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My Security and Foundation – The Fourth House


The Fourth House, is ruled by the Zodiac Sign Cancer, and is connected to the MOON. it is the place in our charts where we are looking for security and a warm fuzzy feeling of safety, comfort and food. We must admit, we all need shelter from the weather. If the planet Uranus is in your 4th house, in Aquarius or Capricorn especially, one could find their home on a mountain in a cave, but usually it’s a home with a roof, a fridge and pantry, and a warm bed.

Whatever sign is on that 4th house cusp, and planets if any, in the 4th, will describe our home, the house we are attracted to, our family life especially growing up, our financial or abundance security issues, whether we can get ahead, and what could be the challenges in our personal private world no one is aware of. I have seen Pluto in the 4th house with several people who have been raised in alcoholic families. With plenty of Aquarius planets, the father was in the Air Force and they moved constantly as a military child. With Jupiter in Libra in the 4th house, a life of affluence could be the norm but along with a casual expectation of this is the way my personal life always will be.  If Virgo or Taurus is on the 4th, agriculture, farming, country home, or a house filled with engineers, contractors, builders or very practical father who works in oil/gas/mining or the earth could be strong.

With Sagittarius in the 4th, a powerful influence coming from the father, but both parents of adventure, travel, expansion and a cavalier outlook in their emotional temperament. Also, the negative of Sagittarius could occur, such as lacking common sense, poor boundaries, crossing the line, and clueless as to how one or both of the parents’ attitudes and lifestyle are impacting you.  The fourth house is your emotional foundation and security, your home, office building, your real estate and place to contain your memories and family conditioning.  It is the house of the basement, the stomach and emotional body. It is white, the 4th ray, and is governed by the Master Serapis Bey.  It rules the base chakra, the fount of light, and if we misuse that base chakra, we experience a lack of money and security. Taurus in the 4th could tend to horde, absorb or pull in light and stuff in order to acquire things, money, houses, light. Where Scorpio on the 4th, could have their light, home, and all their stuff for themselves and family come from inheritance, partners or others investing, but, there is usually a great price one has to pay with surrendering and sacrifice to others’ challenging lives, careers or personalities, especially the father, or the father of your children, when Scorpio is in the 4th house.

So this is the fourth house description.


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