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Mars and Saturn ~ Global Trends ~ Part Two


Part Two~Mars Retrograde, Saturn in Sagittarius and Global Trends ~ Cultural Preservation or Amnesia ~ April 28-August 2016

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There is so much to say in order to capture the essence of the Sagittarian theme of Cultural Diversity, and its value and need for preservation. The energy from Mars, as it approaches retrograde (which occurred late March up to April 17, 2016 and the strongest period of it from April 17-April 24), causes all sorts of trouble in people’s lives. When it is in Sagittarius, it inserts itself  by trying to wreck our peace, violate boundaries or instigate hurt and social damage someway or somehow.  It can also mark the moment when those elites who think they run the world might be more likely to step up the cultural destruction agenda again and attempt to wreak some global havoc. This article was to come first as Part One but the geo-earthquake and weather part of this article seemed more urgent last week to upload, so I cut it out, and made it Part One. Here is Part Two in which I desired to describe two things:

  • 1.   The magnificence of our soul’s history on this planet and
  • 2.  The mad agenda of a strange race and their activities of erasing our beautiful and amazing history time and time again.

Let’s see how concise and condensed I can pull this massive subject together as my motive is to give you something beautiful and inspiring, and never to bore you with lengthy facts or speculations going on and on, which I could easily do! Ask my family. Let’s begin with this interesting video below for starters:

Think for a moment upon something meaningful you may have recently become fascinated with maybe in the past two to three years. Maybe you have always been aware of it but Saturn in Sagittarius, the sign of cultural and historical richness, has pushed it a bit more to the front of your attention. It could be something like the evolution of machinery, the progressive revolution of transportation, automobiles or airplanes, or possibly the history of firearms, weapons and methods of battle. Or how about recipes for Indian, Moroccan and Middle Eastern cooking? Or what about the historical diaries, journals and documents of the early colonists, their beliefs, spirituality, education and motivations? Or the art of crochet, quilt making, or the use of looms, weaving and wool dying, where it originated, what materials did they use, and who discovered it? (Is this way too nerdy? Bear with me, it’s a Sagittarius theme here.) For me, I love documentaries about early American immigrants and how their music, dance and language sort of mutated, I guess you could say, everywhere they moved as it meshed with other nationalities, such as in the case of Irish Music  (click here for just one more ) and the BlueGrass Clog Music and Dance.  How is it so similar?  And then there is an almost forgotten culture of Gullahs Geechees mixing Celtic/African/Creole/English on their islands off the Carolinas.  Also, our early immigrants took their Celtic and it became Appalachian Bluegrass.  Some of that Arcadian Music mixed with French and found its way to the Americas in the South French and created Doug Kershaw, uh I mean Cajun. (Okay, don’t judge me, I was raised on a little bit of everything.)   The strong message Saturn in Sagittarius is putting out to all of us, is don’t destroy the Culture.  Harness the power of Mars to defend, educate and protect it.  Few even care to know or remember this history of our American Music. Another favorite subject of mine is the migration of Hebrews, Phoenicians and Egyptian colonies to America and the artifacts and clues they left behind.

I purchased a documentary years ago, tracing ancient origins of Native American Tribes back to Judaic, Egyptian, Phoenician and African Nations.

