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Mercury Retro at 12* Pisces – February 16 – March 10, 2020


Mercury retrograde Feb 16 – March 10 2020 at 12* Pisces conjoin Black Moon and Neptune at 5 and 17* Pisces

This mysterious cycle leads us to correct our flaws, make peace with our failures and draw down upon the Mystic graces of Kuan Yin, the divine Mother such as Mary, the ancient divine goddesses of Mercy, Love, Wisdom and Benevolence. With this Mercury heightening the focus upon Pisces with the Black Moon, a conscious memory has returned to many as to who you/we really are, and why then have we been living compromised? Are you sensing an almost silent prayer to restore to self some meaningful from either from your past, or something you have always believed was meant to be? Because it is YOU?

The Beauty of this moment,  starting as early as February 1,  keeps this idea circulating in your mind.  It could be a consuming vision similar to, “who was I before all these strange hardships began?  How did I use to be? Can I recover what I use to love, be like, feel like in my strongest times?  How can I bring this into my hands?”  Do you feel moved to capture an essence of your nature that had been damaged in the war.

Mercury’s close connection to Neptune, the natural ruler of Pisces, inspires one to reach a state that will  involve renewing one’s belief or faith in the mystical, the transcendental. An ideal.

It is the mind’s strategy now, planning out the intention to resolve
one’s weaknesses, and move towards a new path of making love the mission, dropping all the rest.

The power of this ephemeral and magical movement towards Divine Love and Peace continues up through March 10 2020. Wherever you have Pisces in your chart, Mercury will amplify, magnify the meaning of that house and planets there, zeroing in on this area infusing everything in that house w with a renewed belief something wonderful can happen here. It magnifies compassion, resolve, love and surrendering one’s weaknesses and human limitations…for this is what Pisces does best.

On a more mundane side of things….Mercury in these aspects might increase a tendency to escape, to be vague, withhold facts and even simply disappear, leaving a trail of confusion. Something unresolved, unclear is pervasive.

It is so important throughout this cycle to keep focusing upon the BIG PICTURE. Trust you inner intuition. Trust your soul.

Be simplified and stand naked before the Sun allowing rays of healing guide you. Be Real. Be objective, spherical, capture the concepts the larger scope of themes, intentions, messages and overall gestures with all communication, as the details and specifics might not be there for you to hash over now.

There are facts we don’t know. There are so many things our outer mind has no ability to process nor understand, and so Pisces relies upon higher guidance and intuition. People you might need to speak with, do business with or reach out to, are not so easily available or they might be evasive, disappointing.

Global dramas such as wide spread potential for sickness, quarantined areas, clinics, sanctuaries, hospitals, all come under Pisces Mercury Retro conjoin Neptune and Black Moon.

Yet, again, is it the concept or idea of it spreading out of control, or fact? Correct information, data and updates are confusing, nor can we really count on the accuracy reported.


As the Mercury retro travels up to March 4-9, and turns direct in Aquarius 28*, a new mental sharpness emerges, fixing problems, ingenious remedies, communication, facts shared, productive conversations with every situation. Regarding this virus, clarity of solutions can emerge. Facts and antidotes could penetrate the mist of confusion or unclear details. This will be incredibly helpful whether it is global crisis or personal truth one is searching for. Whatever is your place of diffused and misdirected suffering, the March 4-9 Mercury can be the turn around of many past challenging events which have taken place from mid December 2019 on up to the present.

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