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The unbelievably absurd or refreshingly divine genius against tyrant Saturn or the loving Authority.

Clown World

Feb 10 – 25, peaking on the date of Feb 17, 2021

Returning June 10 -20, peaking June 15, 2021

Dec 15-30, peaking Dec 24, 2021

The strongest times are the dates above. However, we are in this theme throughout the entire year.  For our personal planning – use this time to create an upgrade in your life. More order, structure, increase the integrity you desire to live in. Nurture community. Take care of each other. Prepare for the weird, the unexpected, yet Saturn wants to bring order out of your chaos now. All year, work towards that. Also, value your uniqueness, freedom and independence Don’t let it go.

The new theme  globally is the necessity to remain diligent in preserving our organic and divine existence against bouts of extreme technological invasiveness. It is the clashing of two planets, one, the consternation of Saturn, and second, unconventional liberating and sometimes technological and unruly Uranus.

Saturn pressures us to accept reality, supposedly in a healthy way. It brings order out of chaos. When Saturn is in Aquarius, it helps us to accept realities involving all Aquarian things such as global community situations, humanity trends and guidance, ( the rules) technology, science, identification with a social group and of course, being allowed to express our own independent unique natures, even if it can get a little radical and eccentric.

If the lower nature comes out, Saturn in Aquarius becomes too rigid and fanatical in its attempt to reign in things out of control, such as, people, mechanically restricting the spontaneity of Aquarius’s natural self expression. Saturn forces regulations upon innovative spontaneous forms of expression, inspiration, motivation and originality. Aquarius is electrical and Saturn tries to control and harness it. Aquarius rules our human race, especially our potential and Saturn either inspires achieving another level of incredible originality and advancement or it clamps down to snuff every last form of it out of existence. This theme of just the Saturn part, began March 2020.

When this Saturn in Aquarius makes a conflict with Aquarius’ planet, Uranus, we now have a serious clash. Something wants to fight back, question, rebel. It’s not the beginning of the clash, but the first time this problem is truly being challenged, and will increase throughout 2021.

Lets look at this several ways.

The clash between the highest Saturn’s purpose which is to implement an advanced form of free and advanced humanity and the Uranus’ in Taurus financial hoarding, technological elitism, and science/medicine privileged agenda molded into the  material world is the new war…. even to the extent of mechanizing human bodies, for whatever purpose.

Uranus on the other hand, can be disjointed and absurd, revolutionary and sometimes outrageous uncooperative and express illogical craziness leaning towards the insane in its behavior, patterns, pronouncements and has no problem blowing up Saturn’s attempt to bring order out of chaos.

Ready for more confusion?

But, the evolved expression of Uranus in Taurus could bring back the gold standard, inspires new businesses, releases higher intelligence for innovation, humanitarian fairness, promote advanced business, abundance, spiritual enhancement, and this Uranus could just as easily move against, the  lower unevolved Saturnian narrative that goes way overboard demanding to reign in chaos because this type can not handle anything in which it can not 100% control. It fears spontaneity, creativity and freedom. It is wired to control and has very little appreciation for the creative and independent. It doesn’t trust it. At the lowest level of this Saturn position at its core in the astral world, an absolute paralyzing fear of the Spirit which can not be controlled you will find.  Both the higher and the lesser can be operating throughout the entire year. We want to focus upon the highest change.

Uranus in Taurus’ positive:

Liberty, truth, transparency and monetary abundance based upon real value – bring forth genius, clairvoyance, mystical capabilities, Individuality, freedom , ultimate creativity and ability to change, accelerate, progress, advance and transform self and one’s life situations. This higher Uranus in Taurus challenges the Saturn in Aquarius’ rigid unbending intolerance, social rules, in a sort of neurotic form of artificial intelligence deep mind world devoid of love or conscience.

Saturn’s Positive in Aquarius

The discipline of reaching a high conscientious objective to care for others, honoring each persons’ free will, through love, to be what and whom they desire to be, realizing each person possesses their own right to grow and evolve freely in integrity, trusting through higher intelligence, information and support, each individual and communities are using their free will to care about self governing in order to bring the community to the best functioning place possible. Using high objective intelligent abilities to solve problems. The responsibility to move towards liberation and freedom in all ways.