Chiricahua-Apache-Indians-girl-clothing They were not migrating descendants from Mongolia or South America alone, but Egyptians, Hebrews, Africans.  Have you noticed a sudden epic interest in historical research in general? Re-examining artifacts, geographical epic events and megalithic sites in order to expose our history as it actually could have been has been a fascinating adventure.  I am pleased to find these wonderfully obsessive people traveling to ancient sites revealing key points in architecture we have all just simply overlooked in the past, but now have completely different meanings describing our history. Such researchers, such as Dr. Sam as in the Bosnian pyramid complex, volunteering their time and money to be part of the discoveries. These researchers challenge contradictory historical data with their own independent findings and send us back vivid reports of what they are uncovering.  Many are serious professionals, sacrificing their reputations to uncover the truth.  Most of them do not have any monetary reward.  It is for the sheer reward of the discovery of the truth of our earth’s history. Many of these exposés are coming from Christopher Dunn,  David Childress,  John Anthony West,  Dr Sam Osmanagich of the Bosnian Pyramids complex, Brien Foerster, Stephen Mehler, Dr. Joseph Farrell, Robert Bauval, Dr. Paul LaViolette (Please begin video at the 52 minutes to 1:00 part, especially ) and Graham Hancock, are only a few providing the new powerful food for the mind for millions hungry for the truth of our history and what globally happened to our ancient civilizations. It’s a good idea to begin uncovering what happened to us so we can come out of amnesia and take our power back from those who could have been partially, or maybe fully, responsible for creating it in the first place. (That’s me on the bottom of the megalithic needle.) Megalithic Julie Apri 3 I feel so many are waking up rapidly in particular areas from a deep sleep and gravitating to their particular interests. It is refreshing to watch a professional, independent researcher present their findings without being afraid of being barred by their university when he or she returns home. They are all willing to connect logical dots, find similarities between similar archaeological ruins and buildings or artifacts in separate geographical locations. They are not afraid to speculate and voice their opinions as opposed to the mainstream historians. I have heard quite a bit about a modern researcher challenging the mainstream documentation; his name is Anatoly Fomenko. His books are below with links. I have them and plan on reading them all. fomenko Why am I introducing all this History and Culture to a Mars Retrograde article? Because Mars retrograde is considered a trigger. It needs to be watched because it has the potential to initiate a reckless repeating of an agenda to eliminate truth– a campaign for a continual confiscating of rare finds, roping off physical evidence of our natural history, or destroying the remaining evidence coming to light at this time. Saturn is urging us to educate ourselves about it and Mars could instigate a conflict over it.  Inherent within these sites, books, artifacts etc. is truth that we are all much older, wiser and advanced than we all thought. Now and especially in ancient times.  In order to stop the seekers from recovering their true history, an aggressive Martian calculation has been and could again be instigated to wipe out and erase the truth and slowly replace it with a false history to control their beliefs. By discovering this evidence that is coming out, we see that humanity in ancient times was not much different from present times, in a way. To see what we have gone through, the incredible cycles of technology, medicine and advanced spiritual heights is truly mind expanding once you begin checking out the evidence, such as ingenious, ancient surgical tools, for one. When we observe the patterns of their rise and fall, we see a pattern unfolding surrounding the unique civilizations all over the world. We observe patterns of their beauty, architecture, then destruction and wipe out, culture after culture and then it begins to drive a message home. Incredible buildings, statues, architecture and knowledge, some of it cannot be replicated today, was remarkable. The stories in our history books did not do justice to the glory of these societies, region by region, across the entire planet, nor did they describe accurately what, how and why they were erased or destroyed. What is going on with this, big picture? Hum, to me, it looks like the exact same individuals and groups in power now have returned to pick up where they had left off. Is it possible these very same evolutions, let’s call them, have returned again and again to complete their agenda? I could not believe any one diabolical individual, group or race would desire to spend entire lifetimes seeking ultimate power and transforming a place to suit their own cultural comfortability but I write to you tonight with all I have studied and I am concluding it is true, and, yes, they are insane. It’s a good idea to begin uncovering what happened to us so we can come out of amnesia and take our power back from those who could have been partially, or maybe fully, responsible for creating the amnesia worldwide in the human race in the first place. If we don’t, Mars in Sagittarius retrograde is a red flag to me, March to August 2016, that they are about to escalate and attempt to do it to us again, one way or another.  Please don’t feel powerless and overwhelmed. It’s simple. Understanding this story I am presenting to you and the accompanying images, videos, documentations and references, and giving powerful affirmations, (included at the end) is EVERYTHING.  It is the most powerful weapon against the agenda of those ruining our earth as a beautiful platform of divine civilization for multi-purposes for the ages to come. This March/April through August 2016, everything could break wide open.  It isn’t racial, nationalist or political.  We are speaking about a type of consciousness that has multiple avenues of instigating chaos against souls with multiple types of weaponry, and who might appear as nice, educated, normal organizations, corporations or individuals, but do not have the same desires for peace and advancement, culturally, as we do. By their fruits ye shall know them. Mars Retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius, i.e. cultural, ethical and moral standards, is stirring everything up. Earthquake and weather extremes, relocation of large portions of an area, uprooting of homes, culture, beauty and love to leave it all behind and move.  