of each person’s worth by believing in, sacrificing and mutually sharing and assisting everyone in their lives and society as a whole. This is because the ruler of her black moon, Mars and Pluto are in the 9th house ( culture and group belief systems) and square Scorpio, which rules sharing and supporting others with each ones’ resources -0r money?) Try to imagine a divine high ideal of this purpose to incorporate attitudes that ensure survival so everyone works together and has a similar mind set. If they all are on the same page together in their understanding of life and what their history is, what is expected of them, then they can survive. Then picture how one ( Hillary for example) could be groomed or trained by a mentor. These mentors ages past were not good. But they kept it well hidden. They sought out our individual black moon purposes to see if they could alter them to their own agenda without the soul even knowing it. These Black Moon stories are deep and it is uncomfortable to explore sometimes at this level, without the person present to go along with the information each step of the way. Anyway, this is how you interpret a Black Moon in your chart. So, the higher up you are in influencing the world, the more seriously one must purify their intentions and not assume they are always in everyone’s best interest. It will be fun to also go into Trump’s Black Moon next.

So, if Pluto is transiting upon her Black Moon, do you know what a big deal this is? It’s pure power, drive and ambition to implement her interpretation of her purpose on earth, no matter what. The patterns that were instilled by the mentor plus the positive original intentions of the soul will both come out to accomplish very big things.  It’s 2017-2019 in general and it’s once in 243 years.

hillary-clinton-1992-2-lgTransiting Pluto at 16* Capricorn sextile Venus at 16* Scorpio 

January 15-February 20, 2016; July 5, 2016-December 10, 2016

Any Pluto sextile ( 60 degree angle) assists a person in ways of tutoring, leading, guiding, instructing and being a liaison and problem solver for this person, Hillary, that would otherwise not be possible. When you receive a Pluto sextile, you are grateful. You don’t have the solutions, you need powerful people to help you, people who are massively experienced, masterful, been there done it. This is a behind the scenes person(s) paid for mentoring, and we all receive this kind of help from time to time. It is meant to teach and train us something at that time that is pertinent or we might not be able to progress with our wishes we desire to achieve.

Saturn trine Pluto and Mars in Leo

January 20-February 15, 2016; April 20-May 20, 2016; October 20-November 6, 2016

The support one receives during a trine as this, which is a positive angle enhancing Leo leadership, opinions, judgments and broad scope cultural, legal and international issues,is to stabilize these issues, and create a digestible source of information for the public, to appear extremely educated, to lecture, travel and communicate one’s opinions powerfully and consistently.  This cycle is also supporting and bringing stability to personal private issues that are in Hillary’s case, medical physical, mental, emotional health issues that need the proper treatment, medicines, and procedures to ensure the stability of her situation.

Saturn trines help us when we need a job, settle a dispute, be seriously focused, organized and have those in position of power on our side and support us. It is very good for financial stability, and legitimately professional ambitious activities that demand order and functionality. This aspect also brings support from and towards behind the scenes money, accounts, activities and all forms of arrangements, It’s an agreement.  Both her Mars and Pluto are in Leo, authoritative, educated, experienced and strong legal cultural management and administrative authority over certain “foreign” activities and so forth. They both rule the 12th house, which always has to do with behind the scenes people and relationships, being as it is in Scorpio.

Transiting Saturn sextile Neptune

December 20, 2015-January 20, 2016; June 15-July 20, 2016;  September 20-30, 2016

Here we have a person who is an expert in some thing, completely at Hillary’s side or aid, supporting her in usually one need. That person is trustworthy and professional. We all receive these kinds of sextiles throughout our life and are very fortunate to have them, because we know we can count on that person to accomplish what they have promised us. It seems to be impacting goals and wishes pertaining to the house area Neptune governs over, so we go to the sign Pisces, and find it on Hillary’s4th house of personal private family home issues. Personally I am not sure what this is about-Family? Family secrets? Situations which were ( Neptune in the 11th house ) unconventional, upsetting, disruptive and questionable private family events that someone is in charge of making sure that part of her private relationships with those she considers “family” are kept out of any public concern or examination?  By the last peak, some important task has been successfully accomplished and usually we move on with our lives, satisfied that issue is behind us now and we can relax. Again, this is about a person and their group ( 11th house) that was 100% assisting Hillary in getting a job done properly.

