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One Foot In Front of the Other- Mercury Retro in Aries


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Mercury Retro March 2018 Printer Friendly Version

Part One : A strange Vision – an explanation for the uneasiness and anxiousness?

New patterns in the astrology reveal unexplainable energies. 

Theme of Article:

  1.  A pattern is occurring from summer 2017 to March 2018  3 basic astrology cycles examined  August 2017 Eclipse, Mercury retro conjoin Saturn in Sagittarius Dec 2017; Mercury retro in March/April 2018.
  2.  The pattern reveals how people are being prepared to master certain things and come up higher: A. Dropping ancient baggage and committing to a truer reality;  B. Becoming a better person.  Allowing a mysterious power work through them for their own good and as vessels to purge the world; C. Integrating with a higher source which enhances one’s view of the world and all around, seeing the potential of what really could be. Exquisite Love and Beauty.
  3.  The release of energy compelling a correction – an alignment. Economically, politically, social and personally.  A purge is occurring all over the world. Keep working on your security and make peace with others. For whatever the reason,  the intensity of a series of waves of light seen in certain astrological moments, ( the three above) is triggering events to take place which have been dormant. Some energies kept deep inside people, and are now spilling out all over the place…some for the good, to unload and be cleansed, some are acting out their dark shadows, and creating destructive activities.

It began August 2017 and continues up to this March 2018 Mercury retrograde. August 2017’s Solar Eclipse in Leo, inspired many to drop habits and attachments we had had most of our lives. I felt it also. My attitudes, moods or needs were dead weight and I didn’t care for them anymore. Feelings, desires, behaviors and personality patterns, gone. Poof! 

A new present awareness took over of what mattered now and what did not.
December 3 2017 – the Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius conjoin Saturn in Sagittarius occurred, steered us into a fated unique event that was inevitable, one needed to accept and yield to this situation.
There might have been a challenge in your personal life that had to be walked through.It wasn’t easy. Some described anxiety. January and February it continued. One would think, “what is wrong with ME?” Yes, I sensed it also. I couldn’t put my finger on why? One night at the end of December as I lay down for sleep, I held myself tight with my hands on my chest and pressed down, telling myself, calm down, calm down, everything is alright. I asked myself, “where is this coming from?”

While lying there, I had an insight. It was like watching a movie. We are in a war, it is a Mind and Energy War and the enemy is coming from another dimension or plane and can not be seen, but only felt or experienced. Here is the key-even though it feels so real, it can not hurt you. You are more powerful than it.

What is combating this enemy is a tremendous higher power of brilliant love and electric light charging all its people with waves of truth, love and beauty at this time. This power energy is funneling through some of our hearts, bodies and souls as electrodes of power, to release Its light. A divine intelligence is behind this action to  accomplish a certain outcome. Whatever and whomever this energy is coming from, will be matched and overcome by this wave of light.

These intelligent waves are moving through us and since December, two actions have been taking place.

  1. A yielding, submitting to a situation, as if time demanded an event to take place. Personal challenges had to be walked through to the end. We are still handling the situation.
  2. A purge seemed to begin throughout the planet through our own chakras and bodies out into the world as ripples of intelligent light, similar to the waves of higher energy we felt during the August eclipse accelerating our love, only this time, it was for a release of some form of judgment, the purge, out into the world.

 This light is targeting negative destructive activities as a judgment of some sort, a power released in every direction to penetrate into this dimension, in order to begin a purge. It must have been released in December 2017 while Saturn conjoined the Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius/ This is what I saw, and was the beginning of the Mercury turning retro conjoin Saturn. ( Sagittarius is the judgment among many other beautiful things). The astrology reveals the strategy. As the purge happens, certain dark individuals and groups are furious as this light hits them and they lash back where they calculate it is coming from. Us. We could feel the purge occurring in their world. Politically, power structures, economic, nothing is exempt from these waves. Because I, you could be ultra sensitive, are we tuning in to the desperation, hopelessness and fear these creatures are going through?  and is it possible, in their anger of this purge, a lash back is coming back at us?  What do we do? Increasing the inner power is the key.

So this was the first insight, understanding suddenly, this wasn’t me, it was them. And if I can feel this, so can other sensitive beings.

