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Inter-Solar System Economy Intro


Dearest Friends, Please Watch

For some years I caught the vision of an earth based financial system being pushed into place, and conflict over what faction on Earth was going to be the dominant economic power controlling the currency used for this inter-stellar means of exchange. I recently listened to a very interesting Linda Moulton Howe comment at the very tail end of a long live stream she did recently, mentioning in her perspective, verified information coming from the Pentagon, we have been doing business w/ extra-terrestrials for certain advanced technological inventions back and forth for some time now.

Before Trump was elected, I suspected some power structure, pushed for his position as President possibly to set up a more structured open functional process of this financial mega exchange put in place before any darker force won that position. Any comments?

The first 10 minutes of Catherine’s interview regarding space based commerce is key, the rest of the interview as usual is excellent. She speaks also about internet control, block-chain info, etc…Vondir


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