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The Planets in Your Chart


The Powers Inspiring Life

The Planets instigate actions, powers and movement in our lives as they travel through the solar system. Each Planet carries a particular personality. By learning the individual natures of the Planets, you’ll grasp a better understanding of your own motivations. So many uses are contained within the Planets, in fact, everything begins with locating where this or that Planet is, at any given time, to delineate what is possibly happening right now, or next month, along with how your home, relationships, children, career will go throughout your life. Planets are the motors or engines of the cycles and our energy of our charts.

The Sun – The Power to Create

Your Sun is the most important ” Planet ” in your birth chart. It is tied to the activity of YOUR WILL, versus THE HIGHER WILL. Yes, they are two different activities. The Sun was in a particular sign when you were born, so its lightrays and power pours through the nature of that sign continuosly. It is your maturity, mastery or lack of it, which describes how you express your Sun sign every day. Just because you are this or that Sun Sign does not mean you will express the lower traits of a Scorpio’s jaded and manipulative qualities, or a Taurus’s stubborn and materialistic nature. Our goal is to strive for being the best of our Sun Sign as possible.


The Moon – The Deep Habits to Conquer

Your Moon sign is where you have been emotionally programmed from this and past life’s circumstances. It seems to be linked to the habitual nature of the person, their natural fall back triggers or reactions to life’s events. It is suppose to be the place in our charts, where we find our home, family, nurturing needs and “Goddess” energy.



Mercury- Perfecting Mind

Mercury within your birthchart, will show you how you think, how your mind works, and where your mental patterns are focused upon. It will reveal your IQ, your memory abilities, your way of talking, writing and absorbing information. within us.      More


Venus, The Planet of Your Treasures

Venus is the planet of love of course, and governs the following things: Honey, Bees, Blood and Veins, Beauty and Grace, parfume and jewelry. It rules money, precious gems and metals. It will magnetize to you things or people that represent the sign it is in. So if Venus is in Cancer you could attract antique furniture, homes, books, domestics, food, children and houses, or things which provide security. Find what sign your Venus is in, and learn about that sign, that is what you will draw to you.            More ….


Mars – What Drives You Each Day?

Mars is your planet of energy and rules the triggers in our psychological reactions to situations and people in our life…it is our temper. It is an assertive, aggressive, agitated energy, even if it is found in a passive sign or house. It can energize our body, our thinking and decisiveness, in order to reach a goal. It is energy, motivates, compels ACTION. Mars instigates action in the Zodiac Sign you will find your Mars in. That sign will be the motivator of your world. Motivation, action, energy and desiring gratification will be the Mars, the sign it is in, and the house it is in.


Without Jupiter, There Is No Moral Compass.

How does Jupiter bless your life with good Karma? Your Jupiter is the most amazing planet, and will tell you what you deeply believe is your right way to live and where your natural good karma and beliefs are. What do you believe? What is your internal natural code in life you follow? What sign your Jupiter is in, will describe your code, your ethics and natural philosophy.
It tells us about your code you follow. Did you know you had a code for your life?      More…


Saturn- Our Assignment ( Our Redundant Lessons’ Mastered!)

Let’s move beyond the repetitive problem, and transmute that karma!

No one wants to talk about their Saturn, but by learning what it does in your astrology chart, can help you
get smarter. The reason you have a Saturn is because you missed the lessons in a certain classroom in your past lives. This fundamental lesson was missed, will repeat over and over until we finally understand how to mastery it. Saturn can be our blindspot, that makes you vulnerable to all sorts of mishaps, karmic problems, harsh lessons.



Uranus – Am I just weird or in fact, a Genius?

Without Uranus, life would be monotonous. It creates distinction among people, individuality, contrast with things, events, everything! Disruption will come from where the Uranus is in your chart creating challenging aspects to other planets. Unexpected drama occurs here.      More…


Planet Neptune-Divine Inspiration or Astral Quagmire?

Where your Neptune is in your chart, creates an influence of the mystical and a sort of taken for granted magical influence. It will inspire you to believe anything will simply be easily achievable. The subtle waves of Neptune, show you, where you tend to be idealist, hopeful, mystical. Where do you believe in an ideal expectation or sort of take things for granted, they should be in your hands and easily acquired? There is a high loving energy with Neptune, a longing to live in a a world where the activity within this house of your Neptune is divine         More…


Pluto show the Power Ancient and can go either way- To Increase or Take Away

Pluto is the most mysterious planet. It has the ability to release a continuous power directed through a particular zodiac sign in our charts or in the solar system for the year you are in. The continuous power of Pluto is like a limitless energy source flowing towards you, to either intensify the drive, determination, opportunity and will to achieve a goal.     More….


Coming soon..Nodes, Black Moon, Midheaven and your secret self found in the Sixth House. ….


One thought on “The Planets in Your Chart”

  1. Patricia says:

    This commentary is very helpful to a beginner like me who is wanting to understand basic Astrology from the higher mind perspective.
    Thank you.


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