The second was the impact the waves of higher energy had on these negative forces and how quickly they are reacting to it disturbingly. How shattered and contained they became at the impact of these waves pouring through us. We are in a psychic battle, so with these waves released, there is going to be a reaction. We are vessels of the wave, In fact the wave and us sometimes feels as one. What attacks the wave, attacks a portion of us… we felt it personally. There was fear in the air I perceived coming from these forces. Once again, we find ourselves in an energetic battle against black magicians. There is no way for me to prove this, it is something I have observed over the years, and aligns with astrological world events. I would have dismissed it all if it weren’t for friends and clients repeatedly affirming they are experiencing it also. They are the reason I write this article, to validate what they are sensing is felt by many. No, you’re not crazy, something really is going on.

By February, these energies mutated into an apathy, confusion, unfocused or nonproductive state of mind within myself and others …I imagined a scrambling of electrons creating a disconnect with our minds, and why would that be happening?

Tin Foil Hat Moment: Is it G5, AI?  Cell towers? Hadron Colliders? An accelerating polar shift? The Solar Eclipse in August, the Purity of the constellation Virgo and planets positions in September 2017, the Mercury and Saturn conjunction in December, ( and more) is a language or story we can read helping us make sense of this time. And we really are in a polar shift right now.

Living on earth, is weird.    But the goal is getting clear.

I welcome your insights on these matters, and this article isn’t to make one gloomy, but this is just what came to me that night. I share this with you, because so many have been bowed down with a heaviness, and only to expand our comprehension of the great mysteries that could be occurring around us. It continues…my friends and clients continue telling me, something doesn’t feel right and try as we might, the root cause is a mystery. Every cycle seems to have a distinct theme. The  Mind feels scattered, unable to stay focus and get going on things. And still, for some, the thoughts tend to want to go to a worse case scenario. For each one of these moods the solution is the necessity for the inner identity of reality to hitch his or her wagon onto the star of Strength, Power and Truth.

February and March 2018: It is as if the electrons everywhere have no continuity, the very fabric of sanity and security which wraps around our globe is being disrupted and people are a bit scrambled. Lack of motivation is epidemic. If you are solid inside with your connection with your personal Higher Source of infinite power and love, these external phases will flow right over you. This is all of our goals, to get really clear and strong about the truth of who we are.

Staying focused and motivated right now is not easy.

This is a possibility of a confirmed polar shift disrupting our magnetosphere and our own magnetic compass, electrons, and energy fields In our brains. Our bodies are getting discombobulated. Here is an interesting video on this subject. This pole shift phenomenon is coinciding with the waves of light. They are intensifying at the same time, as if we’re being squeezed through the eye of a needle.

(The video below, might parallel these waves of light and the massive changes occurring on the earth creating social agitations, crazy behavior, etc…etc.. It’s an idea.)  ( at this posting, more Texas Shootings occurring: )

If the magnetic poles are shifting, wouldn’t one assume the magnetics within human bodies would also be wigglywonkers thereby creating an increase psychological disturbance within their minds?  And spiritually speaking, it would make sense that some external force has been bearing down on our solar system and planet earth to intensify the light so as to throw off darkness and accelerate more to a higher ground? and so a testing of identity is happening- what am I really made of” What is my character” What is that persons’ character?
       I.  As electrons are disrupted, it is good to review your code, your list of who you are and what you stand for.. what your core intentions are so you stay clear and strong.
      II  Nurture your own CORE IDENTITY OF YOUR REAL INNER SELF of divine love. Meditation, Yoga, Prayer, Music, Kriya. One of the helpful things I do ,,,,

Pole Shift

        lll   Because this Mercury Retrograde is about Invoking your Real Self, and to reflect  how much you live by your honor and truth .. It’s important to review what those traits are:

  The True Self Character List:

A.  Do I serve others?

B.  Whom do I love and who loves me? What do I value in this love?

C. What rules and boundaries do I cherish and which ones do I feel are priorities to run a family, business, company or country? What do I think are the most important principles to adhere to?