Saturn square Hillary’s Moon in Pisces in her 4th house

January 10-25, 2017; June 20-July 15, 2017; October 1-20, 2017

Privately someone is sick, there are emergencies, depression, lymphatic, stomach and congested immune system complications with someone close to her. Her Moon is in the 4th, most likely family, and it is ruling Cancer which we find on the 9th house of in-laws, friendships which are like family that share her goals for cultural change, foreign security and influence such as judges * 9th house again, and people that go way back into legal, ethical, moral, decisions that may have been private, and something to do with her private home or equipment or circumstances. The key of this theme is “sick” and “emergencies”. Religious issues, moral and ethical issues, public media and historical issues suddenly being leaked or exposed to the public in 9th house publications, magazine, newspapers, etc….are making people “sick”? Are potential informational “emergencies”? What at this point in time with all we know, could it possibly be? Who knows.

Transiting Uranus at 20-23* Aries inconjunct HIllary’s Mercury and Rising Sign.

April 1-May 10, 2016; November 1-20, 2016; January 18-February 11, 2017

These inconjuncts or Quincunx are absolutely horrible. Anything that was sincerely on your heart to achieve, that you long for, that you wish would just go smoothly without a hitch, goes awry especially during the dates it is peaking. Since it is interfering with information, data, communication, and personal relationships with genius people who run media, IT communities or individuals, support from key brilliant individuals with equipment and technology, her own nervous system, comprehension of information, cognitive abilities, immune system, or simply certain agendas, projects and power positions ( ruling Virgo on the 10th house) she desires, all these things could derail at any moment and you find yourself on another planet instead of where you thought you should be. Situations that are literally out of your control mess up your plans, and it is the most aggravating interference, and so that is the challenge at this time on especially the dates above.

Saturn moving through her 2nd house  January 2017-2020

hillary-graduateOnce in 29 years, a period of time when we desire to roll up our sleeves and go back to school, throw ourselves in an educational cycle, become fixated upon mastering skills that up until this point, have been neglected or not interested in studying. Beginning to launch a new business, enroll in a University, teach, explore and really sink your teeth into a project that is so obvious now to own and master. It might not have anything to do with finances as one would normally think involving the 2nd house, unless she’s president and decides to stamp a coin or bill with her image. ( That’s a 2nd house Joke).

Neptune at 11* Pisces inconjunct Neptune —-May 2016-February 2017

This cycle is extremely peculiar, and I don’t even want to type what I am seeing, however, let’s just say, it marks a time in one’s life when there are certain people who can not be trusted, as a deception is going on and it could be right in her own personal circle of people. It is extremely sabotaging and interfering with many different things, and I’m not sure why family, father, ancestors and fathers in general keep popping up as problems during this report, ( even though I am not writing what I am seeing, something going on with ancestral genetic family tree, I don’t know, something coming up.)  Here are the weird dates of interference and suspicious people misleading Hillary or interfering with private personal alliances and relationships, and certain goals being met. April 15-May 10, 2016;  July 25-Aug 20, 2016; February 5-25, 2017

Jupiter inconjunct natal Moon    –     January 16-February 23, 2017

A strange cycle of interference. If there was ever a time to not plan an event, travel, party or important meeting to go well, it’s this one. Usually there are important requests from authority individuals expecting us to change our schedule and show up for something we did not expect to have to attend. This aspect again, is dealing with the Moon, which is something related to home, family, home life, personal affairs, and others’ advice, attitudes and ethics. It’s a change of plans that is serious enough to keep things open during the dates above, and not expect everything to go smooth. Usually this cycle is for a week, peaking especially on one or two days. This cycle as you can see, is over one month long. That length of time can give more importance to the situation than if it were for a day.

Diurnal Election Day Chart
Here is the Diurnal Chart for Election Day—The Venus is conjoined the Sun for that day which is popularity, and no planets aspect the position of power, the 10th house. Jupiter, which represents cultured, educated and a more international presentation is sitting on the Diurnal Rising sign, providing popularity and success on that day. It represents simply good fortune for the election day for her if positive planets are on her 1st/4th/10th/7th houses, and Jupiter is a planet of good fortune.






















One thought on “Part II – Hillary Clinton”

  1. Lee Budka says:

    Dearest Christine, your articles are amazing works of research and interpretation. Thanks! For those of us who do not have a deep proclivity for the nuances of astrology, have you written a simplified summary? I probably overlooked it but it would be most helpful to know any conclusions you may have reached in your analysis of which candidate might be the greater Lightbearer and more capable of attuning to and implementing the principles of God government.

    Thanks so much!


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