Mars is escalating the lingering illnesses, social and personal hurts and betrayals, unsettling arguments, social traumas. It could be partially the energy behind an escalation of political posturing and threat of war, disasters, fires and accidents. Suspicious deaths and controversial public activities of all kinds that stir powerful emotions in people. It is an invasive, aggressive energy attempting to mess up our personal peace. Remember, Mars retrograde is just a planet heating things up and can irrationally cause the earth, elemental nature life and people to also heat up and become reactionary, or it can motivate the right people where you find them saying, “I have had enough!” Action is Mars’ modus operandi. You can harness Mars and funnel it into constructive confrontation and change. People who are born with Mars in Sagittarius are some of the most righteous crusaders with the largest hearts I have ever seen. They do not give up striving for the higher way, for themselves, their families and the world. In 2014, when the planet Saturn began moving through the zodiac sign Sagittarius, it started teaching us to raise the standard of our lives in so many ways, (including cultural, historical, geographical locations of serious interest, religious and social patterns) expanding our thinking outside our own world. Now, with Uranus in the beginning of a trine to Saturn from 20-24° Aries, a new cycle begins that could provide evidence to change the way people see and understand these historical things. DSC09592 The exact moment of this Saturn trine Uranus event  locking in would be 2017-2018. So we are a year away from witnessing a recipe for enlightened breakthroughs within activities of cultures, societies, geography, astronomy, technology and civilizations. We are in a fantastic time to restore our history and not allow the dark agenda to repeat.  Something happened on this earth in several different stages.  It was common to just accept that it was a comet, an asteroid, a pole shift or mega earth changes. That is very probable, but the tampering of the truth, the peculiar sealed tunnels 2,000 to 4,000 years after tunnel structures had already been built in certain sites, the hard to ignore references in so many ancient stories of battling races with super technology, it seems as if we were also defending ourselves from something that did not want to see us evolve as we were supposed to. Johnny megalith Uranus at 20-24° Aries trine Saturn at 18-24° Sagittarius December 2016-2017, secures cultural breakthroughs with evidence proving that numerous civilizations existed several thousand years ago with more advanced abilities than many thought. By the time Saturn is in a 120° aspect to any particular planet, an acceptance is taking place either within yourself or within the world.  Exploration of ancient sites is the most fascinating way to learn. These expansive, ancient, hard-to-reach sites are found in tunnels, deep in forests, megalithic structures on high mountainous regions, underwater, caves and jungles. DSC09642They hold keys to how we lived and possibly what our societies could have been like. Similar stories, like these, are multiplied all over the globe. Cultural patterns, similar to each other, repeatedly describe going underground, isolating their culture away from the mainstream deep in the desert or high on top of a mountain. The intruders would destroy most of it, leaving remnants behind. All these stories and more, are embedded in the rocks, runes, artifacts and tablets at these amazing and, sometimes, frightening sites. Once you wrap your mind around the tangible rubble of a shattered megalith fortress, retreat or castle, and realize it wasn’t time, weather or earthquakes that knocked these buildings down, (similar in build, style, stone and altitude) all throughout the world, they appear to have been ruined in the same manner and you begin to wonder if this was some kind of attempted genocide. Just wondering. Giovanni_Paolo_Pannini_-_Sibyl_and_the_ruins_of_Rome_end,_1750What on earth kind of a threat could we have possibly been? When you think about yourself, just a regular human minding his or her own business, trying to just get through her day, what kind of a threat is this little life to this “RACE” of individuals who appear to have everything? What could I, we, possibly be doing or possessing that is standing in the way of their GRAND MASTER PLAN anyway, to justify and motivate them to systematically remove all signs of our true history, and implementing numerous devious ways to numb us down or debilitate us? They must be very, very threatened and afraid of us for some reason. Hum, I wonder what it could be all about? If anyone has any ideas about this curious paranoia they have about our little existence here on this planet, I really would like to know. Megalith Alex Climbing Ap;ril 2 julieOur purpose with this Mars in Sag, is to take its energy and move as one community for the civilization to be as we intend.  Remember who we really are. If it is true, the impression I am coming to is that there has been a wipe-out, possibly many mini wipe-outs over time, and we are waking up from amnesia. Who did this and who continues doing this to us? It shatters the continuity of progress of our souls and what we are attempting to build and achieve here on this rich planet. More later, Love, Christine family in front of dolman “Beloved Divine I Am that I Am and the most magnificent Archangels and Archai, Heavenly Beings and Great Light of invincible power, wisdom and love from the highest realms of the Heavens, I Am calling for invincible protection around all that is beautiful, constructive, nurturing, in alignment with the Light and Love on this planet. I Am calling for divine protection around myself, my family, our home, my divine purpose, and all constructive individuals on Earth. I call for the ultimate protection completely of the Earth. Divine Beings of the most exquisite Love, seal us now with your Mighty Shields of Fiery Electric Blue. Create a Golden Chain Mail around every soul of love and light and prevent completely any darkness to enter here, it is done, in the name I Am, Amen” 


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