D.  What is my Symbol?  What symbol do you seem to always be attracted to and why? What does it mean to you? ( Mine was the Fleur de Lis in the 80’s because of my love for the Culture of southern France in 200’s to 1150’s. Since it has become so popular, I am inclined to favor another, but have no need to wear it or have it around me. We can see that symbols’ essence in the qualities of our Higher Self working good works through us. My four boys received 4 Norse symbols on necklaces, 10 yrs ago each one representing a different quality or power. It’s good to have this as your reference of strength. It is a reminder, but a time will come, when you no longer have the symbol as your support. When we see 3 Dots we think of Nicholas Roerich and El Morya, and his world peace good will Culture. You can identify with this high symbol because it represents your cause or what you love and honor.


Foto: Divulgação photo

     E.  What things must I avoid?

     F. What are unthinkable situations I would never allow myself to do, or come near me, or participate in?

    G.  How do I desire to be an example to others?

    H.  What movie, book do I identify with and why? Is it the story, the hero or heroine?

     I.   What brings deep emotions to the surface of my heart?

    J. What are your favorite colors? Why?

     K.  How do you wish others to know you?

     L.  What is your identity Music, Composer or Song?  Why?

Part Two Theme of March Mercury Retrograde – Put one foot in front of the other as you remain in control of your True Identity

Don’t compromise your true Self –  commit to positive thoughts and give generously of your good will towards all. ( Your Good Will is your flame, your qualities that make you YOU, that you listed above). As karma is compelling accountability through the Saturn, and the darker powers that be press for control, Mercury and Venus in Aries teaches us a visualization.

A Key and Meditation:  Imagine your higher Presence which is perfect, all knowing, pouring a part of Itself into you, to realize magnificence in this world. It sees through your eyes, feels your surroundings, and operates in you but with a difference…it expects perfection, happiness, joy, abundance, freedom and continual creativity. Aries, the I Am, is influencing our minds with this potential. The more one concentrates upon some rare thing of power and confidence inside us which is your Real Divine Self, the more solid you will become. Did you know that It actually desires to experience this world through you, as a place of purpose and joy? The more you love this Divine Self inside and Above,  the bigger the presence is taking over the smaller self, which increases your love and protection,, and basically, all good things!

The Mercury retrograde in Aries at 16°on March 1-22 2018, continuing to April 15.

Mercury in Aries and the uncompromising decisions.  We are giving ourselves permission to be who we are and not allow anything else into our lives. Sudden decisions are made and one day life is this way, and the next it has changed! Things seem more black and white now. Some of it won’t be easy, but the power of Mercury’s intelligence comes upon you, and is determined to get your attention one way or another. Sudden disturbing information comes at you or towards others. As this purge continues, a strength of identity is growing inside of you. While a necessary purge is occurring, it is important to separate yourself from the negative energy it is creating, and become confident in your True Self. It’s the time to increase this knowing. Thereby the Reality increases and the Illusions in the world are decreasing. This force is counting on stopping this from happening, by projecting disturbing thoughts and energies onto each one of us, so we can’t cut through to the beauty and power. You see?

Globally, Mercury Retro in Aries forces political situations to shift fast. Challenging information brought out to the public could cause heads to reel with what is uncovered. Too much information which must be deciphered, untangled and sorted. That intelligent thing is sifting and changing everything and so many who have hidden are exposed.

With Mercury in a square to Saturn and Pluto now, abuses of power and epic financial activities intertwined with certain ambitions are exposed.What an incredible time to be alive to witness such dramatic world events.

A strong decision to take action

Aries by the way rules the head, the brain, the Higher Self versus your ego self. Mercury is urging you to come to a conclusion, realize something about who you are and what is good for you. Seek the inner light that can run your life better than the ego and stay on track.

The theme of this Mercury Retrograde:

Get yourself to move forward with your life, now that a Purge is occurring within self and all around us. Choose which identity you embrace, the real or the ego. And how do we know which one is which? It’s felt in the shift inside.

Eliminate all destructive situations in your life now.

During this period, refraining from negative thoughts, words, gossip and complaining is crucial, as it will become magnified by the astrology now. Counteract the negative waves which can try to poison your ambitions and paralyze you. What we send out now, will come back only bigger, right back at us in some form so watch your own thoughts. Goodwill, innocence, love and helpful thoughts are crucial now. We are in a war, and it is the battle for our minds and after the power inside our own souls. We are all protected if we stay positive. Put one foot in front of the other, every day when you get up in the morning. Something is aggressively attempting to disrupt it. You can gain ground every day by some form of morning and evening ritual.