When the positive energies of Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus are expressed, it would create a continual discussion everywhere of managing all the extreme destructive tendencies, above. In other words, the Saturn would attempt to rely upon the truth to settle issues and create structures and order. Saturn would monitor the Uranus in Taurus’ extreme technological agendas interfering and fusing into every single invasive level of human existence.

Saturn would also monitor all Uranus’ big tech agencies, companies whose relationship with the world is impersonal non-human, in Taurus, seeking financial gain and Taurus ownership of things, at its root. Saturn then would take on the task of the Parent Authority Presence putting in policy and restraints to insure the planet  remains organic, natural and free., and does not turn into a machine. Saturn in Aquarius is the responsibility from March 2020 when it began, until  March 7, 2023.

When the higher aspect of Uranus’ Alchemical formula is expressed and allowed to thrive, that special Uranus in Taurus magic emerges. It releases the uncommon beauty of life, pours treasures from the Alchemical materializing into our physical world, uplifting us towards all things Golden, abundant, creative, true and  of eternal value and quality, organic and unique. Wouldn’t you want to live in a civilization which not only values this sort of thing, but also views each individual as a treasure, able to reach their full capacity to create this for themselves and others?

It’s job would be to be so quicksilver, brilliant, innovative and charged with that electrical freedom, no Saturnian could contain and control it for it’s own dark purposes, which is always in its perversion, to snuff out  the uncommon and free spirit.  And, without the firm logical objectivity of the Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus can become wild, untamed, prone to accidents and an extreme unsettling life.  We need the highest of both powers.

Music Video

This combination is flowing in and out of the other MAJOR THEME of 2021, the Jupiter Saturn conjunction which Peaked on December 19-21 2000.  Just because it is no longer in an exact conjunction doesn’t mean its influence has gone away. In 2021 it continues releasing a matrix of the benevolence of Jupiter’s moral and just qualities, expanding cultural blessings with the Saturn’s structure. Remember, Saturn in Aquarius, bringing order out of chaos.

However, just like any other planetary theme, we want to be on guard for the lower nature, which would be Cultural (Jupiter) control, with a moral narrative, for the sake of unifying and homogenizing mankind ( Aquarius, again.) Borg or Divine Man,  Just remember that, as a general theme for global Aquarius issues. (Not individuals, who happen to be Aquarians, please.)

The third and most mysterious theme is the transit of Neptune in Pisces square to the Nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius which peaked exact on January 20, 2021. The next Neptune/Node event won’t be until March 2022, so we’ll see if my theory holds, that until the next Neptune event, we’ref locked into this nebulous mirror strangeness world until then. This cycle marks a moment in time of silence, secrets, information going underground. It brings utter confusion, grasping at any little thing to make sense out of the most peculiar and unexplainable situations. Movements, news, events, data, documents, video and intuition. Neptune in square also demands a decision – a strong intuition. Trusting the connecting of dots. You are now Sherlock Holmes. It requires patience, observance and putting the puzzle pieces together, things you absolutely can verify which are accurate, true and can count on…these are your leads.


A quick rundown on the faster moving planets for the week


February 7 – Venus at 6* Aquarius square Uranus at 6* Taurus – Unexpected social change of plans at the last minute. A bit restless, touchy, desiring a change. Global social shocks, unexpected things emerge shaking up peope’s values. What’s new these days? 

Feb 8 – Mercury conjoin Sun in Aquarius – A bright, intelligent extremely logical day. Good for mail, correspondence, decisions, truth and transparency. All communications and getting around, networking, connecting should be good.

February 9 – ( Feb 3 – Feb 15)  Saturn sextiles Chiron in Aries – Whatever troubles you, Saturn can help you unravel it, plan it out and fix it.  Partnership supports you, upgrades, talks things out – heals and brings a new perspective to replace the old frustrations.

February 10-11 – Venus conjoins Jupiter at 12* Aquarius and Mercury trines the North Node.  Creative ideas poured into your projects. Finances are positive – things go well, purchases are smart, reasonable. The attitude is positive, expansive and wants to create something wonderful out of a not so exciting circumstance.

February 10 – Mercury square Mars – Along with constructive work, clear minded and good communications, there can be an urgency, impatience and impulse to control the conversation, get one’s message out and speed up some decisions that must be made.


Use these times for serious work for reigning in our own chaos, and observe the world as a beautiful time of disruptive challenges to flush out what is not in our best interest forever. Right now, Clown World is to be seen as Theater, yet pour in your own magic to bring the chaos to the highest wonderfulness.



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