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Mercury Retrograde-Leo July 2012

external image Mercury-flyby-3.jpg

Mercury Regrograde-12 Degrees Leo – July 14 2012

external image Mercury-flyby-3.jpg

Well, here we are again.  A new Mercury Retrograde period, July 14 through August 8 2012,brings that miraculous conscience guiding planet penetrating our minds with ideas, ideas, ideas everytime it goes retrograde, coaxing and impressing us with yet another key assignment to ponder.What will it be this time?
How is it that the movement of this one planet can compel us to concentrate upon a new idea and it seems to just slip into our consciousness so subtly?  One day we are thinking about our life and events just as usual, then suddenly, a few weeks before a Mercury retrograde, and we are contemplating a new approach, a new job, a new course of action, or a new perspective?

     You are being guided by the intelligent magnetic energy of Mercury.  This summer it is in Leo at 12 degrees.
Observe a few weeks before the retrograde date ( July 14) how you are already thinking a new thought which helps proceed with a fresh new hope and inspiration.  Mercury will be in sextile to Venus, trine to Uranus, sextile to Mars,  sextile to Moon and Jupiter as it turns retrograde.  The theme this July is positive.  It is a calm balanced acceptance of situations in your life, personally and globally.  It is a grace period of feeling the internal confidence growing within, and there is a light, an intelligence you possess that is actually incredibly capable.   With good conscience and good will, you can take this inner idea about yourself now, and make an impact upon your world around you, more than you realized.

      A.   Take a sober look at what you may have concluded or learned in the past few months, which may have been a bit challenging.   Write it down and make peace with it. Say “It is what it is, and no wishing can magically transform it, not now at least, so I need to make peace with this.”
       B.   Now feel deep inside your spirit.  Feel that Will that is tied to your inner identity, your inner feelings and what you just know about yourself.   Where do you want to go with your life?  How do you want it to feel and be like? Ponder what you will and will not allow to happen to you and yours.  Feel the Self pouring life into your world, into your heart and be filled with awe that even though there is this thing that has been realized as truth, that may be difficult, there is still YOUR LIFE to live.  You owe it to yourself to grow and expand the inner Will so that you see it as bigger than this outside situation.  You owe it to those who need you now.
       C.  Make an agreement with yourself that no matter what this outside external issue has been, you will never allow this challenging thing to sway you, change your inner private vision of self respect, dignity, confidence and competence!  It will never change your plans and goals and belief in your destiny.   It is that eternal power and love mixed in with your inner truth that is tied to another dimension where higher thought and exalted goals are cherished.  This world may pass away ( as we have known it) but this inner fire, this inner reality will never pass away.

Now, the goal then of this Mercury in Leo retrograde would be to concentrate upon your inner presence of who you really are, who you know you are inside that is good and strong, and begin expressing it outside.  Begin exuding it, being it, allow it to come out and radiate this wonderful truth about yourself.

     Empowered confident days to enjoy this new commitment and this greater belief in yourself are the following:
  July 5, 6,
  July 12th – 16th
July 21 – 24
  July 24   -25  and 27th  has Mercury inconjunct Chiron and Pluto, which is tricky for communication, confidence and staying focused, however, there is still an amazing clarity in the midst of dealing with some disruptive people, strange missed meetings, car problems, bad traffic, there is still the capacity to know yourself and hold your own in the midst of a sort of potentially jangled few hours these two days.This is because Mercury is also trine Uranus, and sextile Jupiter.
  July 28 – August 11 Can be a special time of finding the once perplexing conflict challenging your conscience and mind for the most of 2012, is now becoming a not so dominating issue, because so many other more creative activities bringing confidence and joy into yours and others lives, are taking presidence over the negative one now.

In a nutshell, this period between July 1 through August 11, peaking on July 14, can very much restore your confidence and your clarity of putting all things in proper perspective.  It will help you come out of any excessive sobering fixations or worries, and move you into the heart.  Somehow, what truth comes to you during this period about yourself or that helps you grow empowered,  is going to bring you back to life and place the problem into its own proper place.

Find your peace within, and connect with that magnificent person that has always been inside.
You know you can depend upon this jewel, this Presence to be there for you now.  He, She will not let you down, nor let you forget that this inner Presence is bigger than this particular problem.


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