Mercury conjoins Venus in Aries  = Love Decisions, Movement towards the Heart of Truth

What really matters? Bring your worth out. What do you value? Your heart and soul are your priority. Become suddenly very real about what you need and don’t need. Starting a new project is in the air, or a renewed determination. Venus can also emphasize women issues, friendships, love, planning, fun, generosity, spending and earning money, giving gifts and loving to be with your favorite people. Conversations are powerful, honest and to the point. Contracts and arrangements?  Proceed with Caution until April 15 2018.

Venus Mercury square Pluto and Saturn

A posture of caution, controlling and jaded perspectives, discovering secret things that may have an adverse effect upon a part of your life versus Venus and Mercury together open up the heart and the intuition and be stronger than this problem. Your love in your heart is intelligent, and knows already something uneasy is going on…. your heart might be picking up something in the air is not right, and there is a tension, a foreboding. So yes, the beautiful parts of Venus love and activities are there, but the squares to Saturn and Pluto demand an evaluating of your choices quickly.

March is a month of steering your ship back on course.

Regain control over your life. Take it back. Visualize your Victory and review your powers list.

Invoke Joy. 

Mercury initiates us to be empowered again. Just because you are sensing strange energies right now, doesn’t mean the worst case scenarios are going to occur…the negative  beings some call fallen ones, are masters at projecting their own demise onto us, which is what I saw had been happening.  Be happy, powerful, emanate joy. You are more powerful than any dark thing.

Mercury in Aries square Uranian Planet Hades at 4 – 6° Cancer, square Saturn in Capricorn and Pluto in Capricorn.

Active from March 8 – April 20, 2018. Hades represents a sort of wormhole where darkness comes through. The Uranian planet Hades is  a place of vulnerability where darkness of a particular type pours in and tries to infiltrate. Reverse it with confidence…keep calling it down ( affirmations below)

 Bring into your life more color, more music, more beauty and friends. Be with strong loving comforting people. Generate the love. It’s time to get away from the heavy energies.

 We are in a battle March 6 on through April 20, fighting off limiting ideas, communications, burdens that appear to have no quick solution, unproductive meetings, psychic attacks, financial issues, discouraging conversations, heavy attitudes and disappointment in life and worry or frustrations with others. Something is trying to take control over our’ thinking patterns. It’s time to transform the restrictive with expansive visions. Use it to face the truth about something but quickly invoke the solutions to come and replace the restrictive. Use this cycle to make your life better, one step at a time.                            Place one foot in front of the other.

Mighty Divine Presence, consume and shatter all destructive energies coming through the transits of Mercury retrograde in Aries conjoin Venus, square Hades in Cancer, square Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. I Am Invoking the invincible Archangels to shatter all that is not light, around me and in my world. I Am calling for that divine perfection and protection into all my activities now! It is done!”

These dark projections sometimes can come from another place, and run through people like a dark wind, who then act on it and negatively think about us in some way or say something which hurts. Sometimes they are simply invisible focuses of entities and not people. Sometimes they are just projected upon us from nowhere and don’t even need a vessel to use. The astrological cycle is like the vortex that guides it but we can reverse it. Read on…

  1. This too shall pass. Invoke the direct opposite of what you are dwelling upon that is limiting.
  2. Look at this cycle as an opportunity to get real and decide to push through, continue to embrace your goals, and do them even though you don’t feel like it.
  3. Change your scenery…get out of the city, take a drive, put on your favorite music, call someone up and change the conversation in your head to something productive. Be around positive people, go watch an amazing movie, powerfully give positive affirmations and do chanting or meditations. Get into the forest and shut off your cell phone, in fact, don’t take it into nature.
  4. Go for a walk in nature, or by water. Trust me, leave your phone off, don’t sleep with it, and leave it in the car when you take your walk or drive or whatever you need to do . Get away from the WI-fi. Shut it off at night.
  5. Say this call out loud:

“ Divine Presence of All That Is love, positive, light, magnificent, invincible….Mighty Divine Presence, I call you now down into my mind, my feelings. Take control over all my outer activities this day and my thoughts. I call for your infinite happiness, success, protection, and reverse and roll off of me and my aura, all thoughts of depression, failure, discouragement and disappointment. Replace all this darkness now, with Light Light Light! I Am accepting and commanding the negative forces that are attempting to take me down, be removed completely from my world this day. Reveal to me the one thing I need to do this day to give love and be productive, no matter how small, medium or large it is. I Am the divine reality of hope and confidence.  I call for this clear vision now. I Am invoking the power of light from Divine Source to change my mind and attitude into infinite success and gratitude for everything that I have accomplished, loved, cared for, and have succeeded in, that this dark force is attempting to shut out of my mind. I claim it, and I call for it to now be in full control, Amen.”

