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The Pendulum Swings-Jupiter Oppose Neptune


Jupiter oppose Neptune     May 1- June 3, 2016 690px-King_Arthur_and_the_Knights_of_the_Round_Table             

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  From May 1-June 3, a greater awareness of deceptions, misleading and hidden agendas could be noticed in your own life or globally, over things you care about. These are some of the themes for the next two weeks. Upside-down attitudes and statements make the more logical, balanced mind feel a bit crazy, as it struggles to figure out what to believe. This astrology cycle first appeared September 10-22, 2015  when it was exact, and is returning again right now up through June 3 2016.  Media, communication and some challenging interactions involving important decisions need logical sorting out now.  All deception in media will have exposure. The same goes for our personal lives, whether it involves business or politics, is personal or romantic. It is as if we are being asked to expect transparency in these situations but it could be a challenging time because we are discovering the deceptions faster. I am even wondering if we are witnessing malfunction of the mind? Is this personally happening in your life? Or is it primarily an exposé of global deceptions becoming transparent? You guys need to watch this video below.

Concerns with the future intensifies but do we have all the facts correct? Remember, all these cycles we can witness in the world and in our personal lives are part of becoming smarter, but we need to stay focused on our own issues as well. Don’t neglect responsibilities during this time. Have integrity, especially because of the other cycles (which are below) occurring at the same time. Neptune oppose Jupiter personally can magnify your distress or uneasiness with a situation. It could be a person and their lackluster response to your efforts or love or helpfulness… or they are behaving mysteriously or confusing you..or maybe it is a major disappointment in someone you care about. Someone has not been honest, real, accountable or supporting you in some way.

The other strange thing about this aspect is the confrontation with a strange, creepy kind of feeling like something is terribly wrong or what you are observing or dealing with has a deeper problem underneath. Ambivalence, lack of motivation, interference with your normal focus and enthusiasm, can all be part of this astrology cycle. Go with your intuition and gut feeling. If you are expecting transparency and an intelligent conversation from end of April through June 3, 2016, you will not get it voluntarily.  You’ll have to use your shields and clever, creative thinking.  Be strong and expect clear answers. It is even possible you suddenly realize a situation has a Neptunian problem, a psychological crack within the other people involved, and you are in a puzzle now as to what to do about it.

May 23, 24, 25, 26, 2016    Venus Opposes Mars in Gemini/Sagittarius 0 degrees. Balance, diplomacy and patience.  Take good care of your loved ones, your pets and the things you value, and again, yourself.  Take good care of your money, bank accounts, coins, metals, important papers and your data on your computers. Arguments over money and possessions, bills and expenses. Petty preoccupation with who owes what or who did or said what to whom is a total waste of time now.

Mercury will also be coming out of retrograde May 22  but always give it a week before and a week after to experience its theme.  So there are some intense situations which could trigger confrontational messages and communications.   Receiving or sending harsh letters and phone calls, difficult meetings and confrontations, or being so emotionally upset at situations because someone is just not getting it! Combine this with the Jupiter aspect and it could result in some disconnects with others that don’t get repaired very easily.  It is as if a breaking point is felt.

Mercury stationary Direct at 14° Taurus ~ May 22, 2016 

As Mercury comes out of retrograde it will bring back some clarity of mind so that better decisions can now be made within this period.  It will enhance your vision, sharpen your clarity and bring into focus now, more than ever, the things you need to know,  what you must do and how the things need to be done. Plans unfold quickly in your mind. It is still the same theme as the Retrograde period all April up to middle of May.  What was the Mercury retro theme?  Go Here to review, but quickly, it is all about recovering a quality and richness of heart and life and restoring something that had been either sacrificed or lost a long time ago.  It is the hope and the belief you can go back to when it might have been sabotaged and pick up the pieces and start again. Recovering a beautiful dream.

Below, to the right side of the wheel, is Mercury at 14° Taurus connected to Jupiter on the upper left at 13° Virgo, and connected to the Pluto at 17° Capricorn on the bottom right, forming the Red Triangle below. This helps so much with our decision-making process now, between May 18-30. It is a nice, practical clarity along with the will and motivation to take action with a feasible plan all laid out, so you begin the walk of claiming and owning that life you must reclaim. Mercurydirect with trine Mercury  also makes an awkward inconjunct to the Saturn, Moon and Mars at the same time down on the lower left (where it is circled.) This means that as you are becoming more clear as to what you need to do to restore that heart-felt beauty of life, projects, love or atmosphere all around you, but you are going to have to shift.  It is a change of mind, a change of plans, a change of heart and some kind of belief you have accepted about yourself that has to go now. It isn’t enough for you.  Something tugging on you now could be telling you in order to be happy and bring that vision of your real self into the physical world again, you might need to arrange your life again to match the vision. As this inconjunct says, something is out of kilter.

