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Pre-July Updates To Prepare For~ June 9 2019


June 9, 2019

The new Mercury retrograde is already influencing our lives. It tends to shift our perspective and introduce new challenges to solve.

I’ll be writing in detail about this new cycle in a few days, just giving everyone a heads up, it’s in the air, even though the retrograde does not occur officially until July 7 2019.  It will be in Leo at 4*.and in a challenging aspect to Uranus so you might want to begin now stepping up your awareness of unusual behavior occurring in others. The tendency for an increase of alienating and rejecting behaviors, contrary people in our meetings and planning with others, unexpected interferences,  irrational drivers, imbalanced people feeling more agitated.

Please watch your step, take care of your physical body. Try not to launch brand new huge projects that require major complex steps. Some of this could be inevitable, such as starting a new job. Keep saying in your mind to let it flow, relax and take one day at a time. In other situations which you do have control over, try to wait to launch anything risky 0r brand new during July 1-20 if possible. If it is impossible to wait, then just keep it simple. We’ll go into the Mercury on a later date.

I’m sensing a bit of the chaos attempting to upset people as of June 9.  If an unusual tension begins to be noticed within your every day routines,  remain non-reactive. Handle the unexpected as cool as possible. Speak directly and use facts with communications.  Be positive and move the conversation forward in an uplifting outlook towards future success and problem solving. 

Be helpful, insightful and encouraging from now on as much as possible. Stay optimistic, and avoid dwelling on complicated dramas. July could trigger people to act impulsively. If we are impulsive now, it could feed into this potentially disruptive time.

Try to keep everything in your mind, your work, your routines as simple and straightforward as possible. If your life  begins to show signs of complicated steps, multi-layered pieces to anything, even a family reunion lets say, start backing up and disengage from the potential mess. The trick is to remain as uncomplicated this summer as possible. Make NO ROOM for the unexpected catastrophe to land in your life. Make lists, check them twice, 10 times! World Events could also be edgy with at least one unexpected disruption happen. A rise in volatile and controversial events can increase during a square from Uranus like this. Unexpected severe weather can also erupt.

Another tricky event in July is the Lunar Eclipse on July 15/16.  As we’ve studied in the past, these bizarre, sneaky and negative Lunar events can orchestrate situations where we look back and say, ” I wish I had not agreed to this, what was I thinking?”  More about this later, but for now, start planning a watchful eye for subtle poor judgment and internal filters not working as well.  Look out for yourself ( and loved ones) as early as July 10-20, stay alert.

Both the Mercury retrogrades and Lunar Eclipses have changed in their behavior in the past year and a half.  Mercury retro once helpful bringing mental insights and breakthroughs during the times it begins to turn retro, has recently since December 2017, changed into a more negative and heavier influence.

Lunar eclipses have always been deceptive and tricky, leaving one with a confused hypnosis sort of effect as to “why on earth would I have said, agreed or done this or that? This did not work out the way I assumed it would.”  in otherwords, you can’t trust your good judgment during Lunar Eclipses. 

Its challenging influence has lengthened. Typically ending about 5 days after the actual eclipse peak ( July 15-20 ), now seems to drag on and on into even a month later with potential upsets occurring even one month after the Eclipse date peaked. So continue to be watchful up through August 15th, but I’m counting on the main cycle to be challenging between July 10-20.

Why would Mercury retrogrades and Lunar eclipses change? My guess is there is not enough positive powerful light being sent out into our planet and beyond to counteract the astrological impact. There is an increase of spiritual or humanity progress in one sense,  but certain darker energies are increasingly EXTREMELY agitated…. It is possible, the more difficult astrology cycles could be increasingly manipulated. Again, more on these thoughts later.

The Solar Eclipse is typically positive as it helps us zero in on the one thing that must be addressed at that time. 

Its influence will be felt beginning June 25, and come to a full eclipse moment on July 2. The new mindset and awareness that it reveals should be experienced as a SUDDENLY new inspiration and priority we must handle.

The last thing I wanted to share, was an idea to write WEEKLY STARDROPS for you.  If this comes together, every Sunday a Mini-Blueprint Theme  for the upcoming week would appear in your inbox. Small treasures would be included within that week’s release. 

The energy on earth has once again shifted dramatically in 2019, for several reasons I speculate,  and I’m urging you, me, all of us, to step it up with the Morning Ritual of your choice, and I will comment more on that later also.

A veil is being lifted rapidly, as Uranus enters fully the sign of Taurus now  As we spoke about in several past articles, Taurus not only rules over the economy, but machines; Uranus governs Technology, Space, Change and Sudden Acceleration of THE NEW and UNCONVENTIONAL This sudden acceleration of our physical world thrusting us into a space based economy, defense, travel, confrontations , forces our individual minds and awareness to have to grapple so much new information, and really difficult physics and concepts to understand. We can do this without losing our inner spiritual values and strength. The technology itself  that is all around us, on top of the increased information we’re trying to absorb, has a tendency to diffuse our inner-powers of concentration. Greater focus is required to stay connected to the Presence, as the culture is being affected by this technology and the narratives which go with it.

So much to talk about and contemplate.  Have a good week!

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