March 15-19 Mercury trine North Node in Leo A break in the clouds

At the time of finishing this article, I suddenly saw a part of my ego that had always been there. Its narrative was, “take a break, you work so hard”, or, “there you got that done, now you’re finished, relax”. Stopping out of boredom, distractions, or losing interest was a pattern. Well, I caught it in the act! I vowed to push myself more…I noticed it tricked me into letting go, letting down, taking a break, stopping the momentum of so many things, when I could have kept a steadier pace and been further ahead. For me, it was very important to master this. I need to become more functional and regular. This was MY ego problem. At 10, I declared to my mother, swinging back and forth on her kitchen stool,  ” In this Life, I’m going to take it easy! I’m done with working so hard!”

The mind is open now to the solution, the constructive action, the EXPOSE OF THE EGO’S TRICKERY, the  leadership, creating new things, new ideas and so take your power back. You are desiring to connect, love and reach out. Breakthroughs and financial goals are made.

March 18-21 Mercury conjoin Venus again

Are you understanding more of who you really are and trusting your Higher Self? What is your true identity and how can you not compromise it?

There is positive planning and sharing. A desire to initiate positive action to love and value yourself more, care more, help each other shift the way you look at situations. Invoke the light into our lives to ease limitations and the potential of being too hard on oneself:

“I invoke the love and mantle of protection around my physical and financial world, our mental processes and thoughts, our habits and patterns which must be changed, our emotions and our capacity to tap into intuition, inspiration and love each day! I am sending out confidence, action and more love into my world all around me, than the negative this force is attempting to use against us. I Am Successful in giving love to everything and everyone now! “

March 22, 2018 Mercury Retrograde in Aries at 16° The entire theme of March/April is wrapped up in these following paragraphs.

Mercury retro in Aries conjoin Venus  –  Be like a warrior now, a martial arts Master, adept at swiftly invoking fire from our strength, affirmations, knowledge of yourself, to counteract the Saturn restrictive and contraction leading to a nongiving ungenerous nature, jaded or apathetic attitudes  Remember, these were some of the problems people were being haunted with, from themselves and/or from others, as if people became paralyzed.

Mercury square Pluto in Capricorn obsessing about being controlled in some way and subjected to abuses of power

And the Mercury square Hades in Cancer, replacing concerns of losing one’s security with strength and inner power of your Presence taking command of every day’s need. This Presence will protect you, invoke it.


( Hades on the left in Cancer …..oppose the Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Black Moon in Capricorn on the right……Mercury and Venus in Aries at the top. The message from Venus will motivate you to find what you treasure, along side with the clarity of the Mind, identify what is against your values. The top planets are at the tip of the T …yet an upside down T. The tip is where the power lies and that would be the planets Mercury and Venus. They are in control for your internalizing the strengths.  Your values, worth and convictions, what makes you, YOU, now has the power to act decisively on what you know is the right thing to do.. The power lies in your mind Mercury with Love, Venus.)

“I rejoice to see how the lightning flashes of foresight regarding the people’s welfare sparkle amidst your thoughts. These thoughts have to be launched into space. If you could daily spare half an hour for the future! Verily, the bonfire of your thoughts would receive Our welcome. Let the things of everyday life vanish, but, let the country of the future be embodied in thought. And what cleanses the spirit more thoroughly than thoughts about the welfare of others?” Morya 1924 Leaves of Morya’s Garden Pg181

“ I am a divine being with inherent worth and supreme value”

“ My mind is a garden, what I plant will bear fruit”

“ Change your mindset, and your life will change”

“ I am a warrior in the guardian of my mind. No negatives shall enter in.”

“Energy flows where attention goes”

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