As Neptune and Jupiter continue to oppose each other, relationships are not easy because someone could become emotionally distraught, confused, or seriously caught off guard with these decisions they have to make or you are making because of this newfound clarity.   It is very possible the reverse could happen and you are witnessing someone else suddenly make up their mind to make a big change. 

So, you can see the Venus oppose Mars in Gemini, the Jupiter oppose Neptune, and the Mars, Moon, Saturn all inconjunct the Mercury in Taurus is coming to a head the last two weeks of May and into the first week of June 2016. The leader is the Mercury retrograde turning Direct- The motive behind the changes and decisions is to restore one’s sense of value and expand the quality of life back to some kind of original blueprint or vision you once had. 

Mars, Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius May 20-23 is like being on some kind of crusade of righteousness against those who break rules and boundaries. It is not the most diplomatic and sensitive energy at this time because it actually doesn’t really care how one is coming across to another. The fact they are all opposing the Venus in Gemini on the 22-26 is complicated.  What you desire is on the other side right now. Use the Mercury moving direct to help you put first things first in your life and it will all be alright. If you are already in a testy situation, be on guard and lay low! These planets are in a square to Jupiter and the Nodes and Neptune in Pisces which is the part where there are unfinished, messy situations that need cleaning up first before you can truly move forward on your clear plan. It is important to be thorough now, otherwise poor judgment and dramatic reactions from others could confuse you; if you just shift too fast without explaining yourself, it will be a big problem. On a milder scene, Mercury direct is helping us get clear about our immediate needs and plans, but there are concerns for previous commitments, relationships involved, and the need for much honesty and a clear plan.  Keep it simple. Get away from huge, epic expectations and adventures. It’s too soon to have them come true right now.  Remember what it is you are desiring more than anything and try not to pile on everything all into one experience now. Jupiter exaggerates and it is in Virgo, which makes your list grow and grow and grow of all the things you need to do and then you don’t know how to make it all happen. Remember, fights, arguments, emotional disappointments, break-ups, hurt feelings and splits of all kinds could occur during this time. Don’t be foolish with your investments and money now. The positive? The Mercury is the mind of God bringing you closer to your long lost values. Write them down and cherish them.  Try to implement these values in your life in the most constructive way possible, and know there are pretty messed up planet aspects pulling us this way and that way with some poor judgment now. Expand into meditation, peaceful surroundings.


Saturn square Neptune ~  First quarter of 2015; November 17-December 5, 2015; June 4-July 5, 2016 *exact on June 18, 2016; August 24 – September 10, 2016, *exact on September 10, 2016.

This cycle has been one of the hardest challenges lately. It demands confronting darkness and pushing it back until the Light overpowers it, otherwise it will not back down. It has no reason to and has everything to lose. You will find this square happening everywhere: in the world, within your mind and sometimes in other people. Keep your shields up and make sure you are honest with yourself and to others. If you feel a bit crazy, it isn’t you. Here is the link to the full description we thoroughly hashed out a year ago.


I appreciate your patience reading through these cycles.  An article and video is coming out very soon that is going to show you why being on top of this Phase One of 12 Phases is so important.  The entire cycle of 12 Phases is completed on November 3, 2016.

  1. Wake up and stay alert. This is a wisdom illumination battle we are in. Realize we have been fighting through real, yet in a way unreal, dimensions which required all of our strength on every single level to make it since 1998. Much darkness has been challenged and we have overcome and matured to a level that if we had known 18 years ago what we were going to have to endure, we would have fainted and probably not come back to life. There have been casualties along the way and we have taken a hard beating.
  2. The master magicians are going to pull out all the stops in the next six months. What is up will be down, right? Wrong. Inside out. If something seems suspicious, off and fake, it probably is. The Yellow Wisdom Signs of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo are coming to the fore. Lemon water, clarity, meditation, contemplating Cultural Beautiful Ideals and taking care of your every day chores is balance needed. Mentally and full-heartedly replace a fallen culture with what was to be.
  3. Be generous with your love and tolerance now.  However, this is the cycle of non-compromise with your Heart. Be true to yourself. More later, Vondir, Christine



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